Re: need to know how to palmute properly

: i just started playing gituar a couple weeeks ago and my freind is moving away for a while. he gave me his amp. its a fender and on the back it says "type 241" it has the following nobs

: normal volume,gain,drive volume,treble,mid,bass,reverb

: i take lessons and the next one isnt till wednesday. so i would like to know sometime sooner than that.

: thanks,

A bit of common sense and a lotta practice. That's honestly how you do it. It becomes second nature after you start to shape the tone with a palm mute.

The "proper" way.. well, that's like telling someone the proper way to piss in a toilet. If you don't do it "right" everything is a mess. However, I bet no two people piss exactly the same way. Not that I've ever checked, but for lack of a better analogy.

The basic concept is to lay the side of your hand against the strings right above the bridge. I can pretty much teach you in 5 minutes by telling you the following... (The rest is practice and experimenting) ...

Make a chord of any sort with your string hand. Now with your pick hand, lay your palm behind the bridge. Don't push down, just lay it on the strings gently. Reach forward with your thumb and index finger to strum the chord. Now, little by little slide the whole hand forward and repeat the strum. You will notice the tone of the chord mute as you pull your hand further over the bridge.

For most people, the "ideal" spot to perform a normal palm mute is right in front of the bridge. So that the edge of your palm is up against it.

Once you experiment with that, and get the feel of where your hand should be placed (by listening and feeling)... then work on lifting your hand up and down.. on and off the strings. Remember not to press on them. You don't need to do anything but set the palm on them.

Hope that helps...


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