Tim wrote:
I hate testing gear in shops, feels like everyones expecting the performance of your life, feels more intimate than a tiny pub gig (which are always the scariest) in reality nobody gives a chuck what you do but it feels scary.

I'm the same with sound-checking I tend to play: E-E-E-E-A-A-A-A-D-D-D-D-yeah, thats fine. At half my gigging volume then get every thing adjusted during the set, not the best technique! Doesn't make you very popular.

Some of the shops in Denmark Street have now got booths wherein you can widdly-widdly-widdly and thwang-dakka-do-dow till your heart's content. And again some shops havn't.

Last time I bought a guitar I was put in a little booth and having played the guitar for a while, decided that the truss-rod needed tightening - much to the fear of the shop assistant- which I then did after convincing him that I was qualified to undertake such an action. I bought the guitar.

And talking of truss-rods... when at the Bass Centre (p'ta!) Cass Wassiz-name bought a pink Warwick which had a problem with the neck. If you tightened the truss-rod the neck became more bent rather than strighter. I held the guitar up to look along the neck to see the state of play and the truss-rod mechanism slid out and hit me on the forehead. I had no idea that they were not secured. However this solved the problem as I was able to re-insert it the right way up and straighten the neck.


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