Wampler Latitude Deluxe Tremolo

The new Wampler Latitude Deluxe Tremolo pedal is now available, featuring analog signal path with digital control.

Wampler Latitude Deluxe Tremolo

This tremolo pedal is designed to provide a wide variety of tremolo styles that you can personalize using its wealth of tone customization controls.

Far from being a one trick pony, this pedal is tricked out with as many useful features that Wampler can fit into its sturdy chassis. They combined analog circuitry with the convenience of digital control to provide sonic variety without compromising quality and signal integrity.

Wampler describes the Latitude Deluxe Tremolo as a pedal capable of providing vintage and modern tremolo tones. It is designed to cover everything from yesterday's subtle warm tremolo to the helicopter choppiness that is currently favored by many players.

The pedal has five knobs that give you control over Speed, Space, Depth, Level and Attack. These knobs allow for extensive tone shaping, ideal for matching the pedal with different types of guitars and pickups.

Complementing the controls knobs are two switches, the subdivision switch and wave-form selector. The subdivision switch allows you to adjust the tremolo rate into Quarter, eight, dotted eight and triplet notes. This feature is usually found on high-end delay pedals, and will allow you to synch the effect down to the notes.

Giving you the ability to further change your tone is the wave-form selector, you can use it to switch between Bell, Sine and Square wave sounds. Playing with these wave-forms will give warm to aggressive tremolo. Finally, to ensure that you can easily synch the timing of your tremolo to your band, Wampler equipped Latitude with a dedicated Tap Tempo switch.

Check out this in-depth video demo of the Latitude Deluxe Tremolo:

The demo video showcased just how extensive the pedal's capabilities are, and since I use tremolo effects quite regularly, I personally am very much interested to see how it fairs out in live band and recording settings.

Wampler assured that they utilize high grade film capacitors and resistors in building each Latitude Pedal. It also features the company's standard true by-pass so your guitar’s natural tone won’t be affected when your pedal is not engaged.

Latitude Deluxe Tremolo is now available worldwide, retailing for just under $240. More information and video demos are available at Wampler Pedals.

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