Children's Guitar – Buying one is more than just childs play

To help you buy the most suitable guitar for your child, we have rounded up some of the best electric and acoustic guitars for children.

The key to helping your children learn the guitar is motivation. You need to build their interest and help them avoid playing frustrations. So even if some kids can start with full sized guitars, it is still recommended that you buy smaller sized guitars. The smaller scale will reduce the stress on their hands and body, making practice time more bearable and enjoyable. Other important points to consider are playability and looks.

Traditionally, children are bought small classical guitars because it is cheap and is supposed to be the easiest to learn. In reality, this principle does not apply to all kids, some will soon get bored with their nylon guitars and quit playing the guitar altogether in pursuit of other interesting things. This is where the superficial things that we normally overlook in a guitar become important. It is recommended that the look, vibe and overall style of your child's guitar should somehow match your child's character or behavior. It will not be an easy choice but at least you have a something to base it from. As a quick example, if your kid is active and enjoys rock music, it will be more beneficial to consider childrens electric guitar. If your kid appreciates mellow music then you would have him try a nylon guitar or children's acoustic guitar.

Children's Acoustic Guitar

The most popular and convenient guitars for children are acoustics. Your child will just have to pick it up and play without need for special setup, these guitars however lack the flare and excitement that electric guitars can bring.

Yamaha CGS102

Yamaha CGS 1/2 Size Classical Guitar

This is probably the best children's guitar for serious learners. It is a 1/2 sized guitar built to the same specs as Yamaha's bigger instruments. It offers great playability and tone in a very affordable price.
Manufacturer: Yamaha | Retail Price: $119.99

Taylor Baby Taylor Dreadnought Guitar

Baby Taylor Dreadnought Guitar

Baby Taylor is man's guitar trapped in a child friendly 3/4 size body. It employs quality tonewoods, including a solid spruce top. With the Baby Taylor, you get great tones that evengrown ups will love.
Manufacturer: Taylor Guitars | Retail Price: $299

Martin LX1 Little Martin Guitar

LX1 Little Martin Guitar

This is a solid Sitka spruce top children's guitar. It's tone, playability and reliability is top notch for its size and price range. The Martin LX1 will give you great quality which your kid will truly enjoy.
Manufacturer: Martin & Co. | Retail Price: $299

Luna Aurora Imagine

Luna Aurora Imagine

Capture your child's imagination with the various designs of the Luna Aurora Series. The Aurora Imagine is a small bodied guitar that allows your child to draw original designs on the body.
Manufacturer: Luna Guitars | Retail Price: $89

Children's Electric Guitar

Starting your child with an electric guitar is feasible. The sound and texture electric guitars bring can be more exciting and fun for kids. Downside for this set up is noise and neighbor complaints and longer setup time.

Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar

Squier Mini Strat

The Squier Mini Strat is a fully capable starter electric guitar suited for small hands. It has the same 3 single-coil pickup Stratocaster configuration that provides tonal variety and hours of fun learning.
Manufacturer: Fender Squier | Retail Price: $99.99

Epiphone SG Express

Epiphone SG Express

The Epiphone SG Express aims to provide the same SG tone and feel for smaller hands. Aside from its kiddiel size, everything else is meant for the big boys - including intonation, tone and playability.
Manufacturer: Gibson Epiphone | Retail Price: $149.00

Dean Playmate Evo J

Dean Playmate Evo J

The Playmate Evo J is a 3/4th size electric guitar ideal for little rockers. It is a full fledged rock guitar that wields dual humbucking pickups. Plug this in, raise the overdrive and watch your kid rock.
Manufacturer: Dean Guitars | Retail Price: $99.00

Daisy Rock Debutante Daisy

Daisy Rock Debutante Daisy

The Daisy Rock Debutante gives your girl equal representation in the world of electric guitars. It has looks and playability that will appeal to any girl, other interesting shapes are also available.
Manufacturer: Daisy Rock | Retail Price: $149.99

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