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Learning to read music

Newby on the guitar. Not particularly good, but get really frustarted because I can't read music. What is the best way to learn. Any good recommendations on software.

Cheers Ian

Re: Learning to read music

I am sorta new on the guitar also...although ive went pretty far with equipment i am still learning to read music..i dont suggest software...i suggest lessons

Framus SB49

Someone want to sell me a Framus SB49 but i believe the price is too high.Can you tell me the value!

Strat Pickguard


I'm modifying my old, but extremely good Ibanez guitar. I want the sound of a Strat, and the playability of my Ibanez.

I bought 3 vintage low noise single coils as replacement for my old pickups, whish were 2 single and 1 Humbucker. Of cause I needed a new pickguard as well, but an original Strat pickguard would not fit my Ibanez, so I bought a rectangular pickguard, and now I’m about to cut the shape and the holes for the pickups. The shape is not the problem, but placing the pickups exactly on the right spot I find very difficult. Does anybody know where I can find measurements or a 1:1 blueprint of an original Fender Stratocaster pickguard.

Best Regards


Christian Contemporary / Rock Band Seeking Lead Vocals

Hey Y'all, I'm looking for a lead vocalist for my Christian Contemporary / Rock Band.
We're a great sounding band with five members currently, including 2 guitarists, bassist, keyboard, and a drummer. Our sets include Up-beat praise tunes as well as original music.

We're non-profit oriented, and our goal is to perform outreach concerts. We have put on one concert and currently four of us regularly play as members of The Lighthouse Church worship band on DellMoor Loop Rd.

We enjoy rockin' out and praisin' God! So if you think you'd like to find out more, give me a call or email me!

Music Style(s): Christian, Rock

Location: Seaside, OR 97138
Name: Terry Bush <[email protected]>
Phone: 503-738-0936

Old Höfner from 1967

I recently bought a 12-stringed acoustic Höfner from 1967. It's in fairly good shape. what I wonder is if anyone know what this guitar could be worth?

how much is my old guitar worth?

i have a GUILD guitar that i bought in 1959.
how much is it worth?

We'd like to help you, so what is the model #?

: i have a GUILD guitar that i bought in 1959.
: how much is it worth?

Re: how much is my old guitar worth?

I assume it's an acoustic. Do you have the model number ?

Re: how much is my old guitar worth?

it is a hollow body electric, and i cannot find any
model number. it has two pickups.
william l. brown

Re: how much is my old guitar worth?

I have a 1957 gretsch bannana yellow hollowbody. Like the Monkeys used. Mint condition.

powe chip upgrade to older Nitefly

Can anyone tell me what I will have to do to install a Fishman smart jack and power chip in an olkder Nitefly?

Tokai 2001 Limited Edition Les Paul Love Rock for Sale!

I have a mint, immaculate Tokai Love Rock Les Paul Cherry Sunburst Flametop for sale...Asking $400.00. Email for details also email [email protected]

Boss BR-8 drummer??

I have a new BR-8 and can record my bass and guitar but can't figure out how to record the drum machine.I can hear it during recording but cannot hear it during playback.What am I doing wrong.


Re: Boss BR-8 drummer??

Hey Jerry,
I just purchased my BR-8 and am trying to figure out how to hear the drum track on playback. Have you figured it out yet? Let me know if you do. This little box has so many features it is incredible.

el-acoust. guitar (nylon)

I'm still looking for an Acoustic-electric nylon guitar (with cutaway).


I can buy a second hand Marshall Slash 100 Watt Head. Is this a good amp?


: I can buy a second hand Marshall Slash 100 Watt Head. Is this a good amp?

I happen to think so - but if you like reverb in your amp look elsewhere. I have one, but don't use it much - just takin' care of it. Don't forget to match it up with a cab that contains celestion greenback speakers in it if you want to hear the complete setup. How much are you looking to give for this one? Since they don't make them any more, they all must be somewhat used....I'm not even sure what they're worth these days.


: I can buy a second hand Marshall Slash 100 Watt Head. Is this a good amp?---YES who are u buying it of i want it loldude its a pretty sweet amp


Dear Tommy,
I have reviewed your site and unfortunate circumstances with focal dystonia..It appears that you most likely
have action induced dystonia- dystonia caused by repetitious finger movement. I am a nurse at Columbia
with dystonia and have just established a new patient advocacy group called Care4Dystonia in NYC.
I myself have dystonia but I still work in critical care
despite abnormal movements..Currently I get treated with the new toxin..
Botox has been beneficial in musician induced dystonia.
We have one specific MD who primarily deals with musicians with focal dystonia.
He is a musician as well- the Julliard Scholl in NYC..
I am interested in helping you get the right treatment.
Please email me via our new www.care4dystonia website..
I would love to hear from you. Dystonia is at times difficult to live..
especially on a daily basis..
best wishes,
[email protected]

helping out with musicians and dystonia

Would any of the on line guitarist-musicians be willing to
come together and "jam' in a benefit concert to help those with focal dystonia as in Tommy's case..
If so, please contact us
Your help would make a big empower many with focal dystonia as well as musicians with the disorder as it is very common..Learn more about on our site...


PLEASE ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡




check this:


C I R C U I T - Great band

Listen to Circuit at

Influenced by Tool, Circuit does their own thing.

Re: C I R C U I T - Great band

The band circuit dosent exist anymore. And the homepage is down. But maybe we will be back, who knows? But for now Im studying so singing is put on the side.

Goya G125

Bought my guitar around 1980. Even though it's been used quite a bit, the body is in excellent condition as I've taken good care of it. Can anyone give me any info on value of it? Also, any history of Goya guitars would be appreciated. Thanks so much, Ellen

Re: Goya G125


Lots of info on Goya Guitars

A free guitar teaching newsletter


I write a free monthly teaching newsletter that visually examines

theoretical concepts for guitar. Anyone can sign up to receive it and

the sole focus is to help guitarists make connections to become

better guitar players.

There is no cost, you can cancel anytime, and it is loaded with

graphics, flash and gif animations, chords and scale diagrams. You

can ask questions, chime in with your opinion and join a community of

guitarists that are actively improving. We also have a very strict

privacy policy.

If you are trying to expand your knowledge base and understand the

guitar, you will find valuable answers here. Everyone who subscribes

immediately gets all the back issues too (over 50 pages). This

newsletter focuses only on teaching and it is FREE.

You can check out the October 2000 edition without signing up at the

page listed below. The next edition will be published on the 15th of

the month.

This month we will look at seventh triads and how they cascade across

and down the fretboard. Also we will examine the blues scale and key


Thanks, I hope this helps.

Tim Gillespie

What's up with this "BIG MUFF"?

Is the 'Big Muff' Fuzz-pedal really worth buying? Please, does any of u guys have one? Please tell me about it, I don't want to spend so much money on a pedal if its crap.

Re: What's up with this "BIG MUFF"?

dear samir,

the 'big muff' is a real fuzz pedal. it has a very tense, thick, but also muddy and searing tone. it's similar to the sound of the main themes of "satisfaction" or "spirit in the sky".
i have a demo on my homepage at
with the sologuitar through my big muff.

another great record with a big muff on is danny toan - big foot. he uses a big muff all the time.

in the most cases, it's not recommendable for rhythm work, but if You're into mudhoney, it'll be great!


Re: What's up with this "BIG MUFF"?

O-ya, if you want some FAT fuzz, big muff is awsome, its very enjoyable with powercords too

Re: What's up with this "BIG MUFF"?

What's up with Danny Toan? I had an album of his called "First Serve" back in the late 80's I would like to hear it again. Anyone know where I can purchase it from?

Danny Toan

Still looking? It is not available on CD. Write to me via email. I have a copy that was made from the vinyl.

Re: What's up with this "BIG MUFF"?

The big muff is a bad dude. You can blow up cheap amps with it. If your looking for the most unbridalled out of control distortion the BM is for you. Ipersonally found it to be just to much. compression might help.

Re: What's up with this "BIG MUFF"?


Wanna be in a punk rock band?

I'm a 15 years old guitarist and I'm lookin' for someone who plays bass in the Montreal area..would like to form a punk rock band like blink 182 or sum 41

Starting a Rock/Alternative/Punk band. Want in?

Hey If you like such bands as At the Drive In, Rage Against The Machine, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. Then we gotta hook up. I'm a 17 year old student looking for a drummer.

Re: Starting a Rock/Alternative/Punk band. Want in?

hey, im a drummer.. i got a best friend thats a bassist and he can play guitar as well... we r looking for a band too.. but where r u located?
give me an email back at [email protected] so i dont have to keep chekcing this site

Re: Wanna be in a punk rock band?

: I'm a 15 years old guitarist and I'm lookin' for someone who plays bass in the Montreal area..would like to form a punk rock band like blink 182 or sum 41

I wanna start a punk rock band

Me and 3 friends are starting a punk rock band but we have no money for the equipment and we need some help on how to start a band anything to help will be fine!!!

Tricia lead singer & Becki other lead singer!!!

How much is it worth?

I received a Sigma DM-4CV guitar about 5 years ago I cannot find anything about it, not even a price. I'v seen DM-4 around but never a DM-4CV, serial #:60315002

It's an acoustic. Any info would be great. Thanks.

Re: How much is it worth?

A DM-4CV will range downward from $400 depending upon age & condition. 5 years old, in good condition, I would say about $275. Sigma is a division of CF Martin, the guitars are assembled overseas, with finishing and inspection done by Martin.

Re: How much is it worth?

I purchased a new DM-4CV in 1990. I paid 319.99 plus tax.

case for Ibanez AR250

The Ibanez AR 250, a LesPaul-type double cutaway guitar, usually comes without a guitar case, so that is why I'll need one. My local Ibanez dealer told me, though, that it won't fit into those inexpensive standard cases for LesPaul-type guitars. Is that true, and does anybody know the dimensions of the body?

Re: case for Ibanez AR250

Try these ones:
You'll find GATOR cases on

tips to be a great guitar????

someone please tellin' me, cause iam twenty and got good for playing guitar,,,is there any time for me for having gigs with guitar,,,,

tell me the way please,,,,

how to tune a 12 string guitar

HI Can anyone out there help me out I'm trying to tune a 12 string I just got. But I just cannot figure it out.
Thanks Cec

how to tune a 12 string guitar

HI Can anyone out there help me out I'm trying to tune a 12 string I just got. But I just cannot figure it out.
Thanks Cec

Re: how to tune a 12 string guitar

Tune it as you would a six string. The smaller/thinner strings should be tuned to an octave, or twelve notes higher than the thick/normal string. You do know how to tune a six, right?

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