Bugera T50 Infinium Tube Amp – NAMM 2015

Bugera expands their line of affordable tube amps with the T50 INFINIUM, a 50-Watt dual-channel amp head with reverb.

Bugera T50 Infinium

The 2-channel preamp is designed to be flexible, covering everything from traditional clean to crunch, while cranking up the overdrive section will result in modern high-gain tones.

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Although tube amplifiers sound more natural and organic than solid state amps, the use of old tube technology requires more care and maintenance. Bugera tries to minimize this drawback by introducing their “Infinium Tube Life Multiplier” Technology, which claims to extend the lifetime of the valves or tubes by up to 20 times more!

The company says that they were able to reduce maintenance and increase reliability by installing a modern component that controls and monitors the output tube voltages, reducing the risk of going below or beyond the operational voltage of the tubes and thereby minimizing the possibility of damage and wear. The amp will help you easily identify defective tubes for convenient and timely replacement.

Voltage consistency of the Infinium technology also results in more consistent tone over the complete lifespan of your tubes, unlike regular tube amps where the tone changes as the tubes are used. Finally, this tech will let you mix and match any combination of compatible tubes types and brands, removing the need for expensive matched tube sets.

The new Bugera T50 Infinium comes with 4 x ECC83 (12AX7) preamp tubes and two EL34 tubes on the power stage. It has a switch that will transform the amp into Class-A or Class-AB operation, giving you two power amp voicings, Class-A for more traditional warm tones and Class-AB for raw and loud.

The Clean and Lead channels have dedicated gain knobs and 3-band EQs that lets you adjust the Treble, Mid, and Bass. The Lead channel has its own dedicated volume control while a separate main master volume control is also available.

Other features of the amp include a speaker-emulated DI output, built-in Reverb effect and a Phat switch for boosting the sonic character and impact. Bugera also utilized a large output transformer that is said to help improve dynamic response and clarity.

Check out the T50 Infinium’s video presentation recorded at the 2015 NAMM Show:

Another important factor that sets the Bugera T50 Infinium apart from other amplifiers is its incredibly affordable price tag, having a US MAP of just under $299.99. For its price, the amp even comes with a footswitch for seamlessly switching between channels. For more information and the complete specifications, head over to Bugera.

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Bugera topped our list of affordable tube amps!

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  1. When will these be available

    When will these be available to the public? I have yet to find one in-store or online anywhere.

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