Re: Settings for Marshall AVT50

: Does anyone have any suggestions to help me set up my amp? I play a semi-hallowbody epiphone and am looking to get a jazzy tone with a little bit of bluesy feel. Let me know if you have found any settings that has a warm rich tone for both the clean and overdrive channels.

mike; for that sound, a marshall is a little more harsh than a fender type amp obviously, but set the drive to just where the speaker starts to break up when you strike a single note with some force.
turn the treble settings down to about ten or eleven o'clock. Leave the bass around two o'clock. set the mids to a little over half way mark. remember; since you a using a hollowbody, then too much gain is going to cause some feedback. try to use a delay or chorus pedal with the minimal effect for a smoother response from notes when improvising and playing chords and try to use the most basic required notes when playing chords. ie. instead of a full barre chord, use the root, fifth and major or minor third rather than a full out six string version. most times because of constant chord changing with jazz guitartists, the most simple versions of these chords are used as a rule of thumb.
have fun!


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