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Advise me on buying a pickup

I own an old SG Gibson, and I want to change its old pickup for a new one, which I can get a better distortion sound of it. I also want the Gibson originality, therefore I don't want a seymor dunckun and stuff. Tell me what fits best for me. Thanx

Re: Advise me on buying a pickup

I would get the Gibson 498T or 490R humbucker. This is what they currently use for their Les Paul series. Very hot and fat, I have the Les Paul Studio and it rocks, it has those pickups.


Anybody that can help me find out any information on this Guitar I recently aquired would be really nice.
I have a Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul Guitar. The serial #'s don't seem to match anything I have found yet. They are located on the back of the body on the neck Bracket. It says "Handcrafted by Epiphone The Epiphone Company Nashville Tenn. USA." then under that the #'s are stamped, and they are "S5101396"
How do I find out the year and if there is anything special about it? What it's worth?


Write Gibson's consumer affairs department. If you go to, and follow link to contact them, you can explain what you have done here, and they will give you all the info you. I did this and they were very helpful. Good luck.


have a squire affinity tele,think ishould get ameican fender tele?

Re: telecaster

No question about it, American Deluxe Telecaster, one of the best guitars ever made. Clean crisp single coil twang. Some of the best songs/artist recorded with this guitar (Stairway to Heaven), Bruce Springstien, Pete Townsend, Keith Richards.....

Band members wanted!

I'm looking for some band members around the age of 13-15 etc if you play guitar and are interested in being in a band contact me at

Re: Band members wanted!

I am not interested, however, you may want to include your geographic location, it may help.

Re: Band members wanted!

Hey, I am 15 and looking for a band to play in. I play guitar and I have 2 guitars, and 2 amps to use. Im in the Dalles Ft.Worth area. If you are in my area E-mail me at
P.S. I do have skill.

Re: Band members wanted!

I have a lot of songs written i the styles of rock, alternative, punk, metal, hard rock etc.
Influences: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Hole, Rage Against The Machine.
For sale.

Re: Band members wanted!

Hey I'm 14 years old, I play guitar and I'm a female. Influences are Black Label Society, Nirvana, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Alice In Chains, Staind..just to name a few. I have a bunch of lryics written. I'm in the Chicago area.

Re: Band members wanted!

Hello my name is Adam and im a drummer of 2 years and im 17 years old and looking for some people to form a band with.
My favorite bands are The Ramones and Kiss, but im open to just about every kind of music except rap, hiphop is good also. you can e-mail me with any questions or if you just wnna get to know me first I live in the Round Rock Texas area.

Re: Band members wanted!

Hello my name is Adam and im a drummer of 2 years and im 17 years old and looking for some people to form a band with.
My favorite bands are The Ramones and Kiss, but im open to just about every kind of music except rap, hiphop is good also. you can e-mail me with any questions or if you just wanna get to know me first I live in the Round Rock Texas area.

Re: Band members wanted!

Im 15 and I play lead guitar in Leed/s Bradford area. ]
Good Luck.



Re: Band members wanted!

: I'm looking for some band members around the age of 13-15 etc if you play guitar and are interested in being in a band contact me at Huge Dave Matthews Band fan, John Mayer, crap load of otha influence...Guitarist of a few years, lookin for members to start band in Sprinfield, VA/ Northern VA area.

Re: Band members wanted!

Guitarist, playing for 7 yrs.

sound example of electric guitar

First of all excuse me for my bad english. My situation is that i have an cheap electric guitar (Strat Copy). If i surf through the internet i will find words like "twangy", "Strat Quack" or "hollow", describing the sound of an electric Guitar (modified Stratocaster). Can you give me sound examples (e.g. popular songs) which can be attached to the words above.


DigiTech RP200

Is it possible to get a *New DigiTech RP200 as low as $125.99? My family is having a shortage of money and i need lower prices for things.

Re: DigiTech RP200

: Is it possible to get a *New DigiTech RP200 as low as $125.99? My family is having a shortage of money and i need lower prices for things.

I just bought one today for 139.99. Almost everybody is willing to go 149.99.

Re: DigiTech RP200

: : Is it possible to get a *New DigiTech RP200 as low as $125.99? My family is having a shortage of money and i need lower prices for things.

: well, I bought mine on Jan 3, 2001 and paid $129.99(akron, OH) and i successfully recorded one full size album with it ( virgin label- selling great)- for samples go to
: I just bought one today for 139.99. Almost everybody is willing to go 149.99.

Les Paul GoldTop Serial Number Search

A friend of mine had a nice guitar stolen out of his house and luckily he had the serial number.
"SECOND 80881622"
How can I trace this Les Paul Custom using the serial numbers? What year it is.... and how much it is worth,
in excellent condition?

my les paul

I have a les paul and I dont know what year it is, it's serial number is 91572410. Its sunburst with more red than dark yellow. All of the parts are gold except the knobs used for the amp for volume. If you could help me out on what year my guitar is would be the best help
Dvie Miller


check out this site for endless info on guitar repairs etc,etc this guy knows his stuff,some great links regards b.j kenna australia

Guild finger board action?

Hello all,
I just bought a Guild JF55 via mail. The guitar is beautiful and sounds magnificent but action is a bit higher off the finger board than I had expected. Is this normal for this type of guitar? If not, can it be lowered and if so how do I find a good luthier to do it. These go for around $2000 and I wouldn't want an amature dressing frets or the bridge. Any info concerning this would be greatly appreciated. My Ovation 12 string has better action than this thing.

Re: Guild finger board action?

Hmm.I like Guild stuff.You could lower the saddles yourself without harming the axe.If you take it to an "Axe Tech.",ask him for a gind and polish.This will lower the frets a bit and prevents "tripping" when sliding up the neck.It'll also be easier to tune,since there won't be a lot of space between the fretboard and strings(when pressing).
Good Luck

Free Transposer

<a href="">Click Here</a>

Chords 4 Lefties

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Free TAB paper

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new guitar


im buying a guitar but since its my first id like to have some recommendations

id like to play hardcore punk and a little metal

is there any guitar that i should buy???
if there is a suggestion for an amp id love to have it


Yamaha FG-1500 guitar

I have a rather abused 1972 Yamaha FG 1500 accoustic guitar.
Still very playable. Wondering if it is worth repairing.
Anyone have any history on this great sounding instrument.

Re: Yamaha FG-1500 guitar corrected email

:Gave the wrong email address in the above post. Sorry

Re: Yamaha FG-1500 guitar corrected email

: :Gave the wrong email address in the above post. Sorry


I am japanese.
fg1500 is very poplar in japan.
it is worth repairing!!
If you would sell to me,I will try to repair.
Please mail me!

Thank you!

Re: Yamaha FG-1500 guitar corrected email

: :Gave the wrong email address in the above post. Sorry

hi if you dont want to i will how much do you want for it if you still have it

patches for boss gt 6

patches for boss gt 6

This popular thread has been given its own page : patches for boss gt 6

Fender Foto Flame Stratocaster

Fender Foto Flame Stratocaster

This popular thread has been given its own page : Fender Foto Flame Stratocaster

Vintage Kay for Sale

Mid 60's? Archtop w/one p/u. Works/Sounds great nice sunburst. Faded pickguard, missing logo on headstock. Chipboard case. Budget Jazzbox? Paid $200 5 years ago, $250 OBO. LA area. Email for pics & info. Thanks!

Very Nice Charvel for Sale

Mid 80's Charvel. H/S/S Floyd. Very Dark Green almost Black superfine sparkle. Excellent condition, bound headstock & neck, jumbo shark inlays & large script logo, sounds huge needs a home to shred in. Case is POS, but works. LA area. Very collectible, I am told. Email for pics & info. Thanks!

fast easy honest money

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Re: fast easy honest money

You idiot

Re: slow reading spam/scam, don't bother

Re: fast easy honest money

| Subject: Make Money Now!!!
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1960 Hagström DeLuxe... worth?

I am the owner of a Hagström guitar of model DeLuxe from 1960. I'm wondering how much it could be worth? (It's also said that Elvis P once did own this one)

Re: 1960 Hagström DeLuxe... worth?

: I am the owner of a Hagström guitar of model DeLuxe from 1960. I'm wondering how much it could be worth? (It's also said that Elvis P once did own this one)

Sell me it......i have $$$$$$$$$

Washburn DM2000s, INFO!

Washburn DM2000s, INFO!

This popular thread has been given its own page : Washburn DM2000s, INFO!

Custom '54 or Fat '50

Maybe you guys can help me out with this next question: I have a Fender Strat with an swamp ash body, equiped with Van Zandt Blues pickups. These pickups have way too much middle.

What I'm looking for now is a set of Fender pickups that sound more like the new Fender Time Machines i.c more vintage. My question is: which pickups are more close to the pickups used in the new Fender Time Machines: the Fender Custom 54 or the Faf 50? Maybe there are more alternaitives?

In the meantime, take care

Derringer/Marriott/Gallagher/ Trower book release

Please head over to Steve's Place to read about this great new book being released April 10....GO TO

Bass tremolo

Does any body know of a company that make Bass Tremolo Bridges.

Re: Bass tremolo

: Does any body know of a company that make Bass Tremolo Bridges.

Bassist Randy Coven uses them a lot, so maybe if you visit his site you could ask him. It's

String Skipper

Re: Bass tremolo

hipshot and kahler
i dunno about kahler but you can buy the hipshots off thier site,

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