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Until the late 1930's the Australian guitar manufacturing industry was virtually non existent and good quality guitars were hard to find. The best guitars, it was well understood, came from the U.S.A. Bill May, a Melbourne born jazz musician, woodwork teacher, and luthier, decided to change all that...

Maton are Australia's leading manufacturer of Acoustic and Acoustic / Electric Guitars. We pride ourselves on making the best guitars possible at a price musicians can afford! Please take some time to view our range of superbly handcrafted Guitars, Accessories and Custom Options.

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Hey mate do you still have the starline for sale?

please email me on [email protected] or call or sms on 041 229 6413.




Hey Ross,

Value is a sliding scale based upon how original a guitar is... condition... weather it has original case and its condition too...

I think a starline in average to good condition should fetch around $1500... as the condition increases I would say a "museum grade" example could fetch $3500 or there abouts if it is truly mint with original case and original documentation from purchase...

Id love to see pics...

my email is [email protected]



maton F 11

Hi i have a old Maton F 11 serial 1313 (273)
It in pretty good condition, with only a couple of very minor dents on it, any idea what it might be worth.
ANy information appreciated.

maton C25

hi still in the market for a maton C25 classical in good nick not rough, any body out there please contact me or txt me on 0417491820 regards murray


there is one at swop shop right now :)


F10 MATON 1969

Hi there,

I have a 1969 Maton nylon string guitar. Is is in really good condition and sounds great. I am wondering how much it would be worth. Can someone please give me an idea. Thanks

1969 Maton nylon

Do you still have it?
If so, how much do you want for it?

F10 MATON 1969

In regard's to F10 MATON 1969
A nylon string guitar is not a great seller,id have to say i play Guitar and am a Collector of Maton Guitar's,and that would be one model would not look
at buying,Now when you say really good condition what do you really mean by that ? Why i am asking is i see time and time again people selling Old style Maton's on-line with photo's and they will say its in same condition as what you have just said and the have put quite a big price on it and looking at photo's they will have dings in guitar marked all over and quite used..Now if your Guitar is in prestige mint condition rarely used your going to make a big packet of money,people seem to think because a guitar is old im going to make money on it...wrong dead wrong unless your guitar is in great condtion overall and the finish is in mint condition in other words like new to look at...your not going to make the high end money...but after all that is said and done, i would have to look at the guitar or you should have photo's up mate to consider a value to your guitar not knowing the condition can't value.hope that helps a little

Maton F10

Hello there!
I am a musician of piano, keyboard and wind instrument ilk, but know NOWT about String Instruments. I have a 1969 Maton F10, and wish to sell it to collectors/muso's, as I cannot play it, and would rather an instrument live (toucha my flute and I breaka your hands!) than lie idle with me. Its a maton. Owned by my ex wifes father, who was a guitar teacher. Its in good nick, tonality is great, but have not done anything to clean it up/bring it up to date. Bar minor scratches, would like to sell, at a fair price. What should I do? Many thanks in advance,

1971 Maton classical acoustic

Im looking at selling but am unsure on its value. 0499649988. Cheers

1971 Maton Classical acoustic

Hi Rachael,

Can you please provide a few more details about your guitar. Specifically which classical guitar is it (e.g. F10, C25, C30, C50) and also what sort of condition is it in. Also where is the guitar located (in Australia or abroad?).



Hi yes its a C.25, In Tasmania Australia, Nylon. Well used, scratched. Lovely tone. Cheers

Hi Rachael, Thanks for

Hi Rachael,

Thanks for confirming the model number.

I owned a C25 which I bought new about 20 years ago for $1295. And when I say new, I literally picked it up from the Maton factory (which at the time was in Bayswater). I sold it 5 years later for $900 as I desperately needed money. It was (and still is) the biggest regret of my life as there was something very special about that C25 guitar. Still can't look back.

Mine was in perfect condition (no scratches and no dings) and included the original Maton Hard case. Given that you say yours is scratched, I would think that it would be worth less than what I sold mine for. The other thing is that there are good imports these days (e.g. Katoh and La Patrie) that are excellent guitars and sell new for less than $700. Check out websites like the acoustic centre.

Perhaps you can try listing in on eBay (or similar) with a buy it now of $900 and a starting bid of $700 to see how you go? If you don't get any bites you'll know you've started too high. The one thing you have on your side is that Maton Stopped making the C25 a long time ago (can't remember when but I think it was at least 10 years ago) so yours is very much a collector's item.

Good luck.



Thanks so much Paul, I really appreciate your help. I had really under valued it! I just advertised it for $550. I will edit that immediately. Cheers again
From Rach

c25 1971 Maton Nylon acoustic

Hi Paul
I to am desperate for money as I am a struggling student and I need alot of materials for school. If anyone is interested please make me an offer, as all offers will be considered. Photos available on gumtree. My phone number is 0499649988. Cheers Again Paul

c25 1971 Maton Nylon acoustic

Hi Paul
I to am desperate for money as I am a struggling student and I need alot of materials for school. If anyone is interested please make me an offer, as all offers will be considered. Photos available on gumtree. My phone number is 0499649988. Cheers Again Paul

Maton F11 1971

I have an old Maton acoustic, 1971 Maton F11 Serial No:774 (771) Any idea what it's worth? Has a few scratches and chips.

Maton F11

Hey Mate,

The F11 was a budget guitar... depending on condition it would only be worth between $100 - $400...

Shoot me an email if you like on [email protected]



Any idea about value of an old Maton?

Hello Folks

I have an older 1950's Maton. It's an F-hole F240 C/A Supreme serial 1207.

Any ideas?



Hey mate,

The F240 was a mid range guitar for maton... I would be keen to see some pics and I could give you a more acurate evaluation of it...

my email is [email protected]


Deliberate Undervaluing of Matons

I have read through all the posts here and what is painfully obvious is just how much some serious collectors want to rip off unsuspecting owners of old Matons, BEWARE! these guys know exactly how much these guitars are worth but instead you get the little snide comments of "I'd be interested in buying it" or "How much do you want for it?" which frankly disgusts me. IF you have an old Maton and you seriously want to know it's value then have it valued by an accredited valuer.Otherwise you are going to fall prey to these rip off artists "posing" as someone willing to "help" you here. and as for the people actually doing this to unsuspecting people looking for some help....You should be ashamed of yourself and to the moderator of this thread...UNLESS the person replying to the thread is actually answering the question posed, then the reply should not be allowed and these people should be protected from these sharks! get your act together!!!

Maton appraisals

My thoughts exactly - get your guitar valued by someone who doesn't collect but actions them to said.... they cannot be trusted in this process

68 Maton wedgetail

Hi I have a 68 wedge tail with the bigsby, I need to get it insured, can anyone let me know a market value?


Hey mate,

If you could send me pics of the Wedgtail I could give you a valuation

My email is [email protected] or my number is 041 229 6413.

Look forward to hearing from you



Hey mate,

Wondering if you found out what you needed re the Maton Wedgtail?

Shoot me an email please to [email protected]



Hey mate,

If you email me serial number and some pics I can give you a valuation on what I would believe the insurance value is...

There are several variations on the Wedgtail and values vary greatly depending which it is

my email is [email protected]



Values of matons

You are right I am infact one of the honest people... I have given a shit load of info to people by doing research on serial numbers and using my contacts at maton directly to find out manufacture dates and also where things were originally sold too...

It goes both ways though my friend... sometimes people tell people something is worth a shit load more than it truly is... for example I had a guy believing that a maton f10 classical was a priceless gem worth thousands of dollars when in fact it was worth not much at all... maybe $50 - $100 cause it was seriously stuffed and falling apart...

unfortunately someone had this person convinced it was a rare and collectible guitar...

I do ask people if they are selling their guitars and I do ask them what they want.. if they ask me what it is worth i give them an honest answer with an honest value to me as a collector to buy this particular guitar...

I personally own 37 matons in my collection and I have paid alot for some of them and others I have found as bargains...

People like yourself have to be careful too that you dont give people a false representation of worth from the other extent ie over valuing guitars...This is what a certain person in sydney who shall remain nameless due to his recent receivership status and all his customers that now have lost $805,000 worth of consignment vintage guitars... I am sure if you are knowledgable you know EXACTLY who I am talking about!

You seem like a person who sold something and then was told it was worth more or realised it was... and that my friend would be your own fault for not spending the time to research before selling...

I could be wrong but be warned that you can destroy a guitars value by over stating them just as much as understating their value....

At the same time I have never seen a post on here actually offering a person a price for something as I think that would go against the forums intentions...


Good COmment

Thanks for that warning and comment. Timely given my last post

Maton eg 240 year?

i have recently bought a Maton supreme eg 240 and i am looking to find out what year it is, the serial number is 1263 and i am geussing from other guitars on the internet that it is around 1958-1960. if anyone knows how to determine this it would be great :)

Supreme Date

I can look into this for you as I have a way of finding out through a contact at maton :)

Shoot me an email at [email protected]

I will ask the question and get back to you once you send me the email...

I can possibly find out the store it was sold too as well :)


Maton C45 serial number 131 - Stolen

I had my house broken into and my grandfathers Maton C45 guitar stolen. I have the serial number of this guitar - 131. It is in its original case with a purple felt lining.

I would very much appreciate it if anyone sees this guitar if they could please get in touch with me or the Police at the Palmyra Police Department in Western Australia.

This is a family heirloom, we desperately want this guitar back. No questions asked on its return.

Looking for Maton Ibis machine head winders

Hi all I am looking for 6 (need at least 3) head winders (think thats what they are called) for my wifes Maton Ibis, it was passed to her from her now deceased dad and I want to do it up.
Our research indicates its a 64 model possibly 66 the links below show the guitar as well as the pieces I'm after.

Any help is much appreciated.

Machine heads

Hi, how did you go finding machine heads? They look the same as my Capri. I have been looking everywhere for a couple of these (plastic part). I have contacted Maton several times about this and a tone pot for an old wildcat, but they have never answered any of my inquiries.


Hey mate,

Would you consider selling the ibis?

Also what is the serial number on the back of hte headstock please...


041 229 6413

I am pretty sure this has

I am pretty sure this has now become a family heirloom and the wife wouldn't let me sell it if I wanted to, nice to know its wanted though.

Its hard to make our the serial number but I believe its 287

Maton C45 classiacl guitar

I have a 1971 Maton C45 and was wondering how much it is worth, could anyone give me an idea on value. It is in good condition.

maton c45 1972

hi, i bought my maton from someone on this site, its in mint condition, and i paid 1000 for it, and i think the owner wanted more, but we were able to compromise, they are rare and very collectable if in good nick and also fantastic to play, all the best murray

maton c45 value

old Maton Guitar

I have a Mayfair Grande, serial No A173. I am not sure how old it is, can anyone tell me its age and its value?

maton mayfair

I had a blonde one of these guitars and would like to get another one. Is yours for sale? Paul

Maton Guitar

Hi Poddyodd

I am considering selling the guitar. I don't have a price yet. I live in NZ and am away from my residence for about 2 weeks. If you are interested I can send some photos when I am back home.



maton mayfair

thanks for your reply. Yes please to the photos. Paul

Maton Mayfair Grande


I too have one of these. Mine is A273, and it is from around 1950. As for value, no idea, but I these are currently very rare. I won't sell mine (I've had it for 40 years, and it is still a wonderful player, so I've never really tried to research the value). I did write to Maton about it a while back, and they informed me that it is a solid wood, hand-carved, tap tuned top, which places it in the top end of archtop guitars. If yours has a De-Armond "Big chief" pickup with it, I know a guy in England who recently paid £500 (GBP) for the pickup alone!


Hey, were are you based? Interested in the guitar


based in merrylands nsw


I have a very old maton acoustic guitar i dont know what model but it is a small guitar dark brown in color
It needs restoration, any ideas of value?


Just thought you guys would be interested in a very rare Maton, just copy and paste the link into your address bar:

Maton F10

Can anyone help me i have owned this guitar since 1970 and would like to know more about it(eg value)
Serial No.-1463(669)?


Send me a copy of a photo and the neck and I will identify it for you

Looking for a Maton Starline

Been playing Gretsch for years and want to get a Maton Starline for some Rockabilly stuff.

Please email me at jules (at)



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