Re: Dimebag Darell's sound!!!!!!!!!! Read this........

this can very simpely done! I have dime bags sound! Mesa boogie is the shit! get a triple rectifier and you will never buy another amp!.....if you cant afford one this is how you start to build the Pantera tone! goes like this...take out the shitty pickups you have and this is the most important thing you can do to get the TONE!!!! you buy a BILL LAWRENCE L-500XL bridge pickup and a SEMORE DUNCAN 59 for your neck pickup this is the set up that he uses the larence pickup is unbeliveable!!! high out put with no noise bill makes the best pickups i have lawrence pick ups in around 5 of my guitars... i also have dimarzio X2N's that rock and some early 80's super distortions...they rock but dimarzios are very noisy...the larence in the brige position L500-XL look up bill lawrence on line some people are selling pickup that are fake L-500XL...beware better to buy direct from bill Lawrence!!! and semore 59 in the neck! then get a sick tube amp like a boogie triple rectifier or a Soldano... if you cant afford those get the pick ups and a Boss GT-6 and spend a few hours tweeking the song out of it the presets suck!! or check out a rocktron voodoo valve last but not least get a hush noise reduction system and if you set it al up right you too.. can have dime's sound! IF you save up for a boogie amp you will have it forever!!!!! if you need more info on sond equipment i can help just email me at [email protected] I have had just about everything made for guitarist today!!! Good luck!!!


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