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Over the years I've had several practice amps. What I have concluded over time is that the best practice amp is not an amp at all. Rather, for your consideration, think about getting a small powered studio monitor. Something like the KRK Rokit with a 4 inch speaker (30 watt). Then, pair this with a small mutli effects process. Both the Rokit and the multi effects can be had under the $100 buck mark. If you are patient and shop carefully, you can be in at about the 150 Mark for both. Recently I purchased a 4" Rokit and a Mooer PE100 for total price tag of $156. It was 90 for the Rokit and 66 for the Mooer.

In terms of multi-effects, there are lots to choose from and you should research. Some common ones are Mooer, Nux, Line6, and Korg Pandora. Many others so just watch some online clips and see what suits your playing style. Some key features that some have and others don't which is worthy of your consideration as you pick a unit would be:

- built in tuner
- a bypass function. if you play acoustic too this can be helpful, though I would plug straight into the studio monitor.
- looper
- some have bluetooth, others don't. Generally with have RCA input and headphone jacks for private playing.
- some have a USB computer interface
- drum tracks
- some have a computer interface, software and sharable patches/tones

Some of this you likely will value, others not. Some will tend to favor blues/jazz. Some will tend to favor metal/crunch/Rock. All do some degree of crossover. This is likely where you will make your final decision.

One final word... you must use a powered speaker in this configuration. The small effects units do not have an amplifiable ability other than the headphone jack I mentioned.

So if you are looking for great sound, try this approach. The Rokit provides much more richness and control at lower volumes. The effects pedal lets you choose features and sounds consistent with your needs and play.


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