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Sure, everyone knows about Fender and Gibson, but they aren’t the only people who build guitars.

Alongside names such as Ibanez, Paul Reed Smith, and Taylor, you’ll also find a range of independent and boutique guitar manufacturers and luthiers here.

Wondering what a luthier is?

It’s the traditional name for craftspeople who make and repair stringed instruments, and is derived from the French word ‘lute’.

Although it can apply to people who make other stringed instruments like violins etc., it’s usually used around this neck of the tonewoods to refer to someone who specializes in acoustic guitars.

Also see which guitar brands we rate as the best:
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And which ones are the Oldest (you might be surprised!).

Titlesort iconBrief DescriptionComments
3D-GuitarsNo longer in business10
A Basses Sing: Electric Bass GuitarsAlbey Balgochian's Hand-made electric basses.7
A-Z of top Manufacturerslinks to over 20 top sites970
About Time Designs Swirled guitarsNo longer in business5
Accessories\PartsWooden & Metal Accessories\Parts11
Aceto GuitarsCustom Shop Rebuilds1
Acoustic ArchtopsHandmade Custom Guitars10
admira guitarsManufacturer of spanish guitars86
Adroit Ideasmanufactures custom guitars at used guitar prices5
AdvanceTubeTechtube amplification and MIDI devices for electric guitar2
Alain QuéguinerAcoustic Guitars Maker1
Alex Chase GuitarsNo longer in business6
Alien Alliance Audio SystemsNo longer in business0
Allied Lutherie Ltd.Specializes in salvaged Brazilian rosewood1
Alumisonic Aluminum GuitarsArchtop Aluminum Guitars0
American AcoustechWorld class instruments with an emphasis on performance11
American Guitar Centerhandmade acoustic & jazz guitar combo-amps19
Amistar Fine Resophonic GuitarsResophonic Guitars1
AmpWorx Tube Guitar PreampsNo longer in business70
Andrew White GuitarsHandmade Acoustic Guitars.0
Antonio Morales - Maestro Artesano - Guitar MakerAntonio Morales - Maestro Artesano - Guitar Maker6
Antony Dixon guitar makerClassical & steel string guitars6
Armadillo GuitarCustom Guitar Knobs & More0
ArrenbieguitarsHandcrafted guitars in Belgium0
Art GuitarDecorative enhancements of guitars1
Ash CustomworksCustom electric guitars, handmade in New Zealand.1
Aslin Dane Guitar CompanyNo longer in business28
Aspe GuitarsDutch guitars4
Audio BrainAt Audio Brain we buy and sell new and used musical equipment. We also make our own Kendrix brand of hand made effects pedals.3
Augustino LoPrinzi Guitarsfine classic guitar designed and made in the US by its premiere individual maker113
AW Custom GuitarsCustom guitars and basses, handcrafted by Andrew Wright from the finest exotic hardwoods available.0
AweSome Musical InstrumentsUpgrades for all electric guitar and bass1
Axestraps Vintage Reproduction Guitar StrapsNo longer in business0
Ayers GuitarsHand Made Solid Timber Luthiers Product0
B. Hefner CompanyFender Replacement bodies and Necks6
Barkwood GuitarsNo longer in business1
Bassart GuitarsCustom Guitar Finishes.0
BassLab GuitarsBassLab Guitars and Basses0
Beartrax Tap GuitarsNo longer in business2
Becker's MusicRestoration, customization and repair.2
Bee BassesUnique, handcrafted electric basses1
Belleau Engineering Custom PickguardsNo longer in business171
Beltona resonator instrumentsCatalogue of metal and Composite Bodied resonator instruments2
Benavente GuitarsFine hand-crafted guitars and basses1
Benoit de Bretagnehandmade acoustic guitars, French luthier2
Benoit GuitarsNo longer in business1
Berketa GuitarsBERKETA GUITARS Australian maker of fine -- Jazz archtops, Acoustics and Electric Guitars0
Berkowitz Guitars 6 and 12 string jumbo-bodied instruments, short and long-scaled baritone guitars14
Bertoncini Guitar WorksBertoncini Guitars are truly "Custom Made" Guitars. I build them one at a time, by hand, in my small shop in Tacoma, WA1
Beyond The TreesUnusual custom guitars by Fred Carlson, including the Sympitar and the Dreadnautilus guitar.1
Billy Stuart GuitarsNo longer in business2
Birdsong Guitars - Home of The Cortobass!Tools of creation from the Texas "Hill Country."0
Black Rose GuitarsAustralia based luither0
Blackdog Guitars - good quality low priceGuitar Manufacturer of acoustic, electric & bass guitars1
Blade GuitarsElectric Guitars and Basses41
Bluemoon Bottleneck CompanyNo longer in business0
Bob GramannExquisite handmade guitars1
Bourgeois GuitarsMakers of Fine Acoustic Guitars1
Bravewood GuitarsCustom guitars, vintage replica guitars, guitar parts supply new and pre-aged1
Breedlove Guitar Co.Homepage for Breedlove Guitar Co.8
Brian Cohen, Maker and DealerFine Classical guitars , maker, dealer3
Brian Moore Custom Guitarshigh end custom guitar manufacturer5
Brian Robinson MusicNo longer in business0
Briggs Guitars USAHome of Briggs Guitars1
Brook GuitarsQuality Hand-made British Guitars0
Buck Curran GuitarsHandbuilt Steel String Acoustic Guitars1
Bull GuitarsNo longer in business2
Bunker GuitarsNew Technology American Made Guitars, Touch Guitars and Basses plus guitar accessories5
Bunker Guitars and BassesCutting edge patented new ideas for guitar and bass players who want the ultimate in tone and quality of sound1
Burns USANo longer in business4
CA GuitarsHigh-quality, American-made composite acoustic guitars and bass guitars.0
Candelas GuitarsMakers of Classical Guitars0
Carella GuitarsGuitars and electric Basses/UEB ,pickups and effects for guitar.0
Cariboo Musical InstrumentsHanbdcrafted acoustic and resophonic guitars0
Carter Steel GuitarsPedal Steel Guitar Manufacturer selling direct to the public worldwide. LOTS of educational information about pedal steel guitars.6
Carvin GuitarsGuitar, Bass, and Amp Makers.77
Castle Guitar WorksNo longer in business8
Celestine GuitarCelestine Guitar is no longer in business0
Chabot GuitarsQuality hand made Classical guitars146
Chantus MusicNo longer in business0
Chellee GuitarsHandmade unique custom instruments0
Chicago Guitar CompanyNo longer in business8
Chris Larkin Custom Guitars hand in IrelandmadeModel info, pictures, descriptions and pricing info relating to Chris Larkin's custom instrumnets.3
Christian Druery GuitarsBeautiful handmade NZ inspired acoustic guitars0
Classic GuitarManufacturer and wholesalers of solid top Classic Guitars9
CNTarasi GuitarsNo longer in business0
Compulsive AudioMakes quality boutique guitar effects pedals.0
Crescent Moon Custom Guitars and BassesNo longer in business4
Cross GuitarsWebsite Inactive1
Crossley GuitarsFine Hand Made Custom Guitars.0
Cruise Audio SystemsNo longer in business3
Curly Koa Guitar WoodKoa and other Woods for Guitar Making23
Daisy RockGuitars Made With Girls In Mind!2
Dalmedo GuitarsHandcrafted Guitars By Tito Dalmedo0
Dan DubowskiNo longer in business0
Dan WagnerNo longer in business1
Danche GuitarsJazz Guitars1
DanelectroOfficial Danelectro Site161
Daniel TurnerExotic custom-made flamenco guitars0
Daniel TurnerOnline collection of Spanish-style guitars by Daniel Turner.2
Dave King Handmade GuitarsTraditional handmade acoustic guitars by Dave King25
Dave Maize Acoustic Guitarshandbuilt acoustic guitars and basses18
David Taylor GuitarsHandmade Fingerstyle Guitars.1
Davidson InstrumentsQuality Stringed Instruments1
Deakon Roads Guitarsnorth american guitars under $1000.001
DeCava GuitarsIndividually-crafted, custom-designed guitars.4
Degennaro Custom GuitarsNo longer in business0
Desmond GuitarsHandmade concert classical and flamenco guitars handmade by Robert B. Desmond0
Devries Custom GuitarsAustralian luthier.7
Diamond AmplificationGuitar amplification manafacturer.0
Diquattro GuitarsCustom made guitars and guitar repairs in Melbourne, Australia.0
Dirk Janssen Guitar and lute buildingDirk Janssen creates instruments with a soul0
Dmitry Zhevlakovrosettemaker and guitarmaker1
Dragon CasesCustom flight case design and manufacture1
Drum ShieldsDrum Shields for that Drummer.0
DS custom guitarsGuitars,basses, mandolins8
Duvoisin & CoDuvoisin & Co, Swiss manufacturers of electric guitars and basses, Made in Switzerland 0
EarCandyThe most advanced cabinet maker in cosmetics and tone, True cabinet Innovation.0
Eastman GuitarsMaker of handcrafted guitars and mandolins3
Echeverria GuitarsNo longer in business0
eclectic guitars by designNo longer in business6
Eduardo Alan Moreno MooreChilean luthier2
Eduardo Franco VivasEduardo Franco vivas is a guitar mafer of venezuelan he building fine classical guitar4
EffectrodeCustom tube effects and pedals.2
ElectroKraft PickupsNo longer in business2
Ellsberry Archtop GuitarsMaker of fine acoustic and electric archtops.0
ENGL ampsAll tube amp gear17
English maker of fine classical guitarsConcert guitars, flamencos, 19th century guitars, requintos and 8 string13
Ergo Fine GuitarsHand-crafted perfomance instruments since 19680
Eric C. Brown Custom GuitarsCustom vintage guitars15
Erlewine GuitarsExceptional custom guitars & Repairs11
ESP Guitar Company, IncOfficial Website887
Everwood GuitarsAcoustic guitar builder.0
Exotic GuitarsAcoustically advanced sculptured guitars8
Falk GuitarsBuilding guitars, mandolins and recently dulcimers.0
Famous Guitar Maker Internet World HQregional list of electric and acoustic luthiers45
Farnell ultra-lite guitarselectric guitas & basses that is evironmental friendly and superior tonality0
FenderOfficial Website31
Freiheit GuitarsNo longer in business13
Fret-King GuitarsNew range of electric guitars7
Fretlight GuitarHome of the Fretlight Guitar0
Frey GuitarsNo longer in business19
Frudua GuitarsCustom electric guitars and basses0
G Weigert Handmade GuitarsOriginal Guitars and Mandolins made in E2
G.S.Wyllie guitars and pedalsNo longer in business5
Gadow Custom GuitarsHandcrafted custom electric guitars and basses0
Gander GuitarsUnique design handmade solid body electric guitars0
Garnet AmplifiersA tribute to Canada's Tube Tone Legacy36
Gecko GuitarsNo longer in business2
Gemini PickupsBritish maker of pickups including 2, 3 andd 6 sound Humbuckers.0
GemWoodEast Indian Rosewood, Mahogany Guitar Parts2
GeorgeBoards Lap Steel Guitars For The StarsMaker of Lap Steel Guitars and Instructional DVDs5
Gerald Sheppard GuitarsElegant handcrafted acoustic guitars for fingerstyle guitarists build by Gerald Sheppard.4
German GuitarsCustom acoustic archtop guitars1
GianniniClassical, Acoustic, and Electric Guitars and Basses103
GibsonOfficial Website209
Giffin GuitarsPremium quality custom hand built guitars and basses7
GIGmate Tool Kit and String OrganizerThe Ultimate Tool Kit and String Organizer for guitarists6
Giles GuitarsManufacturer of professional quality electric guitars.10
Gilet GuitarsAustralian Based Maker of Acoustic Guitars0
Gitaarbouw Chris Van HeddegemBelgian luthier, hand-made classical guitars0
Godin/Seagull GuitarsGuitar Makers128
Gothic Custom GuitarsInalys, Custom Graphics10
graciaguitarGuitar maker from 1955. I was the only luthier in charge of ANTIGUA CASA NU18
Granary GuitarsClassical Guitars Exhibition1
GREEN MatampMatamp Pro Audio0
Gregory Furan LutherieClassical and Acoustic Guitars0
Gretsch GuitarsOfficial Website561
Griffin GuitarsIndividually crafted Guitars1
Grizzly GuitarsCustom relic guitars and guitar repairs0
Grosh GuitarsCustom made electric guitars.0
Grover Allman Guitar PicksThe finest quality printed guitar picks in the world.0
GSR GuitarsVisual Guitar Customisation10
Guitar Doctor Custom ShopDesign and build custom guitars.0
Guitar E.RAll types of guitar repair, acoustic & electric20
Guitar Parts USALOW COST Guitar Parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!215
Guitar Repairs UKAcoustic Guitars and Repairs.0
Guitar Stands For Multiple GuitarsI build and sell hardwood guitar stands that allow you to haveeasy access to all your guitars!1
Guitarras Hermanos CondeMakers of the finest hand-made CLASSICAL and FLAMENCO GUITARS12
GuitarreriaFlamenco and classica guitarmaker from GRANADA,SPAIN8
guitarres campsSpanish classic guitar manufacturer9
Guitars by LeoThe G&L Tribute Page4
Guitars Cavalie Guitars Cavalie is a French guitar company with their own guitar building concept0
Gus GuitarsRetro-modern carbon fibre composite and aluminium instruments.2
Hardway Custom GuitarsNo longer in business0
Harrison Custom GuitarsHandcarfted custom electric guitars0
Harry JoyceHand-built, all-valve amps made in the USA3
Haywire Custom Guitars Inc.Haywire Custom Guitars has developed an 8-point "Gig-Ready guitar process that ensures all Haywire guitars are ready to rock from day one. 1
HEART-ART hand made guitarsthe more higest quality in the instruments.3
Hemp Musical InstrumentsHemp Guitars very strong light weight1
Henneken ArchtopsNo longer in business2
Herda GuitarsHandmade professional acoustic guitars0
Heubner Guitarsconcert guitars1
High Desert Guitar WorksWe build custom acoustic guitars and mandolins using wood binding and quality norhtwest tonewoods.0
Hill Guitar Company Maker of fine concert quality classical guitars for over 25 years.17
Hufschmid guitarsSwiss made guitars1
Hunter Guitars Inc.Hunter, World Class Guitars9
Ibanez GuitarsOfficial Website545
Ironstone PickupsThis is the website of Ironstone Pickups - a Vintage Guitar Pickups Specialist based in Rutland, England.0
Italia GuitarItalia Guitars - sixties Italian-inspired retro guitars, featuring pearloid sparkle and plastic, designed and created by Trevor Wilkinson19
Italia StrapsGuitar and Bass Strap Manufacturer3
J Design Speaker CabinetsGuitar Speakers2
J. White Guitar WorkshopsHand-made guitars & mandolins, repairs & setups4
J.S. Bogdanovich GuitarsJ.S. Bogdanovich Guitars offer handcrafted concert classical guitars, guitar making classes, and a line of guitar making kits.1
Jaén GuitarsMaker of Archtop Guitars1
James Lister - Handbuilt Classical GuitarsFine classical guitars hadn built in Newark, England (UK)2
jaydee custom guitarshand made custom basses and guitars - england5
Jeff Kemp - Classical Guitar MakerConcert Classical Guitars handmade by Jeff Kemp since 19827
Jeffrey Earle T. Custom GuitarsCustom Built basses and Guitars2
Jeremy Locke Classical GuitarsNo longer in business3
Jeroen HilhorstMaker of Classical Concert Guitars0
Jim Dyson GuitarsHandmade electric guitars12
Jimmi Wingert Inlay and DesignProviding custom hand-cut inlay to guitar makers and others0
Jinatune GuitarshopThis is the site of jinatune, a guitar repair person in Thailand.3
JJ GuitarsUK Manufacturer of Electric Guitars0
Joe Barden Pickupshomepage of manufacturer21
Joe Till GuitarsThis site showcases fine handmade guitars with original designs by Joe Till Guitars in California0
Joe's GuitarsElectric guitars and Basses handmade in the USA. We have our own line of 6 and 7 string guitars and 4 string basses.0
John Birch GuitarsInstrument Makers1
Johnston Resources, LLCMaker of custom audio stereo speaker cabinets2
JR McClellan GuitarsHandmade instruments built for the Musician0
JUNGLE GUITARShandmade guitars for sale and guitar buiding school in Goa India1
JW Murphy GuitarsMakes Hollow and Semi-Hollow Body guitars0
K&K Sound SystemsPickups and microphones for acoustic guitars, basses and many other instruments1
Kathy Wingert GuitarsFine hand-built acoustics0
Kavanagh Custom GuitarsHigh-quality, hand-made custom guitars from the UK2
Keeley ElectronicsGuitar effects, and modifications0
Kelachandra Veneer IndustriesRosewood, ebony Guitar parts from India400
Kellaway Classical GuitarsClassical Guitars Handmade by Australian Dan Kellaway.0
Kent Armstrong Rewinds (UK)Guitar pickup repairs, pickup maker, custom pickups, pickup repairs, custom wound pickups61
Kevin Chilcott LuthierRoyal & Chilcott Custom Guitars6
Kimex Trading Company Ltd.Supplier of electric and acoustic guitars and amps,accessories for OEM. Kix and Kimberley brand guitars.89
Kingslight GuitarsJohn Kingslight handcrafts custom acoustic guitars in Portage, Michigan1
Kinman Guitar ElectrixChris Kinman, Australian Guitar Pickup innovator1
Knuckle Guitar WorksNo longer in business1
Kochel GuitarsRoots guitars made from reclaimed materials from Montana0
Kragenbrink GuitarsNo longer in business0
Kritz GuitarsNo longer in business1
Lane Poor Music CompanyProfessional Bass Guitar Pickups59
Langcaster electric guitarsNo hum & 35000 year old wood8
Langcaster Noiceless guitars35000 year old swamp root and Kinman No hummm pickups or with the Sutainiac Stealth sustainer0
Lapdancer Guitars U.S.A.Custom Lap Steels and Tele/Strat conversion necks and tone bars2
Larry Robinson, Fine Custom Inlaysone-of a kind shell inlays on all kinds of guitars14
Laurie Williams GuitarsHand made acoustic instruments0
Lawrence K SmithAustralian guitar maker 7
LEDUC GUITARS & BASSESLife time guaranteed hand made guitars and basses18
Les Guitares SabolovicCarved Archtop Guitars by V. Sabolovic France0
Liberty GuitarsResonator Guitars7
Lichty GuitarsHandcrafted Custom Acoustic Guitars.0
Lieber InstrumentsCustom guitars for some of the Music Industry giants1
Lindsay Wilson GuitarsLindsay Wilson produces hand made electric guitars0
Listerud bassBasses and guitars from Norway1
Little Lanilei Tube Amp33 Watt Monster!8
Longbow GuitarsCustom guitars for Great people4
Loop-MasterHandmade True Bypass, A/B, A/B/C and A/B/Y boxes.0
LupiguitarrasFlamenco and classicals guitars in Santa Fe0
Luthiers CornerGuitar Repair and Restoration.0
Luthiers Mercantile Int'l IncBuild your own Guitar!2
Magnum GuitarsAll Metal Guitars!65
Malden GuitarsNo longer in business0
Mammoth Guitars, LLCCustom Electric Guitars1
Manito Guitarvarious guitar from China supplier14
Manne Guitars (Italy)Fine Italian basses & guitars1
MannMade USAGuitar & Bass Bridges & Hardware - Hand Crafted in the USA33
Marco GuitarsEverything about guitars6
Marcus Guitars & BassesExquisite handmade electric guitars and basses0
Martin GuitarOfficial Website97
Matamp Pro AudioMATAMP Pro Audio Equipment and Valve Amplifiers from UK2
Maton GuitarsAustralia's leading manufacturer of Acoustic and Acoustic / Electric Guitars554
Matthew Mustapick Handmade GuitarsSteel string, nylon string, and baritone guitars.0
Mauel GuitarsNo longer in business0
Maven Peal InstrumentsHigh end guitar amps3
McCormick String InstrumentsMac builds the finest guitars; archtops to Djangos43
McElroy GuitarsMaker of fine hand crafted acoustic guitars0
McKenna GuitarsNo longer in business2
McMillan Guitar WorksHand built relics, new collectibles, teles and Strats.7
MDX Custom GuitarsWelcome to the ultimate custom guitar shop!!9
MDX SoundlabsDwight Maddox: custom guitar maker4
Melville GuitarsAustralian Builder of Individually Hand crafted Guitars0
Menkevich Guitars, Michael Menkevich, LuthierCatalog and info on fine classical guitars13
Mermer GuitarsFine Handcrafted Guitars by Richard Mermer, Jr94
Michael RitchieGuitar maker.0
Mike Turk Guitar PickupsNo longer in business0
Milan Ciz GuitarsCustom build guitars0
Mirabella Guitars & RestorationsHand created instruments of the highest caliber, Restorations of fine stringed instruments, Custom and reproduction parts for vintage instrument.3
MK Pedal Steel GuitarsAll Canadian Steel Guitar maker1
Mo'Jo Labs USA Custom GuitarsNo longer in business13
Modular Electic Guitarinovative new guitar, in all aspects2
Modulus GuitarsModulus Guitars filed for bankruptcy in December of 2013.0
Moerch GuitarsHome of Danish handcrafted basses and guitars0
Moon Guitarsguitars,mandolins,bouzoukis,mandolas2
Morley PedalsWah Pedals and Accessories2
Mr. Roadie & Roadie Stuffmanufacturers of guitar equipment and accessories for artists and touring musicians. See where road equipment really comes from!1
Musical instrumentsstringed musical instruments21
Musicians and Instrument Makers Foruman interactive forum for the discussion of musical instrument design, construction, and repair262
MusicvoxManufactures electric guitars and basses with vintage and flamboyant designs0
Mutt GuitarsNo longer in business1
MythFX Effects PedalsHandmade in the USA Effects Pedals0
National Reso-Phonic GuitarsThe finest resonator guitars in the world!26
Neely Custom GuitarsA Complete Custom Guitars Shop in Los Angeles1
Noggin Rockers- Personal Practice Guitar Amplifier Noggin Rockers - The GREEN Practice Amp that runs without electricity or batteries!0
Northern Tonewood CompanyHarvester & Seller of Tonewood, Woods for Musical Instruments. seasoned/air dried hand-split tonewoods, Spruce & other species.1
Novax custom guitarsLuthier building 7-string guitars0
O.C. Duff PickupsBeautiful Handwound Pickups for Modern Guitarists and Vintage Purists at Player Prices0
O.C.Bear Custom GuitarsHand Built custom guitars0
Oakwood InstrumentsFine hand made guitars and other fretted instruments1
Octopus Woodworks TonewoodCypress back and sides-european boxwood3
Okumura Acoustic GuitarsCustom built guitars from London, UK1
Old Town GuitarsNo longer in business18
Owen Electronics Guitar and Bass Effects PedalsHand-built British made guitar and bass effects pedals0
Oyster River Tone WoodsMusical instrument woods2
Ozark InstrumentNew design acoustic electric solidbody guitars and acoustic pickup systems.1
Palette AmpsHandmade, Custom-Built Amps.1
Parker GuitarsSuperior Guitar Craftsmanship13
Patrick Eggle GuitarsHandcrafted English guitars52
Paul Reed Smith GuitarsOfficial Website161
Paul Waters - LuthierArchtop Guitars, Flat Top Guitars, Mandolin, Lutes and Viola de Gamba0
PeaveyOfficial Website4
PedalDocCompany specializing in selling kits to modify some of the best known pedals in the market.0
Pedalmaster Steel GuitarsNo longer in business5
pedaltrain.comguitar effects pedalboard0
Pederson Custom GuitarsFormely Abyss Guitar Company 4
Peekamoose Custom GuitarsCustom Instruments, Repairs, and Plek Service.0
Pendragon Stringed Instrumentsdesign and build quality handmade acoustic and electric 4
Philip J. Colonnas Guitar / Bass Bodies and partsCustom guitar and bass body manufacturing10
Pickard AcousticsHandbuilt acoustic guitars and other musical instruments.0
Pickfactory Custom Guitar PicksSupplier of custom printed guitar picks13
Picks and StonesPicks and Stones0
PickupmakersHandmade pickups1
Pierrick Brua Guitar luthieryFine handmade guitars1
Pimentel & Sons Guitar MakersCustom guitars building since 1951 of all styles, Music instruction to all age groups, entertainment for all occassions, tours...1
PorchBoard Basslow end self-accompaniment rhythm instrument1
Prochazka Custom GuitarsHandmade guitars.1
Radicic GuitarsHand-made classical, electric, country-western & flamenco guitars2
RainsongOfficial Website9
Ramirez Guitars hand made quality from SpainHand made quality guitars from Spain12
Raritan Bay Guitar RepairA full service Repair Shop11
RazemarkThe Revolutionary Dimensional Fret Marking System. Razemark is a bump. 'A raised mark'. One that compliments the two dimensional dots on your fret board so that you can feel where you are on the neck of your guitar without having to look.6
Real McCoy CustomWah-wah pedal maker2
Reith GuitarsFine Custom Guitars, EMG and Seymour Duncan Reseller0
Rhinehart GuitarsCustom hand-made, high-quality electric guitars.0
Ric McCurdy Guitarsarchtop guitar builder3
Rich DiCarlo GuitarsGuitar Maker in The Spanish Tradition0
RickenbackerOfficial Website10
Rizzolo GuitarsArchtop and acoustic guitar maker0
Robert GuitarsMikhail Robert maker of classical, short-scale guitars custom madefor players with smaller hands.1
Robertson GuitarsHandbuilt custom steelstring 6 and 7 string acoustic guitars2
Rocky Mountain SlidesThe worlds first and only hand crafted Hybrid Guitar Slide.0
Rohan Lowe Maker of Fine GuitarsEnglish maker, classical and flamenco guitars0
RS GuitarsCustom Brian May Red Special style guitars.2
RS GuitarworksCustom guitars and refinishing0
Ruokangas guitarsOriginal design Premium quality handcrafted electrics by finnish luthier Juha Ruokangas. Lots of pics.2
Ryder GuitarsNo longer in business0
S3 GuitarsNo longer in business0
Sadowsky Guitars Ltd.New York's Premier Guitarmaker1
Sagitarius GuitarsHandmade Arch-top Jazz Guitars.0
Santa Cruz GuitarsOfficial Website1
Sawchyn GuitarsFine Handmade Guitars and Mandolins3
Schaefer GuitarsFine Custom-built Archtop Guitars3
Schaller online catalogNo longer in business56
ScoGo GuitarsHand Made Custom Built Electric Guitars0
Scorpion GuitarsNo longer in business4
Sentell PickupsElectric guitar pickup rewinding, manufacturing, and custom made pickups.4
Shark InlayCustom inlay on Guitars and Basses.0
Sheldon Schwartz, Hand-crafted guitarsModels, prices and a great inlay gallery.2
Shelley D. Park GuitarsGuitars built in the tradition of Mario Maccaferri and the Selmer Company of France2
Sheppard GuitarsManufacturer of Fingerstyle Flat Tops0
Siegmund Guitars & Amplifiershandcarved Archtop, Resophonic & Solidbody Guitars & Tube Amplifiers0
Sinan Rifat GuitarsNo longer in business0
Smicz AmplificationBattery powered amplifiers2
Smith Family MusicMakers of the famous Melobar Guitar2
Sonica Music HomepageAffordable Instruments of all kinds auctioned on eBay6
Source AudioSource Audio is a Boston based guitar and bass effects company.0
South Jersey Guitar Repairwww.southjerseyguitarrepair.com9
South Mountain WoodworksHandmade solid wood guitar stands0
Sovereign GuitarsHand Crafted Electric Guitars12
sovereign guitars ltdnew british manufacturer of electric guitars1
Specimen ProductsCustom Guitars and Tube Amplifiers1
Spirit GuitarsManufacturing since 1990.1
Spruce Hill Aluminum GuitarsNo longer in business3
Stambaugh DesignsCustom Built Guitars and Basses6
Stephen Holst Guitarscustom archtop guitars0
STHAC GuitarsHand-made and handcrafted electric guitars and basses. Custom Shop Services. (USA)1
Stoneman GuitarsAmerican Handmade Guitars and Bass Guitars8
Stonewood Precision GuitarsManufacturers of custom guitar to customer specifications.5
Storm Guitar LabGuitars and Basses From Italy4
stratmann-gitarrencustom workshop, repairs, pickups, wood1
Stroup GuitarsHandcarved Archtops ideal for jazz, blues, folk etc.0
Studio 46Hand Crafted solid wood Acoustic Guitars0
Surdo PickupsThis is the website of Surdo handmade pickups.1
Tacoma Guitar Co.Fine acoustic guitars, basses, and mandolins made in the Great Northwest1
Terje Mentyjærvi. LuthierHandmade guitars. Repair shop.0
The CreameryCustom Guitars & Scatterwound pickups handcrafted in Manchester, UK.1
The Dan Armstrong homepage - guitars and effectsNo longer in business446
The Guitar SpecialistGuitar Repair and Restoration16
The Les Paul HomepageAll about Les Paul guitars694
The Savannah Guitar CompanyAcoustic instruments individually handmade.1
The Shergold Guitars HomepageThe definitive guide to these classic 70s British guitars, bassesand double necks161
The Story of the Ashbory BassThe history of the Ashbory as told by its designer1
The Ultimate Guitar Repair ShopCustom building high end electric and acoustic guitars and doing major and minor repair and custom work in the northern Illinois area for over 25 years full time19
TheAirtightGarageCustom made guitar amplifiers0
Thomas Corbishley GuitarsHigh quality handmade guitars.0
Thomas Lloyd GuitarsAustralian Custom Built Guitars0
Thomas Prisloe GuitarsCustom concert classical guitars hand crafted by Thomas Prisloe0
Thomastik-Infeld Strings for Guitar & BassThomastik-Infeld, tradition meets technology: Handemade strings for Guitar & Bass18
Till GuitarsHandmade Semi-Hollow Setneck Guitars2
Timm GuitarsNo longer in business5
Timtone Custom GuitarsFine Custom Electric Guitars2
Tom Bills Custom GuitarsHandmade archtop guitars, acoustic guitars, and nylon string guitars by Lutheir Tom Bills0
Tom Short's Handmade PickupsNo longer in business0
ToneSmith guitarsHand crafted unique guitars0
Tonewood SupplierSpruce topd for stringed musicl instruments for all kind6
Tony Duggan-Smith GuitarsFine Archtop and Flat Top Guitar Maker.0
Traphagen Guitarsclassical/flamenco/jazz,maker0
Travis BeanTravis Bean '98 guitars & basses159
Tremblett ArchtopsQuality Handmade Archtop Guitars.0
Trevor Sewmple GuitarsGuitar maker1
Tune Bass ManiacManufacturer of active bass.34
Turrentine GuitarsHandmade Classical Guitars by Zebulon Turrentine0
Tym custom Mosrite guitarsCustom made guitars and effects pedals80
U.S. Masters Guitar WorksHigh Performance U.S. Made Electric Guitars and Basses1
U.S. Masters Guitar WorksPremium American made guitars and basses with innovative features at impressively low prices.8
USA Custom GuitarsExperienced builders of custom electric guitar bodies and necks. Replacement parts too! Wholesale/OEM/Retail pricing available.7
Valkyrie GuitarsValkyrie Guitars is a family owned and operated business, all guitars are made in Texas, USA.1
Vicente CarrilloGuitarras0
VintiqueHandmade totally vintage Telecaster reproductions, exclusive stainless steel bridges and custom hardware.1
Virtual Guitar GalleryGuide to custom guitars and basses from different countries: photos, specifications, makers' contact info. Free classified ads.20
Vogel GuitarsFine guitars made in Quito, Ecuador.1
Volbrecht Guitarscustom classical acoustic and electric guitar builder4
Wafer Custom GuitarsNo longer in business0
Warmoth Guitar Products, Inc.Custom Guitar bodies, Pickguards and necks19
Washburn GuitarsOfficial Website19
Wayne Guitars by Wayne CharvelA new line of electrics by the world famous guitar maker.8
WB Custom Guitar PickupsHand Wound Custom Guitar Pickups2
Wilkat GuitarsNo longer in business0
Wings GuitarsHandcrafted, acoustic and electric guitars. Made in North America.3
Woolson SoundcraftHand crafted acoustic guitars0
YamahaOfficial Website809
Zachary GuyFretted instrument construction & repair1
Zero Impact GuitarsHand Made Custom Eco-Friendly Guitars.0
Zeryab GuitarsShow case for Guitar builder Main Mahd.1
Zion GuitarsOfficial Website1
Zolla GuitarsCustom handmade guitars, basses, necks and bodies8
Zon GuitarsOfficial Website0

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