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Fernandes and Line 6 Guitars.... now if you are on a tight budget go on Craigslist and look for a Fernandes they are the best bang for the buck... I have several I acquired this way ... a Dragon fly Elite with a Seymour Duncan and Sustainer, Floyd Rose $350 (though body neck shredder style neck) a Vertigo Elite with custom case, EMG 81 and a Sustainer , Floyd Rose $400 (set neck Les Paul style fat) a Vortex standard someone stuck Damarsio's pickups and Sperzel locking tuners on it, those three items alone probably cost more than the $200 I paid for it (Bolt on neck with a strat feel) and the cream of the crop a 92' HH Strat copy Japan made I bought new at Victor litz Music Center in Maryland with a Floyd Rose licenced "Head Crasher" whamy $200 New (at that time I got it in 1992 I never even heard of Fernandes and played every guitar in the store there from the cheapest to the $3,000 ones and couldn't believe how good it felt how great the action was and I could not understand why I had never heard of Fernandes Guitars) and the latest aquisition used from Guitar Center was a Japan made Vortex Elite with Floyd Rose, EMG 81 and the Sustainer $450... I would say Fernandes is probably one of the most underrated guitars brands but every one that I've ever picked up has been really good quality even the ones made in China and in Korea. And the Line 6 guitars I bought are a James Tyler variax 89f the shredder model and out of the box the best setup guitar that I've ever played did not need strings did not need to be set up at all it was perfect right out the box (I had heard someone else talk about that as well when they bought a line 6 guitar) I recently few months ago bought the Line 6 Shuriken Variax, it's a 27 inch scale baritone guitar with all the goodies of the Variax... Excellent guitar setup perfectly out of the box... Those 2 Line 6 guitars have been the most I've ever paid for any guitar ever (around $1400 ea and I never could see spending more than $300 on a guitar) but they are definitely worth the xtra cash and you know Line 6 was acquired by Yamaha a few years back and the quality of the guitars has not fallen off at all since the acquisition. Just my 2 cents... I do also have a beautiful Charvel that I purchased a few years ago that is not a pre Fender model but I can tell you it plays great and I wasn't would not hesitate to say better than any Fender I have played which really is astonishing to me that if Fender can produce that kind of equality with their Jackson/Charvel line why can't they do with other guitars.


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