CapoSonic Classic Open Tuning Capo

CapoSonic is gearing up for the launch of their versatile multiple voicing guitar capo, the CapoSonic Classic.

CapoSonic Classic

This invention allows you to play different chord voicings and tunings without touching your tuning pegs.

At the core of CapoSonic is the same old basic capo design and functionality, it attaches to the neck of the guitar and acts as finger extensions that clamp on the strings.

It then builds on this familiar design by expanding on its flexibility – instead of just providing a barred clamping, this capo lets you pick particular notes that you want to clamp or fret.

This design gives you access to various open string tunings while retaining standard tuning across the fretboard. It lets you play unique open string drones while retaining the familiarity of standard tuning, for easy chords and scales.

According to Ben Ryan, musician and designer of CapoSonic, “The device is based on the theory of using standard tuned guitars yet arriving at open and alternative tunings sounds. This enables the player to use standard chords, fingerings, scales and familiar progressions to arrive at new and unique “voicings” – It is truly revolutionary… CapoSonic’s expansion of a guitar’s musical capabilities is an exciting development that opens new horizons”.

CapoSonic Classic

This gadget will be of interest to guitarists that utilize Alternative and Open Tunings. It offers a simple solution, just like having a mechanical hand that keeps particular strings fretted. With this contraption, you can create unique chords, inversions, drones, embellished harmonies, and other musical enhancements. Aside from being a convenient open tuning tool, this small contraption can also help you reframe the way you play and even broaden songwriting and improvisation. It will give you access to chords, drones and riffs that are simply impossible with standard tuning.

Details about the CapoSonic’s KickStarter Campaign were provided by their press release: “CapoSonic is producing a KickStarter Online Video Campaign to launch in September 2012 to run for approximately 30 days. This will be the exclusive opportunity to obtain a CapoSonic at this early stage. CapoSonic has recognized many valuable aspects and attributes for music performance, education and enjoyment. There will be wonderful, unique and multiple rewards offered to adopters and supporters in return for donations. There is something for everyone – whatever size of the donation. The primary reward is the CapoSonic Classic, however, there are packages with rewards from the “Collector’s Limited Edition” that includes a Special Carrying Case to receiving updates through email articles and invitations to events and concerts. Other CapoSonic merchandise and “swag” will be made available.”

You can watch the accompanying CapoSonic feature video here:

For more information and to sign up for the KickStarter Campaign, you can visit CapoSonic.

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