EHX Nano Big Muff Pi

Electro-Harmonix introduces the Nano Big Muff Pi, a smaller pedalboard-friendly version of their popular fuzz pedal.

Nano Big Muff Pi

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This miniaturized version carries all the same components, and thus will sound identical to the classic NYC Big Muff Pi.

The original Big Muff Pi has a lot of history behind it, and for over 44 years it continues to be one of the most popular pedals from Electro-Harmonix. Because of its revered status, EHX ensured that the new Nano Big Muff Pi sounds exactly like the original, considering parts have 5 to 10% tolerance.

Like the original, this smaller version houses four transistor stages and features capacitors at various parts of the circuit to help roll off the high-end harshness. The resulting sound is the same sweet and harmonic fuzz tone with the Pi'ss distinctive long sustain - it is every bit like the original, albeit in a smaller form factor.

The original pedal, had a very bulky housing that requires wasting up to two precious pedalboard spaces, and because of that many were forced to get a different brand that can fit their existing rig. Thankfully this new pedal addresses this space problem, by having a smaller compact body without altering the circuitry and controls.

Speaking of controls, the pedal features standard adjustment knobs for the Tone, Volume and Sustain. It gives you the same tone shaping options as the original, which can be good or bad - depending on whether you liked the original or not.

Check out the video demo of the Nano Big Muff Pi:

As seen on the video demo, looks like EHX plans to keep their promise of providing the sound and voice of the original in a more compact housing. They even showcased how the pedal responds to knob tweaking, and it does behave as close as possible to existing Big Muff Pi pedals.

Pricing info will soon be available. You can head over to EHX for further details.

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