maton mastersound bass(semi acoustic)

Posted by rob on Sat, 03/17/01 - 11:43:12.
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i owned a sound master bass had "f"holes two pickups a red finnish over fretted woodgrain white beading around the edge and a crome bridge cover the base of the body was set on an angle the head had soundmaster bass with the maton logo and was very large making the body appear small the bass player from beast of burboune(tex perkins)had agreen one this bass has the best killer sound ever fender shmender rickenbacker cricketbat i need to know what type of bass this was and where i can get another one please help

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Re: maton mastersound bass(semi acoustic)

i got one. best bass in the world. maton mastersound.

Maton Mastersound bass(semi acoustic)

I`ve got one, red also. still gig with it. I`ve had it about 33 years. I`ve never seen one the Maton web site & was never sure how many existed, mine is the only one I`ve ever seen. I`m currently waiting on replies from emails I`ve sent to Maton company for info on this model(what year it was made ect) If anyone else has any info would be much appreciated.

Maton Mastersound bass(semi acoustic)

I also forgot to add that it still has the original label inside in perfect condition with the numbers done by typewriter. Model- 1100 Serial No. 303


i want to learn about guitars. do you know any good guitar sites?

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