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Until the late 1930's the Australian guitar manufacturing industry was virtually non existent and good quality guitars were hard to find. The best guitars, it was well understood, came from the U.S.A. Bill May, a Melbourne born jazz musician, woodwork teacher, and luthier, decided to change all that...

Maton are Australia's leading manufacturer of Acoustic and Acoustic / Electric Guitars. We pride ourselves on making the best guitars possible at a price musicians can afford! Please take some time to view our range of superbly handcrafted Guitars, Accessories and Custom Options.

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Maton classical, nylon string guitar

Hi, has anyone got one of these for sale please?

Maton C30 price.

How much do you reckon it's worth? I have a C30 original I bought in 1967. I had $500+ upgrade work done on it by a Sydney luthier. New keys, refret, repair to the fingernail dings in the fretboard, action adjustment. Nothing done to the few scratchers and small dings here and there. Would have diminished it's character. Has been played to death. Great tone. Just interested in the value of what I have. Have original Stamford made guitar case but store guitar in a new case purchased last year. Bought from Laurie Marvin's guitar shop Hurstville in 1967. My second guitar. Chopped first one up for firewood. Bought that one at Palings at Christmas in 1965 for $19. It was a real el cheapo steel string finger slicer. Couldn't play it without going to hospital afterwards.

Maton 1963 C30

Hi is anyone interested in a Maton C30 Serial number 282. It is well played so I am open to offers, but dont be ridiculous. Peter 0437882916

Maton C30

I am interested! Can you send photos and price expectation? This model was my first guitar, I bought it from a guy off Trading Post for $30, saved like mad to get it, and loved the sound.

Maton K10

Hi all,

An older relative has a Maton K10 that he purchased around 1960. He's kept it well but doesn't need it any longer.

Does anyone know how much it would sell for? And if so, the best place to sell it?



Maton 1991 acoustic electric wildcat

I have a black maton WSG/6 - Wildcat Acoustic electric 6 String. It has a moulded back and there are apparently only 78 made. Does anyone know anything about this guitar at all or how much it might be worth. Serial number says 066 (1191)
Any info would be great thanks.

Maton MS524 or MS500 manual/pick up select explanation

Was after some sort of formal diagram explaining how the pickups operate as I've given my daughter a guitar and want her to fully understand what does what. Haven't come across any leaflet/release from Maton themselves and have searched high and low online. Cheers

Maton Sapphire SG 124

Does anyone know the value of a Maton Sapphire SG 124 - 11/79?

Maton SG124

Hey I know this is from nearly a year ago but I have the same model. Looking to sell - did you get any replies?

Maton Baroque bass c.1973 for sale

Based in Melbourne. May sell if the price is right.

Maton Colonial 1977 - Selling - Valuer where/how can find one?

Anyone with any further info on this guitar? Seems rare, haven't found another searching online.

It has numbers and all but appears a batch of files hiding in Maton so finding hard to get all specs

Beautiful sound, everyone who hears or plays it comments so. Lovely neck, fits my smaller female hand perfectly, not too wide across fretboard or neck too chunky, love it, but health one reason for letting go!

Anyway if anyone can let me know of guitar valuer or the lie, please help. I'm south of Newcastle, but anywhere is fine.


Maton Folk 150 12 string

I have just re-strung my Maton Folk 150 12 string guitar and the action is as good as ever.

The serial number is 237 so looks quite rare.
It is for sale if anyone would like to see some photo's

Many thanks

Maton C-15 for sale (could be 1974 date)

I have a Maton C-15 for sale. Serial no. 131 out of 352 manufactured, so probably one of those made in 1974. (The Maton site doesn't divide them by year.)

Don't be put off by the price - it's an attention-grabbing device.

It's not in great condition - ass a young backpacker, I took it around the world with me in 1979/80 - but I can't find evidence that one has been sold before.

Maton c50

I’m looking for a Maton C50 guitar to buy
Does anyone know of one for sale?

Maton C50

I have one for sale. 1976 vintage.
The Duck

Maton Mayfair

Still for sale? Paul 0410646076

Maton C50

Hi Paul,
I have a Maton C50 that might be for sale.
I am the second owner. 1979 vintage.
Situated in Brisbane

Maton C 50

Anyone know the age of a Maton C 50, number inside is 383, and value

Maton C50

I have a Maton C 50 .... they were made in 1988 - and I believe there were only about 700 made. I have #372!! It's still gorgeous and so easy to play.

maton c 50 for sale

did you buy that guitar?

Maton Classical

Anyone got a Maton Classical?
Cosmetic condition unimportant!
I’m looking to buy one ..

Maton C50

Hi Benny.
Are you still looking for a C50? I have a 1975 S/N 556 276 in excellent condition for sale.

maton c 50 for sale

can you tell me what you are looking for.
we should have a c-50 coming in next month.
once we cave it in the shop and check it out, it will be for sale.
if there is work to do on it, it will be available in december.
thanks, alan

Maton C50 and slimline sapphire

Gday it’s been a while but did you sell you Maton C50 Classical?

maton c-50

did you find a guitar?
going through it now and setting it up for sale next week.

maton c 50 for sale

i will have one for sale next month once we get it in and go through it.
drop me a line and i will keep you informed.

Guitar strings

Hi Maton owners,
I have a Maton HG 100 flat top. Can anyone tell me what are the best strings to use on it.

Thank you' John

Maton FG150 1971

I have a Maton FG150 made in 1971. 12 String Acoustic in Excellant as new condition. I am wondering what it's value is? Thanks. T.

Maton El Toro guitar

Anyone know of a Left Handed Maton ElToro for sale?
It would probably be mine and I would love to buy it.

Maton Starline

Hi. I have a Maton Starline EG90 in very good condition. It plays beautifully for such an old treasure. I did see an earlier post that they were worth around $1500. Is this correct. I have researched through the Maton Archives that it was manufactured in 1962 and 44 of them were made. Is this an acurate valuation? They were quite an expensive guitar in their day and given the new model is around 8 grand I would have thought that they were worth a lot more. Thanks. Dean

Maton C50

Hello fellow aficionados.

I have a 1972 Maton C50. I have played it all over the place. The tuners were replaced 25 years ago with gold plated Grovers. There is a slight bridge repair which was done in the Kinman factory years ago. It is in really good condition but as I have played it often and in many pubs and bbqs it has "patina". Genuine patina, not put on by an angle grinder and sandpaper. Does anyone have an idea of the value? It rings like a bell.

Maton C30

Hi , still looking for a mint/excellent original condition maton C30 classical guitar call me/ txt me anytime 04174918204

Maton acoustic 100 western country serial no 805

Can anyone tell me anything about this particle guitar as it needs some work and was wondering if it's worth doing up


Hi Everyone, I have an old C30 that needs a little work. Any thoughts on value? It is probably around 1966 -67.
Cheers Rusty 0418345575

Wanted to buy - Maton Fyrbyrd/flamingo

Hi people. MAYBE someone on this page has a Flamingo or Fyrbyrd for sale? Just asking. Cheers Edge. 0409608518.

Cherry Red Maton "Performer"


I'm looking to sell my Maton guitar. It's model number is: EBG808CLG. Serial number: 1307 (07/06) Cherry Red Gloss

Hi Ruby. Can I have some

Hi Ruby. Can I have some more info about the Maton please. I am interested in buying. Either email or ring on 0409608518. Cheers! Edge

1963 Maton Alver

Hey now. I have a 1963 Maton Alver in quite good condition. I live in the U.S. and happened upon this guitar while spending a few years in Australia.
I can't seem to find any info on it. How many were made, how many exist, value, and maybe even rarity in the States? I just wanna know what I've got.
Thanks if you read or respond. Cheers.

Maton MGB4 Bass

I have a vintage Maton MGB4 bass for sale in original hard case all exceptional condition.
Make me an offer.

What year was the MG made?

What year was the MG made?

Anybody got a Maton EG 240

Anybody got a Maton EG 240 supreme for sale 0439941784

My Other Maton

I forgot to mention that I have another Maton Electric Guitar.It is black and white with Hi/Low or Hi Fi/Lo Fi on the pickup selector.I also use this guitar onstage and in the studio.I will contact you in regards to the details and serial number of this beautiful MATON ELECTRIC GUITAR.It also has a coil tap switch and is a versatile and wonderful instrument.THANKYOU AGAIN MATON GUITARS,THE WORLD'S BEST.I also intend to use my picture of my EG 240 Supreme Electric Guitar,Red,Serial number 1623 to post to VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE,to which I am a subscriber.THANKYOU,Regards,MARK RYAN
[email protected]

maton C30 classical

hi i am still looking for a mint,/ excellent condition maton C30 classical only original condition, no train wrecks, call me murray 0417491820

Maton Messiah

Hi there

I am looking for a acoustic Maton Messiah Guitar in the Cairns area for my client. He wants to try it out before buying the guitar, could you please assist me?

ID and value of Maton 109

What is the value of a 1962 Maton acoustic model: Country Western 109?


Model: Country Western 100

I got this guitar...

Its a 12 string electric solid body maton with tremolo .I bought it in 1979 from a Tasmanian guy who said it was used in the Jesus Christ Superstar stage show. The body is a blonde colour with a black plate that the three lots of pickups is on it has three chrome with black slider switches and three pot switches... as you can see I play sax :/ It has a maton plate at the base of the neck. Any ideas anyone???? WHat is it? Is it worth anything?

Maton guitar

Hey mate.

Please reply if you still have the maton.

Keen to chat.

Admin: Removed phone number for safety reasons

Maton HG25 No. 115

My mother died recently and I have her acoustic vintage guitar with case for sale. It is a Maton HG.25 No. 115 manufactured between 1950-52. Only 53 were made. It was manufactured from solid Spruce face, solid Queensland Maple back and sides, she was sole owner. It's condition is middling, photos available. I would like to know its value and if anyone is interested, please send me an email.

Maton HG25

Hi Carol, I am genuinely interested in the Maton HG25 guitar. Please contact me on 0413 339 946 thanks Mark

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