Tweedle dumb, here :)

Lee will remember the British TV show "That's Life", and some random viewer who's dog became a minor celebrity because he could make it "talk". He did this by manipulating the growling (and presumably PO'd) terrier's jaws into a one-track conversation that went:

owner: "what's your favourite food?"
growling (and presumably PO'd) terrier: "sausages"

Predictably, it can now be seen on Youtube:

In the same manner, certain bass players (not really ultra funky-dunky types, but the hifi "currently touring with well-known-female-singer" bassists) can make their gear say something like "m'band tanks" with a little bit of thumb and some FET-powered, tweeter-equipped backline. Has its place, but I cannot stand that kind of bass tone.

I'll leave the GK head aside for the mo, but the one thing that makes me reach for a shotgun is a Peavey 15" bass cab. I used to suffer them at a rehearsal room until I got fed up enough to bring my own stuff with me. I once likened the sound to climbing up an iron rung ladder, in a sewerage inspection pipe, wearing workboots. Another bass player (and, presumably, a sewer inspector) reckoned it was the most accurate analogy written.

So, yes, I think the cab is a problem and I'd look at an alternative ASAP. I don't know the GK (apart from the "lots of watts and knobs for the $" reputation) but I had a look at the spec and all that separate-50W-tweeter-power bit suggests it may also be the wrong type of head for your purposes. It all adds up to a ponytailed, jacket 'n' jeans player's delight.

I realize not every bassist wants to lug all-valve amps around, and the 400W valve jobs really are monsters of weight and wallet, so if someone told me they like Roger Waters, I'd recommend gear he actually uses. Not because I'm one of those copytone idiots, but because it's great gear and no surprise he uses it.

In Britain [eg, Live 8] he uses Ashdown - as did Macca. The 500 Evo II is a great head (Lee got one on my recco) and the blendable valve/SS preamp is really useful while the sub-oct adds bottom and tracks well. Musician's Friend does them for $750, the same as the GK, but GC doesn't seem to stock them. I'd put up with the loss of a coupla hundred watts. Abroad, he seems to use Ampeg and, again, a good choice for the playing style. GC does stock the SVT-Pro3, but it's $150 more than the GK.

For your band, I'd bet either would be more like what you're after, but there's still a problem with the cab. If you use Ashdown or Ampeg cabs, you run out of power handling or cash. I had a look at GC's used gear and that might be a way round it, or why not try the Gallien-Krueger cabs? I saw some worrying reports on the 15", but the tens had good reviews.

Too late to waffle more, but I hope to get JLR to come back in and give his op. I know he's an Ampeg+big driver fan and he still emails me occasionally.


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