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Jackson Guitars started off providing quality American-made heavy metal guitars to popular artists, headlined by Randy Rhoads. Now under Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, they continue to offer rock and metal friendly guitars at various price points.

Their website features their complete product catalog, including custom shop options and more. You can also build your own customized metal guitar or bass via the Custom Select page. The site also features a community page where users and fans can interact.

If you are trying to get more information about your Jackson guitar and you have the serial number, here is a nifty serial number table that you can use to find out the year and factory where your guitar came from.

Serial Number Table for Jackson Neck-Thru Models:

Randy Rhoads

Custom Neck-thru

Jackson Archtop

Jackson USA Neck-thru

Year and Factory


1982 San Dimas



1983 San Dimas



1984 San Dimas



1985 San Dimas




1986 San Dimas




1987 Ontario




1988 Ontario




1989 Ontario





1990 Ontario





1991 Ontario





1992 Ontario





1993 Ontario





1994 Ontario





1995 Ontario





1996 Ontario





1997 Ontario





1998 Ontario





1999 Ontario





2000 Ontario





2001 Ontario

Serial Number Table for Jackson Bolt-On Neck Models:

Jackson Custom Shop

Jackson Junior

Jackson USA Bolt-On

Year and Factory


1986 San Dimas


1987 Ontario


1988 Ontario


1989 Ontario



1990 Ontario



1991 Ontario



1992 Ontario



1993 Ontario




1994 Ontario




1995 Ontario




1996 Ontario




1997 Ontario




1998 Ontario




1999 Ontario




2000 Ontario




2001 Ontario

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I have a neck through soloist slsmg I believe from Charvel.

Serial is 050020 six digits long neck through soloist pro slsmg eerie des swirl.

Jackson guitar

I recently inherited a Jackson flying V with Floyd rose locking neck with two double Duncan design humbuckers and a bolt on neck. Serial number is 9843588 can anyone help me please with the history and bake of this beautiful guitar.

same kinda serial number

Its a white with black pinstsripe rhoads gold hardware t.o.m. bridge duncan design invader type and bolt on i paid 125$ with case serial like yours 9852344 is it japan and a 1998 im stumped and have owned many guitars over 40 yrs.Noone has any info. did anyone reply to you on yours i heard seven digit serial are japan. thanks for your time any help to another player would be appreciated Larry

origin and price

I don't know where and when my guitars were made and their real price in dollars.
Can you tell me this information please?
First one serial number "CWJ 1332908"
Second one "9696657"


My brother just recently got a guitar from his friend who passed away. Unfortunatly, we can't locate any info. Neck seems to have been changed, but plate serial number starts with a NJHL and i can find NOTHING on this Jackson. Any help would be great!

Need to know model

Serial nro is: 9818251

Guitar Identification

Hello my friend just purchased a Jackson 7 string, it has green strings and looks to be custom made but we're not sure. The serial number is CWJ1520447, any help identifying the model? Thanks!

Jackson Professional S/N

I'd appreciate very much if you guys could help me to figure out any info on a Jackson Professional Series i bought recently. Tottaly wasted painting, some rusty parts, but sounds incredibly. Looks a little aged. Bolt-on, serial number #604887 carved on the neck plate.
Thanks in advance.

Hey bro did find out what it

Hey bro did find out what it is?mine has a similar serial number and has h s h pick ups 24 fret Floyd rose locking nut head the body colour is dark blue.from what I have seen it may be a dink dx2 but I'm not sure.

mine is very similar

mine is very similar 606280
would love more info on it

Looking for year of production and model

Hey guys, I just picked up a Randy Rhoads set through neck in creme color with black pinstripe and gold hardware...in mint condition! The serial # starts with 000s and has 6 digits total. I'm thinking its a 1990 or a 2000 model, not sure of model but its heavy like the older ones. If anybody can shine a light on this model...please help!

I have a dinky with serial

I have a dinky with serial number 9818387

It has SD pickups

I'm thinking it's a DKM2?

Can anyone confirm, cheers

Bough a Jackson can see what model it is

Just bought a second hand Jackson guitar. Its see through black. Shark fin inlays on neck and neck/headstock is bound edged. It has 3 x seymore Duncan pickups (2 x single 1 x hB). The serial number is - 9835809....
Would be glad if anyone could help me identify it.

Jackson Guitar

Hi, I saw your post and wondered if you found any info on your guitar, I just picked up a nice Amber Burst colored Jackson and I've been able to determine it is a DK. It has Duncan pickups like yours (2 single and 1 HB) mine has the licensed Floyd Rose tremolo with shark fin inlays on the rose fingerboard, the back of the neck is Maple. All my hardware is black and I am trying to figure out where it was made, hopefully Japan. The build quality seems very good to me, just as good as my American Strat and PRS SE (made in Korea) , I took the neck off but it does not give a clear indication of anything, a Possible date could be cut off that is 10-5-10, not clearly legible, it does say DK2, also 6-2 on the neck and 5-1 and ASB on the body. I was just wondering if you found out any other info on yours, thanks.

What type of jackson guitar does my friend have

My friends serial number on the neckplate is 601669 and its a japanese guitar and the headstock is reversed. If you need anymore info to identify it let me know

Jackson guitars

Okay, I've been trying to figure out about my Jackson, you seem like maybe you can help, my neckplate # is 600194, it's got two humbuckers and a single pickup in the mid, licensed floyed, and sharkfin headstock instead of hockey stick headstock, any info you can give helps

Need Info on serial # njhk08007715

Just trying to figure out what guitar I HAVE

same here

same here, i have the HJHK0800****, as well, and i can't find shit on it, bro. if somebody helps you, shoot me an E-mail, or vise-versa and I'll help your ass out too. later daze.

DK2M serial

hey... I bought a DK2M made in japan guitar 3 years ago and I searched for the serial number online nothing matched how do I know if it is original or fake the serial is 9817406
anyone help me please

DK2m serial

It's made in Japan definitely 100% !!! 98XXXXX serials are made in japan. DK2m is a very nice model! I have the same!!! Later models are made in Mexico.

id help

neck plate 3865 san dimes, ca.? thx.

Jackson neck-thru #J000076

Try to find any info on a Jackson neck-thru 24 frets with a Jackson licensed Floyd rose. Number is stamped on the fretboard at the last fret. #J000076

Randy Rhoads J serial#

Can someone help. I've had my Jackson Randy Rhoads V neck thru for over 25 years. Serial number is J000665. Can't find much information.

King V

Jackson King V serial # 200500219: Any info would be greatly appreciated

Jackson model n number help

Can someone identify a jackson v type serial of volt on is 200601328. Please help

identifying Jackson Kelly neck thru serial number

i have a jackson kelly neck thru serial number i am interested in buying that i cannot identify

New Bass

Just picked up a beautiful Jackson C-5A 5 string, the A standing for Ash wood for the body. The serial number, 030150, is stamped into the last fret. I've had many Jacksons, but never this model. It seems to be a Concert body, 3 band EQ with Master and Sweep, and Duncan Designed soap bars. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

The A stands for active.

The A stands for active. There is also a C5P for passive. I've had both. Nice basses. Made in Japan

re: Jackson C5A Bass

Hi, with so many requests to id personal guitars I figured I would stop and help out a little if I can. First, your bass is from 2003 (which is funny because you will not find it in the 2003 catalog?). Of coarse this is not the first time I have seen this probably due to late catalogs or ending production early in the year. Anyway, you are correct in it's resemblance to the Concert Series as the "C" signifies exactly that. But, the "A" is a little less obvious. Actually, the standard C5A has an Alder Body. In most cases the last letter refers to the the pick up configuration (more on that later). HOWEVER, if I remember right it was the solid colors that had the Alder body. And if your guitar happens to have a transparent 'Red' finish the body is indeed "ASH". On the other hand if your guitar has the transparent "Tobacco Sunburst" finish it is made of Mahogany. All of which included a Maple Bolt on neck and Rosewood board.

With that said, the other basses in the Concert series included the C20 (for all I know it could have been 20 degrees Celsius outside that day?), C5MJ & the CMG. Now the C5MJ came with a Duncan Design MM100 & a JB102N, hence the "MJ". While the CMG came with EMGHZ's of coarse. As for your C5A? Well as you know it also has Duncan Design's but instead they used SB101's in both the bridge & neck positions. While the C20 also lacked the EQ system it came with Jackson J100 pick ups. And last but not least, if my memory is 'part' what it used to be the C20 is made in India and the C4A/C5A, C5MJ & CMG were made in Japan. Please do not sacrifice me to the wolves if any info isn't 110% accurate because my memory isn't quite what it used to be. Still my Passion for Charvel/Jackson helps to keep this type of information accurate, besides I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried! I wish I had time to help everyone out but it would be a full time job and God knows I do not need another one of them! Hope this helps, Paul "Keep the Bloodline Alive!"

Jackson Kelly Floyd rose

I have a Jackson kelly Bolt on with a Floyd rose bridge, Duncan designed HH, volume pot and 3 positions pickup selector, serial number
Can you help me with some information about date of crafting and the valiendo, thanks!!!

My Jackson

Any info on this guitar would be greatly appreciated. Serial #j4653. Reverse headstock neck thru soloist. Have never seen another like it with the Jackson logo the same color as the guitar?

model, year and place of origin of my guitar

hi...can someone help me? I need to know the origin, the year and exact model of my jackson guitar..it has two jackson humbuckers, reverse headstock, binding and those triangular inlais (sharkfin),also floyd rose.
serial number: 9698505

guitar jackson ps4 perfomer

please me.to detail my guitar jackson.number serial 1038578.where are made in?


My Jackson has a serial number 00072879 does anyone know what model and year it might be? Thank you all so much for your help.

jackson san dimas???

hi, i had recently purchased a body that is clearly a charvel or jackson san dimas style. i am pretty educated on the 80s model charvels as i am a die hard charvel fan, which is the reason i bought the body even though something seemed peculiar or "off" about it. i own a charvel model 1,2, and 3 and have done comparisons with this unknown body against all 3 of mine. So heres where things get peculiar.

1) it is like a model 2 except the fact that it has a single coil rout tilted at an angle in the neck position ( kinda triangular shaped instead of parallel along the straight edges)and none of the model series ever had a tilted single coil pup ( as far as model 1 or 2 anyways),,,which i should also state that it has the san dimas / model1/model 2 style "smaller" triangular cavity cover plate, so this would rule out model 3 and later charvel guitars as well as charvette (which were equipped with the larger teardrop shaped cavity control covers.)

2) it was equipped with a kahler tremolo that has the wider stud spacing than the one on my model 2. it is the same exact spacing as an original floyd rose as i have a schaller floyd that i am going to put on it. ( the reason i know its a kahler is the fact that the holes where the body inserts go are the same exact "larger" size as the inserts on my model 2 which is a kahler as well)

3) the tremolo rout on the back of the guitar is recessed so that the plate sits flush with the body unlike my model 1 2 or 3 where the plate actually sits on top of the surface.

the only numbers on the body are located on the back inside the trem routing...it is a 4 digit number that has been stamped with white ink/paint. i recently stumbled across an 85/86 usa jackson san dimas picture on the internet (has rising sun paint job on it) and it is an exact match to the details i described except that it has a floyd rose on it.
i have searched aimlessly for months now trying to find the end to my madness of this unknown guitar, so any info would greatly be appreciated.

Me too!!

Did you ever find the end to your search?? I have had this same exact body for some years now. You described my body exactly! I too have been searching aimlessly. ( even had seen the same rising sun San dimas that you mentioned)
I have the four digits also stamped in white ink.
Wish I knew how to share at picture with you just for show and tell.
Anyway,, I would absolutely love to hear what you found out about yours. Then I can put a rest to my madness that I have carried for the last six years.

where was made and year

it is a dk2m #9811638

Same as everyone else...

Black staggered V, 200610075.

type of Jacson guitar

can anyone tell me what Jacson guitar I got its off V like rhoads style guitar its serial number is nhj1111835 was told there was only few thousand made of this style 22 junbo frets Floyd rose tremolo can u tell me what its worth and if its rare or year it was made? has red trim around black body

Help with Jackson guitar ID


i bought this guitar new in Australia in 1993. serial number is 927599.
normal orientation headstock with saying Professional
Pickups, Hum, single, Hum
Jackson Floyd licensed locking Tremelo
colour White
Bolt on neck
1 x volume know
1 x 5 way switch.
I know its Japanese but can't remember what model. i know it says professional but i kind of remember Dinky's saying that also back then, also can't remember what it is made from.

I have a similar issue

I have a Jackson I bought secondhand in 2002. It is a bolt on. Tobacco burst woodgrain body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard.
The serial number is 926168. ( on neckplate on back of body).
2 x Humbuckers 1 vol, 1 tone, and a 3 way switch.
"Jackson" licensed floyd rose w "takeuchi" inertia plate made in japan.
The word "professional" on headstock.
I'd like to know when it was produced, I have another exactly the same bar from the grain in the wood.
Wherever I check online, I draw a blank on this. Hope someone out there can help. :)

Jackson RR24M

Hey, can you please help me identify my guitar? So I bought this black Jackson RR24M( the M stands for maple fretboard ) from a pawn shop and I was wondering if you guys can if anyone can give me some info about it. So, from what I know these types of guitars were made in the 2008's and are not made anymore. It has one EMG 81 pickup, one volume knob, Floyd Rose FRTO 2000 I guess ( it doesn't say anything about it, just plain Floyd Rose, but that's what I found when I searched for it ), 24 jumbo frets and on the 25 fret I have this code 082481. I bought it for like 400$, and I want to confirm the fact that it was a steal.

Help with my jackson

I recently bought a white jackson on ebay and I was hoping for some help with the date and country the serial number is CWJ1325777. It is left handed, solid white body, black fret board with white shark tooth enlays, the neck is black with Jackson in white. It has a floyd rose and 2 double humbuckers. It has 2 knobs and a 5 way switch.

Thanks for the help

Jackson Serial Number

Can't determine the model, but the number is for 2013 China. Sounds like a JS series, maybe JS32L Dinky?

Can you help me id my Jackson guitar?

I bought is in 2003, the serial number is 9680474. I know it is a dinky with a reverse headstock and it is just a normal shaped body. It has a licensed by Floyd Rose Pats bridge and duncan designed pickups. I payed about 400 for it back then.

Can't determine model with a

Can't determine model with a serial. Sounds like you may have a DX10D or DXMG from 2001-2. Remove the neck and check the date/model stamps in the pocket.

trying to identify my guitar

I have a Jackson guitar and the only numbers I can find on it are on the back on the bottom of the neck plate, they read cwj1331907 can anyone help me

Can't determine model with a

Can't determine model with a serial, but the number indicates China, 2013. Probably a JS series. JS32, JS22 etc.

Help identify


I bought a Jackson neck through soloist. I am trying to find out more about it. It has a 6 digit serial number, 010641. It has seymour duncans. Jackson tremelo licensed by Floyd Rose. Shark fin inlays on the neck. Red/rosewood fret board. The serial number has me stumped as it doesn't correspond to any charts. I appreciate any info you can dig up.

Made in Japan 2001. Could be

Made in Japan 2001. Could be an SL3 (24 frets) or SL4 (22 frets).

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