Re: Should we not voice our views?

: This was posted by Eddie, suggesting that I am not welcome here, well I thought this board was for everyone. Nevermind, perhaps he is right, that some opinions & advice is just not welcome here. So folks should I stay or should I go! Ps please note ther are 2 phils on this board, I’m the other one. Ah!

: He posted this…Don't know much about the Bluesbreaker.I've been playing for 22yrs.This forum is about people voicing their opinions,but you seem like you've got alot to prove.Especially to me!Hey dude,relax!Meglomania is most unattractive.I can tell by your tone,there's definatly a jealousy issue going on here.I know what I know through experience.And if I don't know,I admit it!
: In case you haven't noticed,you are making enemies with
: your attitude!

: My reply….Eddie firstly, I thought your choice of pedals were spot on. However I offered a few alternative ones. Both the Marshal Bluesbreaker & Jackhammer are great pedals, well worthy of looking at. Plus to reply to your comment I have nothing to prove but lots to offer in the way of advice. Jealousy, well lets see! Last week I set up 3 pc studios up for guitarist in my area, for free. I often give anyone who asks for my tab, any of my midi files for free. I write backing tracks for 9 schools for free. If someone needs an expensive music package I give it to them for free (did I say that out loud, oops). I teach guitar to kids for free. Clearly where you come from this annoys people. I enjoy music & I enjoy it most when others create stuff that no-one else has created. Do I really sound envious to you. As it goes, if people want advice then I will give my opinion, & if it hurts then take a pill. Eddie have you ever noticed how ‘the really bright student, the eager questioner, the probing searcher, especially if he is brighter than his teacher, is too often seen as a 'wise guy,' a threat to discipline, a challenger of his teacher's authority.’ Plus consider that Every guitarist is, in part, 'his own project' and tries to make himself. So do you think you should be putting people down who have struggled & learnt from highly skilled & educated people like yourself. Plus the first thing I learnt was that true wisdom is to know the extent of what you don't know just as well as you know what you do know. However I am sorry if you have been offended, but I don’t subscribe to the notion of Least said, soonest mended!Thanks to everyone who has emailed me with questions & also given me vaulable advice. Phil

Pack it in, the pair of you. Both of you - in my opinion - have supplied good advice on a number of occasions. If someone's tone seems off, perhaps they'd like to be careful how they word things in future. Perhaps others will try and just shrug it off. The overall tone of this site, I've found, is wonderfully friendly. Please don't spoil it. All the best to you both.



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