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Re: Chords of Redeemer by Nicole Mullen

: : I want to have the chords and words in English of redeemer lives by nicole mullen


I need some good pickups, but don't really know which one to get thats at an ok price..


What kind of sound are you going for? What type of music do you play?

korg toneworks AX1G

did anyone find other patches for korg toneworks AX1G?
I would like my guitar to sound a bit like my favorite
in fact as a beginner,any distinctive sounding guitarist.
please could anyone help as it might encourage me to
play a little better.

Volume Control

Epiphone dot335 and a '52 reissue telecaster. Eppy is way louder than the tele. So, when switching from one guitar to the other, I have to seriously readjust the volumes on my Fender Deluxe. Any suggestions on how to avoid or ease this, short of playing two of the same guitar??

Re: Volume Control

I'd suggest a volume pedal. Leave it off for the tele, then when you switch to the Epiphone, turn on the volume pedal with the volume already on a pre-set lower level.

acoustic guitar string tension

I am doing research on acoustic guitar string tension. I understand that for a classical guitar the tension is about 120 pounds pressure on the neck with all six strings which is about 20lbs per string. In terms of acoustic guitar design where and how can the string tension be decreased with out sacrificing tone, volume and performance. I know many guitar builders have made improvements but where did they apply the improvement on the guitar? I would also appreciate if someone could direct me where to look for more information. Thanks, M.M. “Starting a Guitar Revolution on the Central Coast”

Re: acoustic guitar string tension

The pitch of the string is determined by the tension and the mass of the string. Maintaining pitch at a reduced tension would require a reduction in mass as well. This assumes a set string length.

Morris WT 19

I want to know something abaout my guitar!!
Where are the people, who can tell me somthing about it?
greetings Uli

can POD get a fat clean tone?

i have a pod version 2 it sounds great but i can not solve the problem of fat clean tones .mabe there is sombody who know somethink about?

wiring input jack on an old samick bass

I picked up my friends old samick bass guitaar off him. It needs a new input jack and I know next to nothing about wiring a guitar, so this might be a dumb question but... There are 2 wires, but 3 contacts on the input jack. Which wire goes where?

Re: wiring input jack on an old samick bass

I'd just take it to a repair shop.

Help with some basic set up info!

Ok, for all you knowledgable guitar enthusiasts out there that are looking for some neophyte to preach all your know-how to, here's the perfect opportunity.

I'm a hack guitarist, been playing for years, but never in a band until recently. I play both accoustic and electric guitars in the band, but the accoustic I run directly into our 8 channel system, and that isn't an issue for me. Its my electric that I need to learn how to handle. I've got a fender strat deluxe and a small peavey 15 watt amp. For the few gigs we've had so far, I've been plugging into that amp, because I have control over the sound (2 channels, one with pre and post gain for distortion). The problem is it isn't integrated with the rest of our sound system, and also for gigs I don't get the benefit of the monitors. I need to learn how to set up so that I can play through our system and not lose the control or other benefits of playing with my amp. The amp has no output, unfortunately. I use a wah peddle for a couple of tunes, but ideally would like to bypass it when I can. I do have a distortion peddle that I could potentially use instead of my amp, which would give me control over the sound. But then I'm not sure how to link the distortion peddle and the wah and the system. As I said, I'm a neophyte . . .any suggestions for the best way to set up would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Re: Help with some basic set up info!

I'd suggest micing the amp. That'd be the easiest way to do things. Or if you want to run from your distortion pedal then just run a line out from the pedal directly into the soundboard or mixer or whatever you have. There should be an input for a 1/4" jack directly below the input for the mic, or somewhere close to it.

jf guitar setup

i just want to know how John Frusciante sets up his pickups on his strat. please help.

punk and/or rock metal drummer needed

theres three of us already all under 25, a vocals/songwritter/rythm guitar. a rythm semi lead and a basist. we're not great but we're not bad. looking to get better but we're incomplete. we NEED A DRUMMER!!!

Re: punk and/or rock metal drummer needed

: theres three of us already all under 25, a vocals/songwritter/rythm guitar. a rythm semi lead and a basist. we're not great but we're not bad. looking to get better but we're incomplete. we NEED A DRUMMER!!!


If you need a drummer u need me ive been drumming for 5 years im 19 years old and im straight up punk

Can anyone find a fuse for my amp?

I recently blew a fuse in my amp and i can't find any of the following fuses:100W 2A, 115W 2A, 230W 3A. If anyone can find me one or have a spare they are willing to send could you please e-mail me

Re: Can anyone find a fuse for my amp?

Check the company website of the type of amp you have, e-mail them asking where you could buy one if they don't have it listed on the site. You could try a hardware store, but typically their fuses are made to take more power and you could end up blowing your amp for good, or effing up your transistor.

amp settings

Hey is there anyone out there who know's a good amp setting for SYSTEM OF A DOWN, for a Marshall MG-series 100DFX amp

Re: amp settings

First of all, to get a good sound for SOAD, get thicker gauge strings. This way when you tune down to their tunings, your strings won't give as much and your tone will be better. Turn up your gain a lot...obviously. I'd say turn up your bass and medium settings and turn the treble down but not off.

Building a guitar valve amplifier

Hello, I am building a tube amp for a college project and i am looking for some free helpfull web pages to help me out with understanding the whole thing. If you could tell me some it would be really great


I have a boss guitar overdrive pedal, can i use this on my bass aswell? Will that do something to the pedal?


It will sound bad. You'll get a medium range fuzzy distortion.

hantar not lagu klasik

tolong hantar not toge lagu klasik yang tiada seni kata

Re: hantar not lagu klasik

: tolong hantar not toge lagu klasik yang ada seni kata
lhotel california kumpulan eagles

Re: hantar not lagu klasik

dimana saya boleh dapatakan lirik lagu berikut ini: Vivaldi, Famous Concert, Concerti RV558, Conclusion.

hantar not lagu klasik

tolong hantar not toge lagu klasik barat

Zakk Wylde - "Live and Loud"

What is the Les Paul-shaped guitar that Zakk Wylde uses on the "Live and Loud" Ozzy Osbourne video (i.e. the only non-Gibson one)? It has a v-shaped headstock.


vinnie vincent/stryper solo tabs

Does anyone have the tabs to or can tell me where to get Vinnie Vincent Invasion's Boyz Are Gonna Rock and/or Stryper's Surrender? I'm particularly interested in the solos. Thanx

Re: vinnie vincent/stryper solo tabs

: Does anyone have the tabs to or can tell me where to get Vinnie Vincent Invasion's Boyz Are Gonna Rock and/or Stryper's Surrender? I'm particularly interested in the solos. Thanx
: Tony

Bud, I have the Vinnie Vincent guitar book, drop me an email at [email protected] , and I`ll photocopy some of it and post it to you if you want.

Boss GT3

I have used a GT3 for a few years now, and really like it. Recently I started getting some distrotion when playing direct thru a board for live performances. Anyone else have this issue and what did you do to fix it?

Re: Boss GT3

Probably loose wiring or you burnt up the GT3 board. Take it a pro and have them look at it.

acoustic-electric for cheap

i am looking into to getting a good acoustic electric for under 300$. one i was looking at was the applause AE28 can somebody help?

Re: acoustic-electric for cheap

The applause would be a good choice, but I'd go with the AE48 unless you don't like that style.

But my overall choice would be the Takamine EG-240. I've played these guitars and they sound gorgeous. They're not a cutaway though.

or you could try.....

Try the lower end Ibanez models. They're only a tick over the price of the Takamine, and far far better than the Applause. I've seen some of them going for $250, with Fishman electronics, and $350 for a solid top.


Does anyone have any info on Bedrock amps?

Re: Bedrock

It depends on what series you're asking about.

Here's a site to help though.

boss gt6

I recently bought a gt6 but when i play it through my marshall valve combo it sounds crap? if i play it through a cheap transistor amp it's great anyone any ideas? Plus where can i down load some patches from

Re: boss gt6

Are you playing through the clean channel of the marshall or the dirty channel?

Re: boss gt6

ok , du u have a send-return loop for effects then i would recomend that u plugg in y'r GT6 in the return and thus using onely the post ( power) amp in y'r combo

if using it thru standard input u will get a
pre-amp on a pre-amp effekt an i would not recoment that ( cause it sounds shit )

Vox parts

I am looking for vox parts for an older bass. Tuning gears and head stock decals. Any ideas?

Re: Vox parts

Try the Vox website...or ebay.

Bassist needed for a rock band

Me and my friend (i play guitar, he plays drums) lost our bassist recently and need a new one, we also may need a singer as well, we're a rock band and we're in tucson, az (east side). send me an email if you're interested in getting together and collaborating on some ideas. thanks - nick

Re: Bassist needed for a rock band

I'm a rock bassist, playin g in one of slovenia's most successful bands, named Big Foot Mama (I'm one of their composers), I also play with Mojo Hand Blues Band. I'm interested to play and explore music challenges further.
Maybe we could come together.
Contact me, Thanx.

strat copy ??

i would like to find out who made it ? the solid neck has the 54 logo decals look like the orignal. under the plastic white pick guard is a medium size number 2
and under the neck is a 2 also the logo on the neck has pat.#s contour body any feedback would be appreciated

jazz bass pick guard

hey i am looking to get a custom pickguard made. i found a place were i can get it made with the p bass pick uu cut outs.(if anyone has any places they no of let me no) also i cant seem to find a place were i can get a custom control plate made. i want a single hole one, just for a volume and of course the input jck. if anyone has a place they no of please let me no. thanks

hai guest

Tolonglah aku aku sangap nak main gitar,tapi aku tak tau kod ngan lirik lagu..kalau koarang ade kod2 yang best email kat aku....muaaah


Does any one knows what is going on?<a href=><img src= border=0 ALT="Stories"></a>

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