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Leslie Ann Knight Warning !!!

posted by John at CD Baby on Saturday April 07 2001 @ 09:39AM PDT

Seems that a few of the artists here at CD Baby and who knows how many others, have been scammed by a woman named Leslie Ann Knight who runs a company called "Knight and Day Media Control".

She approaches artists saying how much she loves what they are doing and that she can hook them up with exceptional promotional situations. All she needs are a few hundred CDs and a few thousand dollars to get started. Once she has their money and CDs, she's unreachable.

She's sweet and smooth and pushes all the right buttons, so of course some people have fallen for it.

I would like to get everyone together who has an interest in this to both try to find her and to warn others about what she has been doing. So, I'm asking anyone with any information on her to please email me [email protected]

by holcombe waller ( on Saturday April 07 2001 @ 06:25PM PDT [ reply | parent ]

oh my god. i have this vague recollection of being contacted by this woman over a year ago. that's exactly what she said. fortunately for me, i consider everyone to be spammers until proven innocent!

by magenta ( on Sunday April 08 2001 @ 11:03PM PDT [ reply | parent ]

Damn, it REALLY sucks when people do this crap. Many, many thanks for the warning!

by Jeremy Allen ( on Monday April 09 2001 @ 02:13PM PDT [ reply | parent ]

Last summer our group The Snake Trio was contacted by Leslie Ann Knight operating the business Knight and Day Media Control. She found
our music listed on the CDBaby website and advertised a service of distributing our music to her national and international contacts in radio
and print media. Also she was to provide graphic design services and create a press pack out of the reviews generated by her service. Our group is based in Oakland, CA and she at the time was operating out of San Francisco, CA.

To make a long story short, we hired her after several in-depth meetings and a thorough reference check. She showed us many examples of her work and her business seemed legitimate. We paid her a sum of $2600.00 and gave her 350
CDs to distribute. For the first month of the project everything was fine but she soon stopped returning calls and emails. By October she was no where to be found.

We sued her and her business in SF Superior court and just won the judgment in the amount of $5050.00 dollars. We are currently in the process of collecting the claim.

We've got a lot of information that we would be willing to share. I can not express enough how SERIOUS this is! This is fraud and her and her business should be avoided at all costs.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

by Memphhis All Stars ( on Thursday April 12 2001 @ 04:24AM PDT [ reply | parent ]

I am doing a show this weekend in L.A.I also have an address on Leslie in orange co. calif. I will check it out friday.I'll post it on monday. David C.She took us for 2350.00 and 350 cds.

by john at CD baby ( on Thursday April 12 2001 @ 02:23PM PDT [ reply | parent ]

here's a little more info on her... she's alive and well.. here's a note she just mailed out yesterday

On most projects that I promote I distribute 350 CDs to appropriate
radio stations and also to magazines and online reviewers. I usually
charge $2400 for the service which includes all of the mailing costs,
tracking the progress of the project, and the reviews.

I format the reviews and air play in a way that will help tobuild
your press package, both as an artist and for your record company. My
services go over and above the usual, so I’d like an opportunity to
chat with you further.

You can email your number and a good time to call you, or feel free
to call me at 559-227-4624.

Leslie Ann Knight
Knight & Day

by RC ( on Sunday April 15 2001 @ 01:21AM PDT [ reply | parent ]

Here's her website, complete with photo:

by holly ( on Sunday April 15 2001 @ 01:46PM PDT [ reply | parent ]

yep, she emailed me a while back too...I get a lot of spam from both cdbaby and mp3.com "fans"...its to be expected, I suppose, so I usually delete without reading all the way through. I think anyone who has to drum up business by spamming artists websites isn't worth your time or money.


by MIKA POHJOLA ( on Monday April 16 2001 @ 07:14AM PDT [ reply | parent ]

I was a victim of one of those scams (a fellow in New York named Bryan Utman, who was more unaware of things in jazz - more cabaret-person and he insisted it was the same thing! But he was less consciously dishonest), although seems as if this lady is a real troublemaker in the industry. I lost $ 3400 to Utman, Mitchell-Clarke Media Group in 1998-99, which disappered soon after. We live and learn, and I'm way past that experience now, but at least I've become very careful since, and only trust the recommendations of my fellow musicians.

Another good website where to send these kinds of warnings is birdlives.com .

Thanks, John for warning us!

Btw, if you need a great publicist: Braithwaite & Katz in Boston and DL Media in Pennsylvania rule! (So far, I haven't hired either of them.)


by Debe Welch ( on Monday April 16 2001 @ 06:14PM PDT [ reply | parent ]

If you and your music is that good, someone who wants to promote you will pay YOU! From the mouth of my late step-dad who was in the business, "If you have to pay someone for your music or to promote or manage you, it's a scam! If they want you and you are that good, they'll pay you."

by Jeff Roberts ( on Sunday April 22 2001 @ 04:06PM PDT [ reply | parent ]

I find this very interesting about Leslie. Back in '98 or so we had talked to her about doing trips to Japan. Money from our end had not come up nor did any of these services previously mentioned by the others. I'm glad we never ended up getting the chance to try Japan w/ her now that I hear all of this stuff. We could have found ourselves screwed and in a foreign country to top it off. Who knows?!
Also. It had been my understanding that she is the ex-wife of Day and Knight Productions Patrick Day based in Maryland(I think!) Anyhow, thanks for this kind of Warning!!!

by Jim Strauss ( on Thursday May 03 2001 @ 10:05AM PDT [ reply | parent ]

Hey John,
I have been contacted by the New Castle (DE) police, who gathered information on Leslie Ann and will be in contact with law enforcement departments in Orange County. Please hang on to all the information you can because I will direct the detectives to the site for additional info on the scope of Leslie's con. Thanks for your help, I'll keep you posted. Jim


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