Xotic Wah

Xotic Pedals introduces the XW1 Xotic Wah, a modern take on the late '60s classic Clyde McCoy Wah.

Xotic Wah

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This wah-wah pedal introduces modern implements that improve the reliability, versatility and portability of the traditional wah design.

Interestingly, the designers utilized traditional potentiometer design, probably to stay true to the sound of the original. Since potentiometer based wahs are known for having reliability issues, they took steps in improving the mechanics of the pedal to reduce wear and tear.

What they came up with is a chassis that better protects the innards, and moving parts that last longer. The official description mentions the use of a "self-lubricating nylon bushing pivot, which allows for silent and smooth operation while allowing for rocker pedal tension adjustments. The exterior of the pedal is said to be designed to protect the internal pot from dust and dirt, for longevity.

The company used gold contact relay true bypassing, which allows for transparent true bypass tone, while incorporating reliable switching which they claim has a minimum one million life cycle. They also addressed the inherent bulkiness of conventional wah pedals by reducing the size of the Xotic Wah by up to 20%, compared to regular wahs.

Check out the official video demo:

An extended array of knobs are provided for tone shaping. Located at the side of the pedal are four knobs that allow for a wide range of wah flavors. The Bias knob adds "warmth" to the tone of the Xotic Wah by slightly increasing the output & emphasizing the bass frequencies, and adding a more pronounced wah through the sweep. Lowering the Bias knob takes the pedal back to vintage territory, described as having clear voicing, transparent tone and smoother in operation.

The Wah Q knob lets you adjust the width of the filter peak (Q). This gives you precise control over the amount of wah applied to your signal so you can shape your sound to various vocal-like tones.

The Bass and Treble knobs serve as the pedal's two-band EQ with +/-15 dB center-detent potentiometers that you can use to optimize the effect to match your playing style and gear.

Further tone shaping is available via internal controls, first of which is the input gain knob that lets you control the wah input gain, you can use it to add up to +6dB of Wah boost. Internal DIP switches are also available for adjusting the Xotic Wah's frequency range.

Other features include an adjustable rubber stopper, LED indicator that blinks when the battery power falls below 50%, and a DC power jack for plugging into a power outlet.

The MSRP for the Xotic Wah is $295, and it is expected to be available soon. For the complete specifications and other details, head over to Xotic Pedals.

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