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: Amp setting for which era? Back in the day he used modded Marshall JCM800's but now he uses Mesa Triple and Dual Rectifiers. Usually hes got his bass and treble up and scoops the mids. He also uses EMG81 pickup in the bridge and EMG85 pickup in the neck which helps give him his tone. As far as pedals a Crybaby Wah, and Tubescreamer. If you really want his sound i'd suggest buying a Mesa halfstack, and his custom ESP model guitar (not the LTD version) and then messing around with the settings. Thats the only way to even get close to his tone.

Actually, he also used an ADA mp-1 midi preamp which you can grab off ebay for cheap. Now he uses Rectos, a Mark VI, and triaxis setups.

As far as guitars, his skully special is just a modified ESP M-II. If you don't have the cash, the LTD M-100 has the same specs: Alder body, Maple neck rosewood fretboard, licensed floyd, bolt-on neck, 24 frets. he uses dual emg 81 pickups. He's also used esp and fender strats which can be seen in the ONE video.

Rhythm tone: BASS - 8, MID - 4, HIGH 8, GAIN 7
For the older sound add more gain and remove mids.
Lead tone: step on an EQ pedal with an upside down 'v' shape as so to boost the mids for soloing.
Tube amps will get you closer to his sound, also keep in mind most of their albums have many layers of guitar tracks, panned on both sides. That's the key to the metallica wall o' sound. Oh yeah and don't forget the crutch er i mean wah pedal for soloing. ;)

fender rok pro 1000 and dean cadilac x guitar

just wonder what u guys think of this set up its a fender rok pro 1000 amp with 100 watt head and 300 watt max 4 x 12 cabinet(2 overdrive channels and reverb channel and clean) dean cadillac x guitar,,,korg ax1500g effects processor...not sure much about this stuff i picked it all up for 1000 dollars even guitar waas new got it at cost parents own a music store they r the dean dealer never really hear about them but they make some good shit,also they deal kustom amps they r awsome but nobody gives them a chance i'm buying the 2 x 12 amp with built in effects and amp modelers for 559.00.........they have a full stack with 150 watt head and 2 cabinets with 4 x 12 in each for 1500.00
cheao but sounds mint

What is the best guitar?

What is the best guitar on the market today?

Re: What is the best guitar?

Are you trying to start a fight?

Re: What is the best guitar?

: Are you trying to start a fight?


Can only speak for myself...I'd have to say Gibson Les Paul custom...but its all a matter of opinion...personally taste....feel...etc...

Re: What is the best guitar?

Gloves off.... for the money its a Jap Tokai.

Re: What is the best guitar?

The best guitar is the one that feels good in your hands!
Cosmetics are O.K. and pickups can be changed.But if your left hand doesn't like it,then keep looking for YOUR axe.
I have a 77'Les Paul thats wonderful and a Carvin that I love!
Good Luck

Re: What is the best guitar?

: What is the best guitar on the market today?

So how long is a piece of string?
It's completely individual. If you like it, it feels good, and sounds good, buy it!

Also your feel will change as you get better.
When I first started I hated Strats, cause I found it hard to play them properley, now I love them. So what you like now may not be what you like in 5 years time.

Hope this helps.

i have a matsuoka classic guitar

i have a matsuoka guitar for sale
SN:52927 model :m20
i would like to know its price pleas help me if it is possible. thank you .i can send its pic if it will help any one to know its price.

Strat custom shop

Can anyone tell me what the serial number prefis CN indicates on a custom shop strat?

Re: Strat custom shop

China ?? are you sure its a custom shop?

Looking to buy a Tom Delonge Squier or Fender Strat

Looking to buy a Tom Delonge Squier or Fender Strat

This popular thread has been given its own page : Looking to buy a Tom Delonge Squier or Fender Strat

guild s-90

i wondered what everyone thought of this guitar as i am interested in buying one =D

please let me know by email

[email protected]



YAMAKI Les Paul Custom

I reciently purchased this axe and was wondering if there's any info on them.This thing smokes.Sounds better than any gibson i've ever played.
It also seems heavier.This guitar is a beaut.
If anyone has any info, please forward...

Re: YAMAKI Les Paul Custom
there are a couple on their, they get good reviews, sounds like a nice guitar.

Les Paul - Jackson DXMG

I want a good guitar but i dont want to spend a shit load of money. so heres what i was thinking...i was planning on getting a les paul and replacing the stocks with some EMGs but now i've been looking at this Jackson DXMG. its gotten excellent ratings/reviews, it costs way less, and it comes already equipped with EMGs. i play metal so i think the Jackson may be my best bet...what do you guys think? from you're own point of view.

Re: Les Paul - Jackson DXMG

The Jackson's neck will play faster and probably have the harsher tone that you need for metal. I can't recall which EMG p/u's are in you may yet have to change them out. The Les Paul will will have good tone for metal if you get one with a maple top, otherwise straight mahogony (les paul specials) will just be too warm and mellow. Plus you have tremolo options with the Jackson.

wiring diag

I have a vantage vp795 and cant find wiring diag anywhere need help????

76 twin, early breakup

My 76 twin breaks up at about 3. I think that is way to early. Am I wrong? Tried new tubes and caps but still not as clean as I would like it. Any sudgestions?

Re: 76 twin, early breakup

It sounds like a problem in the preamp section.
Is the master volume turned down??
Also,check the speakers.They should have the blue Jensen sticker on them.If not,then that could be a big problem!
I'd take it to an amp guy and have it checked out.
As we all know,the secret to Twins is that the speaker are very strong.This prevents them from breaking up.

When getting repair,make sure the amp guy uses the SAME GRADE OF PAPER!That's where the tone is.

Hope this helps,


I have a guitar and i dont know what kind it is.It doesnt say a name on it anyware.I would like to find out how much i can sell it for.

Re: guitars

its probably worth about $600, ive seen them go for more but not in your colour.

Re: guitars

no, ive seen those sold for $1,250 at guitar center but there not any good.

Re: guitars

yes but was it in that guys colour?? and also his guitar 'doesnt' have a name on it which makes it a very rare model indeed, and could easily top the £40,000 bracket, boy i'd love to be in his shoes.

Re: guitars

ya who wouldnt want
to be in his kicks?

Troy Stetina Books/Videos

Has anyone else used any of his Intructional books/videos?...i have Metal Lead Guitar volume 1 and it fuckin rocks!...anyone else familiar with his stuff?


I have a Lotus Bass I bought a long time ago and want to put it back together. Does anyone know of a website that lays out schematics for a 2 pot (knobs, controls ie volume and tone - very basic) and 2 pick ups?

Looking for a Fender Jazz Bass Headstcok Decal

I'm trying to acquire a headstock decal for a fender jazz bass guitar. If anyone can help, please e-mail me.

Re: Looking for a Fender Jazz Bass Headstcok Decal

check out , ive seen a guy on their selling all sorts of waterslide transfer decals for fender, just type 'decal' and he will come up, email him and tell him what you want, they usualy go for about £10-£15, $25??

Godin Multiac nylon Duet.

I'm looking for a multiac nylon duet (2002 or before).
Not the "grand concert model".
Later on.

peavey generation exp custom

peavey generation exp custom

This popular thread has been given its own page : peavey generation exp custom

Guitar tuition-Glasgow, Scotland...

Am looking for guitar tuition in Glasgow area, Scotland. Can anyone help me on this one? Cheers.

Re: Guitar tuition-Glasgow, Scotland...

You should check out Stuart Horne, who lives in Eaglesham I believe. He taught me and my son a couple of years ago and he's a genuinely nice bloke with a nice, relaxed manner. He'll basically teach you pretty much anything you want to know, and will go at a pace which suits you. Prices are reasonable too. Well worth getting in touch with him. If you catch him say hi from me - Allan Beattie (from Giffnock, but now live in London). Good luck.

EMG Pickups

Are the supercharged EMGs alot better than normal EMGs...or is there really not a lot of difference?

Randy Rhoads

Did he actually use that Jackson guitar...the one thats like half a flying v?...or does it just have his name on it?

Pricing Gibson Deluxe < 1970

I want to sale my guiter that I was plying with 30 years now. Serial nB is 965749. Who can give me its value on the market or is there any association that can give me answer? Many thanks

Fender Deluxe Double Fat Strat

Fender Deluxe Double Fat Strat for sale

Check Mate Guitar Model # G 235

Does anyone know anything about Check Mate Guitars - found one my neighbor was throwing away and it had a nice Sun Burst top and inlaid Ivory fret board so I thought I'd check it out -
The head stock reads Check mate and it lists itself as a model # 235 (hard to read so may be something close.) Need work but all there and fairly solid. Nice decorated pick guard.


I reckon tableture is for people who are lazy - see my discussion at

Japanese "lawsuit" bass

Japanese "lawsuit" bass

This popular thread has been given its own page : Japanese "lawsuit" bass

Stagg Hollow Body

I just bought a Stagg Hollow Body at the Dallas Guitar Show--I LOVE IT !!!! It's all I play now. My PRS Santana just hangs on the wall.

Re: Stagg Hollow Body

Are you seriously standing by that statement?


This is awarning information. Mastertone Australia, pickup builder for electric guitar is dead.
Nobody is replying anymore there.
Don't order them pickups, as i do, you will just loose your money.


Tony from Mastertone is alive !!! I get in touch with him yesterday. After 3 months of absence and spent almost in hospital, the master of pickups is back ! Be ready to have great pickups on your guitar.


Bullshit its the website is no longer there, and the US distributor has quit carrying them because he never gets any replies, and cannot run a business that way.




umm do you want a red pickguard> or a black one? or what?


CAN SOME ONE PLEASE TELL ME which pickguard out of all of these would fit on a 99' gibson sg stand

CAN SOME ONE PLEASE TELL ME which pickguard out of all of these would fit on a 99' gibson sg standard?? thanky you very much!!!!

Re: CAN SOME ONE PLEASE TELL ME which pickguard out of all of these would fit on a 99' gibson sg s

looks like you'd have to do some measuring on your own SG to make sure its the same fit.

could also try this site

they have some, sometimes have more than is on their website, so might want to call them, or they could make one for you.
or you could buy the plastic material there, and make your own pickguard, if ya want to save megabucks.

these prices on the page youve shown me arent much different than the prices ive seen for actual gibson pickguards at guitar center, to be honest.
if you dont have a guitar center near you, try musicians friend or zzoomsound or ams or something like that.
couldnt hurt to even just ask gibson, they sell their stuff. its not usually too much for that kind of thing.


: CAN SOME ONE PLEASE TELL ME which pickguard out of all of these would fit on a 99' gibson sg standard?? thanky you very much!!!!

Wondering about the quality of Harmony Bass Guitars...

I have noticed that harmony bass guitars are selling quite cheap on ebay and was wondering if they are at reputedly bad or cheap or what? let me know if you know anything

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