I am a guitar teacher..There are a lot of great guitarists out there.... I had to laugh when i saw kirk hammet on the cover of GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE..OMG! WHY? Lately from what i hear ha has played everything he knows on a couple of cd's..Thats why you will hear a wah wah pedal a lot more now. Because he ran out of things to play..Anyone with minimal experience on the guitar can pull off the solos that he does..I have figured out every solo that is thrown at me.. Why does metallica keep him? The singer plays way better solos than what kirk does. why why why..every solo that he does sounds the same just add a wah wah pedal to a fast pull off and you got a kirk hamett solo..I know satriani taught him..I always doubted the truth in that..IF he did take lessons from him he wasn't a great student..well i am done here...hope someone sees me at [email protected] .....don't get me wrong metallica has some great songs but as far as kirk goes??????HE SUCKS SOOOOOO BAD...I'd rather hear the melodic sounds of one of the seven dwarfs in a blender. lol email me and let me know what you think???


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