Trying to develop my own fusion style- could any jazz players please give me some advice?

Fellow guitarist,
I've been a rock player for years and found myself in the common "pentatonic rut" that many rock players get stuck in. To break out, I learned the major scale , all modes, inside and out.
I've decided, since my entire focus is on composing and not playing covers, to actually forget standard chord shapes and names. Instead, I build chords out of the surrounding scale, which opens up alot of creative possibilities. I don't even care what the chord is named,its relative function, tonality, whatever. Just that it works within the scale and sounds good.I can always figure out what it is for purposes of transcribing.
I've noticed my chords, melody lines, chord melodioes , and leads all beginning to blend together in a very musical and melodic flow. Before I was stuck playing a chord, then maybe throwing in a riff, then playing more chords, etc.
Anyway,this new technique, although having many benifiets, also seems to highlight my lack of knowledge regarding harmonic structures. There seems to be something missing, and I'm guessing if I change keys it will give my playing more harmonic flow.
For example, is it common to change keys to follow a progression, like I IV V. If I'm playing C mix, can I change to F mix then G mix?
You're probably wondering why I just don't experiment, but I was just curious if this is the common method.Or perhaps is it common to just stay in C mix and achieve harmonic flow by focusing around the I, IV, and V within the one scale.
One of the reasons I'm alittle confused is that commonly a I,IV, V would be maj, maj, 7th, and if I change keys the V won't necessarily have that 7th feel.
I have written numberous songs already with the new system, and I love the improved flow of my phrasing, but the "overall" flow, or the "song flow" seems a little stiff. Maybe its just because I need more practice with this new approach.Or am I missing the "big picture".
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Doug Oliver


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