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Re: String Gauge change [PLEASE HELP!] :)

If you're used to playing 9's, going to 10's won't be that big a deal. You will have to build up some more strength to bend the strings though. If you are seriously into the big, thick, warm SRV style Blues then you can try 11's. If you aren't and just want some more tone out of your strings stick with the 10's. They are a good gauge (all of my electrics are strung with 10's except for one which has 13's because it is a fretless guitar). You will need to adjust the bridge to accomodate the new gauge of string though and most likely the action as well. Let a trained professional do it. DO NOT attempt to do it yourself unless you know what you are doing, have the proper tools, and have done it successfully before.


Need specs for Sound City 50R by Dallas arbiter

I have a used Sound City 50R and I am trying to find/buy etc. the specs for this head. Any help really appreciated.

Re: Need specs for Sound City 50R by Dallas arbiter

go to discussion board and scroll until you see Sound City.

pat metheny , dreams of the return solo guitar tab

hello to all

I am fron chile and my english is bad but

i try to explain i like

some one have dream of the return guitar solo tab

thanks for all


"be rock not a rol"

Kay acoustic model # 6450

Can anyone tell me what a mid seventies Kay humingbird acoustic is worth?

Re: Kay acoustic model # 6450



I am trying to sell a Seville Bass whats the going rate????

Ibanez RG7321 FOR SALE

brand new, in the box
click link for more info

Yamaha SG 2000 for sale.

Auction and info up at Ebay. Thx...


I'D LIKE TO KNOW SOME BODY WHO GIVE ME ADVAICE TO PLAY GUITARE more and more i play guitre with arabic melody it's wonderful and i like to share that pleager with some ody please send me a message be sur i'll answer to you zine

i am looking for a 70's gibson marauder

hi. i am looking for a 70's gibson marauder. dont really care what year but i would kinda prefer one with toggle swith instead of fader. but hey i will take what i can get. let me know.

Re: i am looking for a 70's gibson marauder

: hi. I have a 1972 Gibson Marauder, natural finish, good condition with hard case, not sure what to add, let me know what info you need, and what price you're willing to pay.

Re: i am looking for a 70's gibson marauder

hey i this sale never went through i might be interested in buying the guitar.

wats the best pedal ever

u heard me punk

Re: wats the best pedal ever

ProCo Turbo Rat.. squeek squeek, can you get one? yes you can.


rat? i thought they made too much feedback

Re: wha?

no feedback, just pure tone, greatest pedal ever made.

i need a band

speed metal , I play fast

i need a band

and I need a jacson V

Re: i need a band

you need to a spelling lesson too.

Re: i need a band

: you need to a spelling lesson too.
And know his guitars!!! There is the metropolitan tanglewood custom. Go to the the guitar site and look it up!! you hav'nt been around guitars much.


take that freakhead!

Guitar finish

Could someone out there please explain to me the difference between Gibson's alpine white and classic white finish. I have looked at their website, but the two colours seem very much alike to me on the monitor screen. Thanks.

TIHAI - Guitar and Indian Classical Music. An Amazing meeting.

Listen to some free samples of this world fusion acoustic music project at:

buying a ax1500g

i have looke around along time and cannot find does any one know were to buy an ax1500g new you information is appreciated
please send all reply's to e-mail

1967 Teisco Del Rey ET-460

I am looking for parts for my 1967 Teisco Del Rey ET-460 I received from my Father-in-Law. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

STRINGS: Nylon versus Steel

Hello, Which strings are better on Accoustical/Classical Guitars? Nylon or Steel. What are the pros and cons of both? Im a beginner and Id really like to know. Any help or advice will be appreciated.

Re: STRINGS: Nylon versus Steel

It is not a matter of which are better, they are two seperate guitars. They are both acoustic guitars, meaning they rely on the acoustic properties of the wood and the body to project sound as opposed to electronics. Classical guitars have nylon or "cat gut" strings, they produce a soft, mellow tone. The necks on these guitars are generally wider to accomodate the classical playing style. Steel string guitars are definitely more popular. They are louder and more verstile for rhythm, fingerstyle, and solo work, and the necks are not as wide as a classical. I would recommend beginning on a steel-string acoustic. It will be easier to learn rhythm and basic strumming patterns, (have you ever tried to play rhythm guitar on a nylon string....not pretty!) Anyway, just my opinion. I hope this helps.


Re: STRINGS: Nylon versus Steel

: Hello, Which strings are better on Accoustical/Classical Guitars? Nylon or Steel. What are the pros and cons of both? Im a beginner and Id really like to know. Any help or advice will be appreciated.

Please don't put steel strings on a classical guitar! Totally different deal.

Help!!! Need Info

I'm searching for information on the Seville brand of guitars. I have an S-32 model and all I know about it is that it was made in Korea. I love this guitar. It is one of the best sounding classicals I've ever played. I've talked to a few other people that have this kind of guitar, yet I've found no one who knows anything about when they were made or where to find any information about them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

recording with an epiphone dot

Just starting out trying to record w/ my dot on an mbox. I've plugged in other solid body electrics that start out with a clearer tone, while my dot that sounds great live seems like it's underwater. Any ideas?

k. yairi W2

Hello i own a k. yairi W2 western guitar from 1983 and have no idea what it´s worth. any body knows???

Fender Strat Tremelo Question

I have recently gone from light to medium strings on my Fender and when I tune the guitar it pulls the tremelo right up so it does not work. I have checked the tuner and it is fine!
What stupidity am I engaged in? Is there a way to increase the tension on the tremelo? I'd like to stay with the heavier guage strings

Re: Fender Strat Tremelo Question

I had the same problem when I used Ernie Ball Heavy Bottom, so I added 2 tension springs to the bridge. Now it's perfectly fine!

Re: Fender Strat Tremelo Question

This happens when you change gauges without adjusting the springs that control the tremolo bridge. The pounds of tension are higher with Medium gauge strings than with Light gauge. You must adjust the springs to the new gauge of string. Let a qualified tech do it for you if you have never done it before. It can be tricky.


Re. Colin James tabs

Does anyone know where to find the guitar tab for "Voodoo thing"?


please help me with any info on cimar accoustic guitar made by ibenez.thankyou

Suject Value

I have a 1959 Fender Jazzmaster - one owner - custom ordered black body with gold trims - original case. I am curious as to the current value of this guitar. Can anyone give me a suggsted price?

Re: Suject Value

ive seen a 62 go for $2000, yours has to be more.


i was wonderin if anyone knows the years that harmony made the h-802 guitar model

Re: years

i'm trying to find out the same info, and possibly a price reference...

Ibanez Model RX-60

I've recently bought an ibanez rx-60 from my neighbor, but I've went preety much everywhere on the net trying to find the value of my guitar and I can't find a single the about it anywhere. It has 3 pickups 2 single and 1 double, 1 volume and 1 tone knob, it's a standard strat model guitar (creme colored)with the useal 6 strings on it, and a polished steel whammy bar.
If any one has any info on this guitar plz e-mail it to me. -Al

value of my ibanez

ibanez blazer series custom (C 821144)

Tascam 488 + 488mkII Manuals

Hi, my brother and I have acquired Tascam 488 and 488mkII's in Japan with the Japanese versions of the manuals (!!!) so if anyone can part with their manuals, or maybe photocopy them for me, we can make arrangements. ASAP please...

jion my bamd

hey there guys im a folk- punker from tucson, wanna form a bans?

Re: jion my bamd

wahts teh bamds name? wehn can i jion? please sned teh detrails quick.




ya,thatsgonna happen,in yur dreams stupid

forget music...

what u need is a fourth grade education


r u a rockstar yet?huh r ya huh ya thats what i thought

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