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Best Volume Pedal Round-up

This will help you find the best volume pedal to let your feet gain full control of your volume in live performances.

When looking for the best guitar volume pedal, things to look out for are build, transparency and taper. Since you'll be stepping on this pedal more so than your other pedals during live performances, it has to be built like a tank and it should not easily wear out.

Smooth Taper is a no-brainer, you want your swells to sound continuous. The best volume pedals have adjustable tapers for picky guitarists that want a say on the range of the volume swell. Last but not the least, you want one that does the least coloration to your tone. Complaints about tone suck and coloration are common, which gave birth to a number of pedal modifications that improve the transparency of your favorite mass produced volume effects pedals.

Morley PVO+

Morley Volume Plus Pedal

A majority of volume pedal owners have used their hard earned cash to buy the Morley PVO+, which essentially makes it the best volume pedal for guitar. And it's easy to see why, this pedal combines functionality, quality and durability in one package. It uses Electro-Optical technology which means there are no pots to wear out and it operates in a consistently noiseless manner. The Audio taper is smooth and is adjustable to fit your particular preference. As an added convenience, it features a footswitchable "Min Vol Knob" - allowing you to use volume as a lead/rhythm switch. Finally, the pedal is housed in in a sturdy casing, ready for all the stomping you will throw at it.
Manufacturer: Morley | Get the latest price & reviews at

Ernie Ball VP Junior

Ernie Ball VP Junior 25K

The Ernie Ball VP Jr is a popular and widely available volume pedal. There are two available versions, one designed for instruments with active electronics like guitars with active pickups, and the other one is meant for instruments with passive electronics. This pedal relies on old school string, spring and potentiometer design which gives a more analog taper feel, but it will require certain maintenance. For tonal, variation the pedal has a micro taper switch which will give you two distinct volume swell rates. Boutique junkies go for the "no tone loss" modded version of this pedal, many guitar players swear that it eliminates the noise and tone loss.
Manufacturer: Ernie Ball | Get the latest price & reviews at

Rocktron Hex

Rocktron Hex

The multi-function Rocktron's HEX is a two-in-one volume and expression pedal, it works as a standard volume pedal and can double as an expression pedal for a variety of effect procesors and MIDI controllable equipment. This versatility makes it one of the best bang per buck pedal in the market. Its 1/4 inch input and output jacks functions like conventional volume controllers, while its 1/4 inch expression port will let you connect it with your processors and other MIDI controllable gear. Control and functionality is stripped down to essentials, making it easy to setup and operate. Finally, you can fine tune the pedal's tension to either light or heavy by adjusting the tension screw. This is a handy tool for guitarists who require an expression pedal.
Manufacturer: Rocktron | Get the latest price & reviews at

Boss FV-500L

Boss FV-500L

The Boss FV-500L is a stereo volume pedal that serves as an upgrade to the popular Boss FV-300. It has the usual tank tough diecast housing that Boss pedals are known for and is built to last a long time. Instead of the boring generic expression pedal look, this pedal comes with a pleasing look and offers a comfortable, smooth action. Like the Rocktron Hex, the FV-500L pedal can also work as an expression pedal for expression compatible amps, effects and synthesizers. One notable feature of the FV-500L is its stereo output, allowing you to connect it to a rig, PA or amp in a variety of ways. If you are looking for a good volume pedal that allows for stereo connections then this one will be best for you.
Manufacturer: Boss | Get the latest price & reviews at

Goodrich L10K

Goodrich L10K Active Volume Pedal

If money grew on trees, all of us would probably have expensive Goodrich volume pedals - says the Goodrich user. Maybe some are just justifying their expensive purchase, but a number of Goodrich owners will simply not let their feet touch any other volume pedal. It looks like your average volume pedal, but its elite reputation and cult like following gave rise to its widespread popularity. The Goodrich L10K in particular offers 500K Ultra Life one million cycle pots, up to 3.5 db of gain, and many claim that this pedal provide the best in tonal transparency. This pedal requires a 9V battery for operation and has an improved linear taper that goes from full off to full on.
Manufacturer:Goodrich | Retail Price: $239.99

Dunlop DVP1

Dunlop DVP1 Volume Pedal

The Dunlop DVP1 volume pedal is a great plug and play straight out of the box volume pedal. It does not have any extra features but it gets the job done consistently, and judging from its sturdy build, it will continue to do so for a long time. The DVP1 sports a Steel Band Drive that creates a low-friction environment with no strings or ratchet gears attached. This will let you have great sounding volume swells without worrying about something breaking. It features adjustable tension, low noise components and users have been very positive about its tone transparency. Another plus is its aluminum chassis, and its slightly curved non slip rocker pedal, to keep your foot firmly in place.
Manufacturer: Jim Dunlop | Retail Price: $100

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Pfeiffer Leveler Volume Pedal

Might want to look at the Pfeiffer Leveler volume pedal. Very unique.

Hilton or George Dennis

Personally, I'm big on optical based volume pedals. I own a George Dennis Volume pedal and had it over 10 years. Still works smooth to this day and never any scratching sounds. The Hilton is another great optical volume pedal if you don't mind paying the price.

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