Re: Maton Capitol F hole, what year made?

Posted by Ian on Fri, 05/03/02 - 12:16:44.

: I've been looking at a Maton Capitol F hole guitar, the glue in the neck has failed. The size of the guitar and construction is very similar to a Hofner Congress model, the glue at the base of the neck which attaches it to the body has failed in the same way as your typical Hofner increasing the action to about 3/8 inch.
: What year did Maton make the Capitol, will they ever be worth anything or is it just a "cheapie" like the Hofner congress?

Peter, I have a Maton capitol (bought in a junk shop for $100). Insideone of the f-holes is a sticker with the year of manufacture. Mine is 1968. It's a tobacco sunburst finish and the glue has failed in the same spot. I use it for slide guitar and it has a great warm sound, totally different from a dobro or a dreadnought. Did you buy the one you were looking at ? I'd like to hear how it turned out. A young bloke visiting my house told me that he used to work for Maton and he was really impressed when he saw the thing on the stand. he reckons they are worth "a bit" whatecver that means.

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1960's Maton Capitol k.10. any offers??

hey guys,beutiful guitar made in 1960 only 400 of them as far as l know..the best condition ever u wouldnt believe it never been touched.sounds awesome and electric,what kind of price would l be looking could any one tell me???thanks

Maton Capitol K10

Rhino, I've had a similar one in top condition since 1987 and overpaid $800 (with a $300 trade-in).
They are rare-ish, especially the ones with a convex soundboard, trapeze tail pieces and floating bridges.
Mine has a pick up with volume and tone pots, tortoise shell pick guard etc., I recall a while back it being described
by the Maton guru Neville as a bit of a franken guitar, made of left over models towards the end of the K10 line.

I'm also interested in getting a price for it: if you've ever heard the Cruel Sea live you'll know what kind of tone these guitars
are capable of, and the amount of feedback you need to suppress too! I played mine through a 1970 Twin Reverb.

I'm guessing you might get a dealer's price of around $700-800 today as they'll need to retail it at $1,200+ to make it worth their while.
Happy to be corrected..

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