The Best Bass Amps

We present you with the best bass amplifiers that are currently available in the market, conveniently categorized into price brackets so you can easily see the amps that fit your budget.

Amplifiers have as much influence on the resulting sound as the instrument itself, as such it is important to find one that brings out the sound you want, and complements your playing style. To help you do just that, we have compiled this list of highly rated bass amps that sound great, work reliably, and offer the best value for your money. Note that we decided to stick to combo bass amps for the most part, because of their practicality and wider availability. And to give you a better idea of how each bass amp sounds and performs, we’ve taken our time to add videos for each of the amplifiers listed.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bass Amp

    Power, Size and Weight

    There’s really no way around physics when it comes to reproducing quality low frequencies at higher volumes – the bigger the speaker, and the more powerful the amplifier, the better. However, having an amp that’s too loud and bulky has its own obvious drawbacks, mainly it could break your relationship with your neighbors if not break your back. So it is best to consider the usual venues where you play when choosing your amp. 25 to 50 Watts should be plenty enough for practice and even small venue gigs, for loud bands in medium sized venues you’ll want around 50 Watts and up, finally you’ll need something powerful (100 Watts and up) for bigger venues. If budget permits, you should consider having multiple bass amps and carry appropriate ones as you see fit.

    Solid State vs Tube

    Interestingly, bassists have been much more appreciative of solid state amplifiers than guitarists. Just look at the overwhelming number of solid state bass amps being produced today, compared to tube equipped ones and you’ll have to agree. While there are some who still prefer the warmth of a driven tube bass amp, solid state amplifiers have improved much over time that they are now capable of producing overdriven tones, and more importantly, great clean tones that satisfy majority of bassists. It’s common knowledge that tube amps tend to be more expensive, but they sound warmer and louder, they also require careful handling and maintenance. Solid state amps on the other hand are more consistent, resilient and reliable, making them very practical especially when you have to regularly transport your amps. As much as I wanted to feature more tube amps in this list, the market’s high demand and high regard for solid state amps would not allow it.

    Combo vs Head+Cabinet Configuration

    Combo amps are more practical because of their accessible price and simplified setup. Still, some professionals prefer amp heads with cabinets because of their modular design, which allows them to be connected to more/bigger speakers when the situation calls for it. But the sound should basically be the same unless a different set of speakers are used. So for the purpose of simplifying this list and prioritizing practicality, we’ve decided to give more space to combo amps.

    Brand and Model

    Our original intention is to have as many brands and models included in this list, but interestingly, there are only a few brands that actually get high ratings, reviews and recommendations. So don’t be surprised to see the Fender Rumble Series appearing multiple times in this list because it continues to dominate the market in almost all price ranges. Hartke, Gallien-Krueger and Ampeg also secured multiple spots for their high quality bass amps.

Best Bass Amps under $200

The fierce competition in this entry-level price bracket has produced cheap combo bass amps with impressive quality for beginners and students to enjoy. Check out what we, and many others consider as the best in this competitive market.
Hartke HD25

Hartke HD25

This is a great sounding portable 25W bass amp that has impressive lows and volume for its size, even virtuoso bassists like Victor Wooten approves! Detailed meta-review below
Fender Rumble 25 Bass Combo

Fender Rumble 25 (V3)

An affordable, vintage-looking and portable 25 Watt bass amp that exceeded the expectations of bassists world over, comes with built-in overdrive and EQ. Detailed meta-review below
Ampeg BA-110

Ampeg BA-110

40W combo amplifier with kickback cabinet that reproduces classic Ampeg tones at room volume levels, while still having enough punch for small venue gigs. Detailed meta-review below

Best Bass Amps under $300

The sub $300 price range is still considered entry-level, but you can find workhorse worthy bass amps right here, with enough power to handle small venue gigs and even recording. See the top amps in this price range below:
Fender Rumble 100 Bass Combo

Fender Rumble 100 (V3)

A surprisingly powerful and great sounding 100W class D amplifier for its price, and its a breeze to carry around at just 22 pounds. Detailed meta-review below
Hartke A70

Hartke A70

Kickback position ready 70W bass amp combo with 7-band graphic EQ and a 12-Inch aluminum driver. Detailed meta-review below
Warwick BC20

Warwick BC20

While not as loud as the other amps in this price range, the 20W Warwick BC20 offers pro-level plug-and-play tone for practice. Detailed meta-review below

Best Bass Amps under $500

Here are the top notch bass amps in the mid-tier market, great in-between amps that can be loud enough for use in medium sized venue performances, while still being mellow enough for practice, and intimate performances.

Fender Rumble 200

Fender Rumble 200

Incredibly versatile 200W bass amp with multiple voicing and tone shaping options, equipped with 15″ Eminence LF driver and built-in switchable horn. Detailed meta-review below
Ampeg BA-210 V2

Ampeg BA-210 V2

This is the loudest bass amp to make this price category, housing two 10″ speakers and a 1″ HF tweeter that are driven by a 450W amplifier. Detailed meta-review below

Best Bass Amps under $1000

Here are pro-level bass amplifiers that can get the job done both on stage and in the studio. We’ve selected ones that have positive reviews and recommendations, with emphasis on reliability, sound and value for money.

Peavey Tour TKO

Peavey Tour TKO

A workhorse ready 400W combo bass amplifier with 15″ speaker, expanded tone shaping controls, and sturdy kickback-ready cabinet. Detailed meta-review below
Gallien-Krueger MB115-II

Gallien-Krueger MB115-II

Gallien-Krueger is affectionately called GK by fans, users and professional bassists like Norm Stockton. It is a brand that continues to produce top quality amplifiers, of which include the MB115-II 200W 1×15″ bass amp combo. Detailed meta-review below
Fender Rumble 500

Fender Rumble 500 v3

We’re not yet done with Fender, because they make this price list yet again with their top-of-the-line 500W Rumble model. Detailed meta-review below

Best Bass Amps over $1000

Since these amps require serious investment, craftsmanship and sound quality is of utmost importance in this price range. If money is not an issue, or if you’re willing to save up for high-quality gear, then you should check out these premium amps.

Gallien-Krueger MB410-II

Gallien-Krueger MB410-II

The GK MB410-II is loud and proud, with 500W of power driving four 10″ speakers that can easily feel medium to large venues. Detailed meta-review below
Ampeg HB15N Flip-Top

Ampeg HB15N Flip-Top

An all-tube bass amplifier amp head and cabinet bundle that reproduces classic Ampeg tones in a more reliable and versatile package. Detailed meta-review below
Markbass CMD 102P

Markbass CMD 102P

Markbass has made a name for itself with premium quality portable bass amps, their CMD 102P makes this list with its impeccable build quality and sound. Detailed meta-review below

Hartke HD25

Hartke HD25

It’s amazing how much quality and volume the small HD25 can produce, especially when considering its modest 25 Watt amplifier. Reviews have been consistent that this small amp sounds big and full of character, making practice more fun and inspiring. This combo amp features Hartke’s patented HyDrive speaker technology, where the speaker cone is constructed using an aluminum cone on the inside for sweeter mids, while the outside section is crafted from traditional paper cone to reproduce deep and warm low frequencies.

The hybrid 8″ speaker works in conjunction with the compact 25 Watt amplifier and the sturdy cabinet to produce quality Hartke tones at lower volume levels. Speaking of tone, the solid state amplifier comes with a 3-band EQ for tone shaping along with a volume knob.

Hartke HD25 allows for both passive and active pickup basses, and has an aux-in jack for jamming along with your favorite tracks. Finally, the amp is packed in a rugged cabinet with great looking metal grill. The amp’s molded strap should be more than enough for you to safely carry the amp’s 24.9 lbs weight. Well if Victor Wooten is impressed, then who are we to complain.

You can get the latest Hartke HD25 price and customer reviews at

Fender Rumble 25 (V3)

Fender Rumble 25  (V3)

Fender is mostly known for their electric guitars and guitar amplifiers, but thanks to the Rumble Series, they’ve been covering more ground in the bass amplifier market. The Fender Rumble 25 is at the forefront of their success, with rave reviews of surprised bassists who found this amp to surpass what they were expecting. This humble amp is winning more bassists over by the moment, with its elegant old school design, and its loud and deep tone.

Looking at the reviews, we were literally blown away by the chorus of people who are raving about the amp. There’s nothing really out of the ordinary with the Fender Rumble 25, it has a 25 Watt amplifier and an 8″ speaker, but bassists of various skill levels took their time to give a shout out for this little amp’s sound and performance.

Aside from sounding great, this compact amplifier comes with adequate tone shaping controls that include a 3-band EQ, a contour switch, an overdrive switch and a volume knob. Another noteworthy feature of this amp is it’s lightweight design, weighing in at just 21 lbs, which is incredible for its projection. If you’re not sure which one to get and you’re budget is limited, check this one out.

You can get the latest Fender Rumble 25 price and customer reviews at

Ampeg BA-110

Ampeg BA-110

Ampeg is known for their quality bass amplifiers, and the BA-110 is one of their top sellers, aimed at students and beginners who are looking for a practice amp that’s also viable for band jamming and small venue gigs. The general consensus is that this amp sounds just as good as more expensive Ampeg stacks, albeit at a lower and more neighbor friendly volume levels. It carries the classic Ampeg tone that’s characterized by its emphasis of the lower mids for a truly cutting tone.

Essential tone shaping features are built into the amp including three knobs for high, mid and low EQ, along with a volume knob. Extra features include built in overdrive effect called “Scrambler” which is fine tuned for bass guitars, and an aux-in port with level control.

Another note worthy feature of this 33-pound combo amplifier is its wedge cabinet design for using the amp as a monitor. My only complaint of this amp is its generic black appearance, but its versatility, power and tone more than makes up for its simplistic look. Because of its extra power and 10″ speaker, this affordable bass amp can easily transition from practice to actual gigging, ideal for students.

You can get the latest Ampeg BA-110 price and customer reviews at

Fender Rumble 100 (V3)

Fender Rumble 100  (V3)

Again the Fender Rumble Series makes it to this list with the Rumble 100, this time giving you mid-tier to pro-level specs at just a fraction of the price and weight. Speaking of weight, at just 22 lbs, you’d be surprised at how light this 100 Watt bass amp is, considering it comes equipped with a 12″ speaker. And its perfect balance of affordability, portability and features have helped it secure near perfect ratings and review scores online.

Aside from being incredibly light, this amp is surprisingly loud for its 100W rating. Users have been satisfied by its performance both in practice, recording and even on stage, having enough juice to fill small and medium sized venues. It’s not also just loud for the sake of loudness, rather it has a deep low end that other amps of the same price point could not compete with.

Other features of this amp include built-in overdrive, 3-band EQ knobs, a master volume knob, XLR output, and even an effects loop. Finally, the Rumble 100 is packed inside a sturdy cabinet with an elegant looking front fascia and speaker grille. If you’re looking for a practice amp that’s loud enough for gigs, or you’re looking for a budget workhorse bass amp then this is highly recommended.

You can get the latest Fender Rumble 100 price and customer reviews at

Hartke A70

Hartke A70

This 70W bass amplifier is easily the most sonically versatile in this price range, thanks to its impressive array of tone shaping controls. For something compact and affordable, the Hartke A70 comes with dedicated bass and treble knobs along with a 7-band graphic EQ, this allows for finer control over the resulting sound so you can contour your tone to your liking. This is essentially a pro-level gear that’s sitting in the affordable regions of the bass amp market.

An interesting feature of the Hartke A70 is its use of a 12″ speaker cone crafted from aluminum, which gives this amp subtle emphasis on the high-mids. This allows for a cutting bass tone that’s ideal for rock, jazz and other styles, and can be tweaked further with the amps extensive EQ controls.

I have to say that this amp is a bit on the heavy side for its size, weighing in at 38 lbs, but it’s added heft and bulk helps in the reliability and durability department so it is a worthy trade-of. Another noteworthy feature of the Hartke A70 is its wedge cabinet design, which lets you position the amp as a floor monitor. And since it comes with an XLR out, you can use it as your personal monitor in live performances where stage volume is not too loud.

You can get the latest Hartke A70 price and customer reviews at

Warwick BC20

Warwick BC20

Warwick is known for their premium quality electric basses, and as expected they’ve utilized their experience and expertise to build high quality bass amps of which the BC20 is included. This compact amp secured a spot on this list with its impressive full sound, thanks to Warwick’s bass guitar expertise and their use of a 2″ high frequency horn, something that you don’t normally see in bass amplifiers.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many reviews of this amplifier yet, maybe because it’s quite pricey for a 20W practice amp, but those that were lucky enough to test or own this amp have nothing but good words to say, mainly about the amp’s well rounded and inspiring tone.

There was one who was irked at the BC20s back mounted power switch, but other than that, he was all praises. Basic tone shaping controls are provided via the high, mid and low EQ knobs, while the built-in DDL (Dynamic Distortion Limiter) ensures distortion-free reproduction at high levels. And this clear and non-muddy sound is also what endeared the amp to many users. Finally, the amp is tank tough and weighs in at just 24.25 lbs, making it very easy to carry around.

You can get the latest Warwick BC20 price and customer reviews at

Gallien-Krueger MB115-II

Gallien-Krueger MB115-II

Gallien-Krueger or GK is well known to bassists for their premium high quality amplifiers that professionals like Norm Stockton use on stage. The GK MB115-II is their 200W combo amp contender in the sub $500 market, a workhorse bass amp that’s been getting great reviews because of its impressive sound, feature set and build quality. There was even a reviewer who have used this 200W amp to fill a 400 person capacity venue, and were very much happy with the results.

And it’s not just about being loud, because this amp sounds as great as more premium Gallien-Krueger made amp, only this one is more portable. Its tone shaping features are not too shabby either, with the MB115-II having its own active 4-knob EQ control that lets you adjust treble, hi-mid, low-mid and bass. There’s also a contour control for even more sonic versatility.

All this control would be for naught if the speaker, or in this case speakers were not up to the challenge. GK equipped the MB115-II with a 15″ paragon LF driver and a switchable tweeter to give you a fuller sound. There are some that describe GK’s sound as being more on the modern side, but it undoubtedly can mimic vintage voicing with some tweaks. Finally, the MB115-II is portable at 35 lbs, but it is also fully expandable thanks to the “Chain Out” feature, which lets you connect the amp with GK’s powered bass cabinets when you need extra volume. Highly recommended for active bassists who are planning to be big-venue ready.

You can get the latest Gallien-Krueger MB115-II price and customer reviews at

Fender Rumble 200 (V3)

Fender Rumble 200  (V3)

The Rumble 200 (V3) is Fender’s third entry into this list, and like the first two, this one secured its spot with the approval and recommendation of many users and experts via ratings and reviews. Obviously, this model is bigger and louder, but it is still quite light at 34.5″ and it doesn’t stop at just being bigger because it comes with added features that improve overall sound quality, and allow for more tone variations.

It’s most noteworthy feature is the 3-button voicing palette control, which lets you tune the sound to either vintage (classic bass sound with deep lows), contour (enhanced low-end) or bright (enhanced higher frequencies) voicing. And what’s even more interesting is that you can mix and match these filters to your preference. Further tone shaping is available via the 4-band EQ, which when combined can afford you a myriad of bass tones.

Other features include built-in overdrive, XLR output, effects loop and optional footswitch control. It would’ve been nice if the amp had basic effects like compression and chorus, but that maybe asking too much especially considering the Rumble 200’s price. If you’re looking for a loud and versatile bass amp in this price range, this maybe your best bet.

You can get the latest Fender Rumble 200 price and customer reviews at

Ampeg BA-210v2

Ampeg BA-210v2

AT 450 Watts, the Ampeg BA-210v2 is ready to take on professional duties, easily handling small to medium size venues while having enough power for large venue use. Because of its 60-degree wedge cabinet design, the BA-210v2 can be setup as a stage monitor, while the XLR out routes your signal to the PA. It should be more than enough to provide you and the stage with your personalized bass sound.

Regarding personalization, the amp comes with a 3-band EQ and Ampeg’s Scrambler overdrive effect, which comes with its own drive drive and blend knobs. Other features include 15dB Pad, Aux input, headphone out, Ultra Hi/Lo Tone shaping, Effects Loop, High Frequency Mute and more.

It would’ve been nice if the BA-210v2 have more EQ options, but this can easily be alleviated via outboard gear. Note that the amp is quite heavy at 48 lbs, so it would require more effort to carry around, still weight is a small price to pay if you’re looking for a powerful yet affordable bass amp combo.

You can get the latest Ampeg BA-210v2 price and customer reviews at

Peavey Tour TKO

Peavey Tour TKO

Peavey’s reputation for building trust worthy workhorse guitar amplifiers is tried and tested, and this reputation of providing extra features without compromising quality and jacking up the price tag is applied on the Tour TKO. This amp is true to its name, being “tour” ready thanks to Peavey’s build quality reputation, and having enough volume and great sound quality to “TKO” your audience off their feet so to speak.

Reviewers rave about the amp’s loud and clear sound and its impressive tone shaping options. It comes equipped with a 7-band EQ for shaping your sound, which are then complemented by other tone shaping controls that include a bright switch, a pre-shape contour switch and an active/passive pickup switch.

Other features include a nifty tuner output, pre-gain control, 2-band high/low knobs, effects loop and headphones output. All these features are packed inside an all black enclosure that showcases Peavey’s reputation for reliability and durability. Note that this combo amp is the heaviest in this category, weighing in at 75.18 lbs, so you’ll want to invest on rollers or a cart if you’ll be moving it around regularly. If you are looking for a tried and tested bass amp that is loud enough for medium to large venues, then this is highly recommended.

You can get the latest Peavey Tour TKO price and customer reviews at

Fender Rumble 500 (V3)

Fender Rumble 500  (V3)

If you’re end goal is to have the deepest low-end without having to dig deep into your savings, then this 500W 2×10″ combo amp will surely tickle your fancy. And it’s not just about it’s price point because weighing in at just 36.5 lbs, you’d be hard-pressed to find a similarly rated combo amp within the same weight and price range. Reviews are consistent in saying that this amp replaced their “main” amps simply because it sounds good and is easier to haul around. And because of its impressive power to weight ratio, we dub the Fender Rumble 500 as the best pound per pound bass amp combo.

The same features found on the smaller Rumble 200 are available in the Flagship model, only this one is much louder and meant for bigger venues. You get the same controls so you can get vintage style clear tones or play with the EQ and voicing controls for your own personalized sound. And if you require more power, you can get the Rumble 4×10 Cab to create your own wall of low-end terror.

There’s not much to complain about other than you’ll have to be careful and subtle with the EQ and Volume knob to avoid muddying the sound, an inherent concern with bigger and louder bass amps. If you’re looking for a powerhouse bass amp that’s reasonably priced and easy to carry around, then you’ll be more than happy with the Fender Rumble 500.

You can get the latest Fender Rumble 500 price and customer reviews at

Gallien-Krueger MB410-II

Fender Rumble 500  (V3)

500 Watts is a lot of power, and so it would be ideal to have it paired with a 4 x 10″ configuration neodymium speaker cabinet. This is exactly what GK did with the MB410-II, giving you the clarity and low-mid cut of smaller 10″ speakers, while having enough volume to fill in big stages and venues. And if that’s not enough, Gallien-Krueger’s modular “Chain Out” technology lets you add another 4×10″ speaker so you can build your own full stack 500W amp with 8 x 10″ speakers!

As mentioned earlier, GK amps tend to have a clearer, and more focused tone that is ideal for modern music styles like metal, prog rock and more, so it has become the amp of choice of today’s virtuosos including Norm Stockton who is featured in the demo video. If you’re looking for a more vintage tone, you can tweak the 4-band active EQ and gain control to your liking.

Weighing in at 49 lbs, this is not an amp that’s easy to carry around, but it is still relatively light considering that it’s a 500W 4×10″ combo. It would’ve been nice if this amp had some visual flair going on, but other than that this is a solid and loud workhorse amp that can be had for less than a grand.

You can get the latest Gallien-Krueger MB410-II price and customer reviews at

Ampeg Heritage B15N

Ampeg Heritage B15N

This premium all-tube bass amplifier is derived from the original B-15 circuitry that Ampeg introduced in 1960, which is still considered today as the world’s most recorded bass tone. As the name implies, the Heritage B15N reproduces the same sound without old school problems like hiss, noise and reliability issues, for modern players to appreciate. It features 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2 x 6L6GC power tubes, and 1 x 5AR4 rectifier tube, all of which work together to produce the warm studio quality tones that users have come to expect from this amp.

For sonic versatility in the studio, this 30W amplifier has two distinct preamp channels, based on their 1964 and 1966 models. Further tone shaping is provided for by the amp’s Baxandall EQ and selectable bias modes, ensuring that you get genuine old school bass tones that cater to your personal preferences.

This amp head is bundled with a custom designed cabinet that houses a 15″ Eminence driver, all of which are tailored to nail the classic Ampeg SVT tone at the get go. Since it comes with 6 tubes and weighs 76 lbs, this is one of those amps that is best kept for studio recording use, but it can also be used live as long as you handle the amp carefully and mic the speaker correctly. The Ampeg Heritage B-16N is highly recommended for those that can afford it.

You can get the latest Ampeg Heritage HB15N price and customer reviews at

Markbass CMD 102P

Markbass CMD 102P

Markbass is an amp builder from Italy that has grown from boutique building into a popular bass gear manufacturer, their products are now being sold world over and even with their premium price tags, bassists find them worthy of their hard earned money. The Markbass CMD 102P combo amp makes this list with its impeccable build, elegant look and quality sound. Just one look at the CMD 102P and you know that there’s something different with the amp, the company successfully made their amps stand out from the crowd with their distinct yellow colored speaker cones and black motif cabinets.

For its size, this amplifier provides quite the power, rated at 500W at 4 ohm, or 300W at 8 ohm. It also comes with extensive tone shaping features that include Master volume, gain, and bass-tuned EQ. The amp is paired with 2 B&C 10″ speakers and a piezo tweeter, all of which are housed in a versatile wedge style cabinet that can be positioned as a floor monitor.

Weighing in at just 44.1 lbs this amplifier is quite light for its power, you’ll find it surprisingly easy to carry around. Finally, reviews have been consistent in concluding that the Markbass CMD 102P combo is a great investment for bassists of all levels, especially when considering it’s deep and full bass tones along with its power and expandability via external cabinets.

You can get the latest Markbass CMD 102P price and customer reviews at


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