MI Effects Cross Over Drive Pedal

Get boost, overdrive, distortion and fuzz tones by simply sweeping the gain knob of the new Cross Over Drive pedal.

Cross Over Drive

This versatile drive pedal is set for a September release and will only be available in limited numbers.

MI Effects makes a special claim with the new Cross Over Drive, saying that it is meant to be the Swiss-army knife of drive pedals, packing in four drive pedal sounds in one package. We have included a video demo of the pedal in action so you can be the judge.

According to them, at lower gain settings, the pedal behaves as a boost pedal while enhancing the higher frequencies. As you raise the gain to mid, you enter the overdrive realm, with a sound that MI Effets describe as nice, complex and tube-like.

Going past the mid gain settings will give you lead friendly drive sounds that is smooth and harmonic-rich. Finally, maxing out the gain knob dirties the tone some more until you get big fuzz tones.

Stretching an overdrive pedal this much is not an easy feat, but MI achieves this with the help of four discontinued FET transistors. These transistors are said to capture the response and sensitivity of a tube amp. MI Effects utilized their experience with tube amplifiers to fine tune the Cross Over Drive's FET circuitry down to the smallest details, matching the behavior of classic tube amps.

More than just a simple component swap, MI Effects obsessed over details like dynamic range, output impedances, operating points, scaling of clipping thresholds, intrinsic capacitances and more. The result is an original pedal design that provides a wide gain range without sacrificing its tube like qualities. Because of its design, MI Effects said: "every player will make this pedal sound their own – responding to every nuance and attack of your style and genre."

Aside from the wide range gain knob, the pedal also features two EQ knobs for refining the top and bottom frequencies, labeled as Balance and Detail. The Balance knob lets you adjust the amount of top-end harmonics, turning it up will give you a tone that can easily cut through the mix, while turning it down gives you a rounder and smoother lead sound. The Detail knob on the other hand lets you adjust the lower frequencies of the overdrive tone, ideal when plugging your rig into bright and clean amplifiers.


  • Hand made in Sydney, Australia with 5 Year Warranty
  • Bypass: Heavy Duty 3PDT footswitch with True Bypass
  • Power: 9VDC/battery only, 2.1mm jack, negative tip.
  • Current draw: 5mA
  • Input Impedance: 1M?
  • Output Impedance: <25k?
  • Controls: Volume, Gain, Detail and Balance
  • Enclosure: Durable gold powder coat and screen print finish.
  • Size: 2.2" x 4.3" (55.9mm x 109.2mm)

Due to limited transistor supply, only 250 Cross Over Drive pedals are planned to be produced. It is expected to fetch a street price of $199.95. More information will soon be available at MI Effects.

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