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Re: capos

: Your welcome

Re: capos: a trick

A cool trick with clamp-type capos is to put the capo on the second fret but with the bass E string left out of the jaws of the capo. Only some capos will let you do this. Then play chord shapes in the key of D or Dm. I think it's self explanatory when you try it.

Re: capos: a trick

Or just tune to Drop-D. It's a really haunting sound though, I played around with it when I first learned.


does anyone know a good site where i can learn how to play the blues?

Re: blues

Best thing you can do (assuming you already know how to play guitar) is listen (A LOT) to the blues artists you like, learn the songs and the licks. You have to develop a feel for the blues; I do not believe you can learn to play it from books (or websites). Good Luck!

Re: blues has links to all kinds of sites, including blues. You need to download a small ( excellent) program, and the free version is fine for
your purpose. Black Mac's site is one worthwhile link from the tabledit site, and has heaps of tabs in all categories. Good luck.

Bigsby installation

Has anyone put a Bigsby Tremelo on an epiphone emperor regent or similar guitar? I was thinking of putting one on mine.

Re: Bigsby installation

I'm in a wroting mood today.
The short answer in my acase is no. THere may be some bracing issues with would make the Emperor less than idela choice. A guitar designed with a laminate top migh be considered. A guitar with a center block would be useful. Spruce tops with "X" or parrallel bracing will need addtional reinforment. The economy of the task may be more expensive than purchasing a guitar with the trem already installed. This is only my opinon. I encourage you to do what is best for your circumstances. _DF

: Has anyone put a Bigsby Tremelo on an epiphone emperor regent or similar guitar? I was thinking of putting one on mine.


Re: Scanned GUITAR TAB trade: LATEST BOOKS and links from there.


here is my tab list

my e-mail
[email protected]
thank you

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