Re: licensed floy rose springs

Well first of all spring diferations depend on the type of guitar (the setting of the action differs between each company) Like for example a bc rich and jackson , bcrich has higher action but just slightly higher than jacksons because its a heavy metal guitar, jacksons are for solos therefore they are closer to the board. Another thing is, what type of trem. Strat trems can have the usual 3 spring configuration which goes one side one very middle and one other side both sides being on the edge, you can do any spring configuration you want to with a standard strat trem because of how it doesnt bend backwards and it wont make a differnce, but remember the more springs the harder the whammy on. With a floyd however things are delicate expensive and vastly confuzing and touchy. The standard placement of the trem alone cannot be off by the nearest of a fraction otherwise the whole guitar is f*cked. So pbasically everything on these is precise. Now beleive it or not tremolo springs are made to make your whammy easier or stiffer. but too easy and the trem is sloppy, too hard and its a friggin hardtail itself. the configuration for floyds is usually such as a strats. NOTE the following goes for all tremolos. If you want your trem to be super easy, dont be a retard and take off the two sides and leave the middle, think harder, if you take out the middle you will realize how much easier it is to bend with the strength so that its not sloppy. If you leave the middle itll be so sloppy that youll go out of tune everytime you touch a fret because a finger being pressed on the string alone will bend the tremolo (little exxagerated but think about if your playing and you go to bend, your gunna throw that string off the side) now if you want heavy but not super heavy simply add a spring to either side of the center spring, no matter what try your best to keep the two outside springs where they are and dont remove them, they are the balancing springs, move em and you moved the tension on that side of the trem, WOBBLY. if this isnt enough ive got shitloads i can tell you, just say so and ill send more your way. Hope i helped and good luck. Trevor

: Thanks for the reply. Yes I'm game. Absolutely!


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