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Jackson Guitars started off providing quality American-made heavy metal guitars to popular artists, headlined by Randy Rhoads. Now under Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, they continue to offer rock and metal friendly guitars at various price points.

Their website features their complete product catalog, including custom shop options and more. You can also build your own customized metal guitar or bass via the Custom Select page. The site also features a community page where users and fans can interact.

If you are trying to get more information about your Jackson guitar and you have the serial number, here is a nifty serial number table that you can use to find out the year and factory where your guitar came from.

Serial Number Table for Jackson Neck-Thru Models:

Randy Rhoads

Custom Neck-thru

Jackson Archtop

Jackson USA Neck-thru

Year and Factory


1982 San Dimas



1983 San Dimas



1984 San Dimas



1985 San Dimas




1986 San Dimas




1987 Ontario




1988 Ontario




1989 Ontario





1990 Ontario





1991 Ontario





1992 Ontario





1993 Ontario





1994 Ontario





1995 Ontario





1996 Ontario





1997 Ontario





1998 Ontario





1999 Ontario





2000 Ontario





2001 Ontario

Serial Number Table for Jackson Bolt-On Neck Models:

Jackson Custom Shop

Jackson Junior

Jackson USA Bolt-On

Year and Factory


1986 San Dimas


1987 Ontario


1988 Ontario


1989 Ontario



1990 Ontario



1991 Ontario



1992 Ontario



1993 Ontario




1994 Ontario




1995 Ontario




1996 Ontario




1997 Ontario




1998 Ontario




1999 Ontario




2000 Ontario




2001 Ontario

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What year? And what Jackson professional is it?

I’m interested in buying this Jackson but I just don’t know the year of it and what type of Jackson professional it is. #601408

Jackson guitar ID help

I have a Jackson guitar and I'm trying to figure out what model it is and what year it is. Serial # on the bolt on plate is 9688359. Made in Japan. I think this is a Soloist. Any info would be much appreciated.

Identify this model

Ser.#uo6549 = 1998 USA Ontario Jackson USA on top headstock, some signature in white on headstock back looks like Mat something or other can't really make it out. It has two turquoise dome style control Knobs, 5 position p/u selector, HSS Seymour Duncan p/u, Floyd Rose trem. and dark blue with light blue flames. I inherited this guitar and would like to know the exact model and value if possible. It is in pristine condition.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Jackson guitar model and year?

I have a Jackson guitar, serial #NHJ1004708. It has a reverse headstock and dot inlays. Any help would be appreciated.

Jackson guitar- V >> NHJ0903083

Can you help me about telling detail of my guitar which i bought from another person 2 yrs back...
i need some info like made of which country, year...

Looking at buying an 05

Looking at buying an 05 Jackson Kelly. # 9764260. Anyone have any info on it or where I can find some?

Jackson Custom V

Hello. I have a custom shop Jackson serial #J13951. It doesn’t seem to fit the listing posted here. Can anyone tell me what year and whay factory it was mafe? Was it an artist edition?

Anything on this NHJ. not

Anything on this NHJ. not much chatter. What Ive gathered so far is maybe Japan.

Jackson SL1 Soloist identification

I've acquired what I believe is a like new and never used Jackson SL1 Soloist with serial number U12086, trying to identify what year this was made, any sources or help is much appreciated.

jackson serial #IWJ1200027

can't find the info for my guitar anywhere? the serial # on the back of the headstock is IWJ1200027. anyone know anything about it? ita a JACKSON neckthru with the newer headstock, quilted maple top in red

jackson performer guitar

Can anyone tell me anything about this guitar? year? made in? etc...? serial Number 8633370
can't find a thing on it, or in the realm of where it falls on database.

Thanks in advance.

Serial number

I have the same problem. I purchased a Jackson Performer that came with the serial number 8633252 which doesn't match the known Performer series guitars. Nobody on any forum knows what models even start with the number 8. Still a mystery.

Me Too

My serial number is very similar. 8633108 and I had not been able to find anything, until now.
Someone suggested removing the neck and looking there. It says 1999 3 30, under that in bold
letters there is a 4 2 and under that it also in bold letters PS4. It's a transparent blue flame top
with black hardware 12 fret dots close together and tuning keys on the bottom side of headstock.
Someone said that all performers with the dots closer together on the 12th fret are Japanese
but I have not confirmed that. I hope this helps. If you find any further info on these, I am interested.

Jackson identify

Jackson® Professional. Reverse headstock. HH. 3way switch. 24.75" scale. Serial number 605755. Takeuchi trem. Neck heel/body pocket both have markings D-5. Anyone know what I have?


hi you have a 1996 jackson dr5. dr means dinky reverse. however you are mistaken on the scale. it is 25.5. no dinky were 24.75 and no fusions 24.75 guitars were reverse head stocks. if you go to the jackson website and look at the catalog scans for 1996 you can find your guitar.

Guitar serial number

9829116 - Jackson guitar
Can someone tell me more about this guitar using the serial number please?

Jackson Serial

I'm buying a Jackson "Randy Rhodes" style guitar with a serial number of 200600811. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated!

Jackson Soloist SL1 unusual Serial number

I have just acquired another Jackson soloist SL1 (my 4th!)

I am puzzled by the serial number stamped on the neck in the usual place.

The SN is J1070x (last number replaced by x). I have only seen SNs with J followed by 4 numbers, not 5. It is definitely an early neck through SL1, has a Floyd Rose and 3 Seymour Duncans, HSS.

Can anyone explain the unusual SN, and maybe provide a date?

Neck Plate # 1022

I have neck plate # 1022, From what I gather, it's one of 504 bolt on neck custom shop orders that were actually made in San Dimas. The neck plate numbers are from 1001-1505, I have the 21'st on made I believe (Neck plate 1022), This is the lowest neck plate number that I have seen on here, is that correct?

NEED HELP IDing this Jackson

I can’t find any info about this guitar . Starts with NHJ1000342 for serial . Has fin inlays, from the pics looks like 24 frets


H=Harmony Music Instruments
The first two numbers 1000342 means it was made in 2010.Harmony is the factory that made the guitar.

Jackson guitar.

My Jackson guitar have serial number: CWJ1313965. What is this? Help please!

Info on where my guitar was made.

I had a King V made for me in 1986. It is serial # J1777. I was wondering where it was made and by whom. I've kept this guitar for 30 years. It came with a Kahler tremolo (which I requested) that hasn't let me down in all this time. I've had to have the original J-50's replaced due to sweat and road wear, but this guitar will not go out of tune for anything. It cost around $1700 at the time, but it is the most reliable instrument I've ever owned, and it's going to my son upon my demise. Thanks for any info on the builder you can give me.

Rotten Ron

all 1986 jacksons were USA

all 1986 jacksons were USA made in the ontario california custom shop. bolt ons however would still say san dimas california as the neck plates were still in use after the move to ontario for a few years until they ran out.

Jackson WRMG Warrior

I have two Jackson Warrior WRMG electric guitars
With serial numbers
does anyone know what model and year it might be? Thank you all so much for your help.
If you have any information about them please email me or send to my telegram
Thank you sincerely

Jackson Guitar

Japanese serial # 9660243.

Is a 1996 year,

Approximately what is it worth ?

Thank you,


not true 96 97 and 98 serials are 2001 to 2007 could be any year. i have several 2006 dkngs with 97 serials and a dxmc with a 98 serial that is a 2004. it very messy.

Jackson MIJ

Jackson MIJ started using USA Seymour Duncan pickups on Japanese Jacksons around the end of 2005, and all the Jackson MIJ models I've seen having such serial numbers starting with first two digits 96, 97 are built around 2006 or 2007. If the guitar is close to mint condition, it is worth at least $599

Curious about my Jackson Dinky

Hello. Curious about my guitar's specific model. It is a Jackosn Dinky. Black. EMGHZ pickups. through body neck (if that's how you say that), white triangle fret designs on every other fret.

Made in India. 1100555 is the serial number. No other info on the guitar.

Trying to find out what jackson matches.

I have the same exact serial number and description on my guitar!! I'm trying to find out which type my serial number is. 1100555. Lemme know if you find out.

help identifying what specific model I have

This is a black single pickup strat style guitar that was purchased in 1986.
22 fret unfinished bolt on maple neck, Kahler trem, Charvel/San Dimas neck plate
serial number #5466 with Jackson/made in USA logo on the headstock.
Any ideas what specific model this is, and maybe what it might be worth?

What is it?

I recently acquired a Jackson guitar. All I know is the serial number; 99101236, and that it has a "licensed under Floyd Rose" locking tremolo. There are no model numbers or other markings anywhere on the guitar.

Any help would be great!


Serial number 9844494

I need the info like year manufactured etc here's what I know Jackson reverse headstock Strat bolt-on neck has two knobs one lever 24 frets can I get any more info by serial number and how it's from Japan manufacturer

Jackson custom shop model

Looking for my old Jackson, model # 0379 any info ?

I know the year of my guitar, but about month/week?

I have a Dinky JS22-7. I always wondered if it had compound radius, but I couldn't measure it. So I emailed a Jackson rep and he told me that that particular model only had a compound radius after January 2015. My guitar's serial number is CWJ1531835. What I would like to know is if my guitar was made before or after January 2015. Cheers!

Know idea what Jackson I own.

So I was given a Jackson Strat style electric and all I know about it is it's serial number. It is CWJ1510059. Anyone have an idea what is is I have in my possession?

Its a chinese model jackson.

Its a chinese model jackson. Made in 2015.


Im trying to figure out what i have. Its a jackson kelly standard professional with floyd rose, number on it is J001164. Thanks for any help you can give.
Cole rearden

Serial # info...

I found an old Jackson Sunburst Tobacco Electric Guitar. Would appreciate any information based on the Serial number on the metal block behind the neck. It is 00120095. Can any knowledgeable person out there help? Thank you in advance.

Backwards logo

Does anyone know about a Jackson guitar with a mirror image logo, printed on the head stock?
Serial # 6486 in the neck plate.

Jackson guitarra serial Numbers question

THE serial in THE plate is NHJ1018506 and i want to know why has THE head facing to Other sideof jackson please

its a 2010 JIB non series N

its a 2010 JIB non series N reverse headstock H Japan N the 10 is 2010 18 th day of production 5 is the month of may and ispected by inspector number 06

Serial number

I have a Jackson js32 V I want too know when it was made the numbers on the plate are CWJ1543159

year made

I believe the first 2 numbers are the last 2 numbers of the year. 2015

It was made in China

Your Jackson guitar was made in China

Jackson logo printed backwards (mirror image)

I have a Jackson, purchased at least 15 years ago, from a guy who was moving out of state. The head stock shows the Jackson logo printed backwards (also has a reverse head stock). Serial # 6486 in the plate on the back. Does anyone know about guitars that were released with the logo printed backwards?


Can you tell me mor about my guitar, that I bought second hand?
Thank you

Jackson Dinky

Hi i was wondering about a guitar i have , it has a maple neck rosewood fret board body is metallic grey/ash color, number on the neck plate is 9720015. just want to know where it was made and what year it is thanks

Jackson Professional Dinky STD.

I have a Jackson Professional Dinky STD. 1992 MIJ , The Serial number is 914495. I have not been able to look online and even Find one like this guitar. The head stock reads Jackson Professional and the Nut cover says Dinky STD. The pick up's are HSS and say Jackson on them. It also has a Transparent pick guard on it. The guitar is red. I was wondering if anyone know's how much this guitar might go for if sold. I've been looking for a few years and not being able to find out a price. I found one close but it did not read Professional on the head stock. Thank you. Robert.


Does it have red inlays on the neck and a clear pick guard ? If so, would want to sell it ??

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