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value of a bass

How much would a squier fender bass be worth to resale?

Re: value of a bass

all depends on the year, and where it was made, and the condition too.

value of a bass

How much would a squier fender bass be worth to resale?

framus studio5/51acoustic

I am interested in getting any info.serial# is 56810 model is studio 5/51 framus acoustic guitar made in the heart of bavaria.I was told it was worth quite a bit of money.Anyone with info please email me

bajo Framus star bass 1964

eiss! q tal? estaria interesado en saber cuanto puede valer un bajo framus star bass! ?? donde estan fabricados'? algo de historia o alguna pagina o algo.. ya me direis algo porque lo tengo para restaurar!!!

framus star bass 1964

buenas! tengo un framus de 1964 el modelo star bass esta para restaurar... si a alguien le interesa 974 46 43 67 . O si alguien puede darme informacion acerca de su historia.. o algo.... ciaoooo

Please help me!

Please help me!

This popular thread has been given its own page : Please help me!

gabba gabba hey hey

need a tom delonge strat....starting a band

Re: gabba gabba hey hey

Why...They're SHIT. Buy an Epiphone Junior you Blink 182 homo.

: Installing gibson 57 classic pickup

do u have picture that show u step by step how to do theInstalling gibson 57 classic pickup

Re: : Installing gibson 57 classic pickup

what are you installing it in to?? are you replacing
a pickup??

FA: 70's Carlsbro 60TC all-valve (tube) head & cab!

Great condition original all-valve (tube) head and matching cabinet from 1973:

UK based, but will ship internationally. Viewing/collection possible!

Feedback from you


replace the * with an 'i'!

Let me know what you think, any views much appreciated...its a '98 Gibson SG Standard~!


Re: Feedback from you

looks like a tatoo for a guitar, not to my taste, but it looks skillfuly done. did you paint it or stencil or put a sticker on it?

Telecaster Serials


Im currently restoring my sons battered telecaster,

ANy ideas where I can get (apart from fender themselves) a replacement decal for the back of the headstock - the serial decal?

Many thanks


Re: Telecaster Serials

go to ebay and type in 'decal' i think they do those water slide on ones, not that i would ever buy one.

Jonny Lang - Lie To Me tablature book

I am looking for a copy of Jonny Lang's guitar tablature book called Lie To Me.

If anyone would like to sell or send a copy please let me know.

[email protected]

Carlo Robelli Elite Series Guitar

Carlo Robelli Elite Series Guitar

This popular thread has been given its own page : Carlo Robelli Elite Series Guitar

Great New Rickenbacker Imagery

Check out eBay and this new site for some terrific new images of 12 string Rickenbacker 1966.

From Canada!

Recording cabinet for amp

I play in our church band and we recently have implemented an Aviom in-ear monitor system. Our goal was to primarily reduce stage sound levels. I am wanting to continue using my tube amp and want to build some type of box to "soundproof" the amp and utilize the Shure SM57. My first attempt was building a box that was 6" wider and longer than the amp and surrounded the inside with 3" Auralex foam leaving no space between the amp and the foam which caused feedback on the mic.

Fender F-15 Guitar

Fender F-15 Guitar

This popular thread has been given its own page : Fender F-15 Guitar

1991 Les Paul Studio

Where can I find info on specs, (especially finishes) for this guitar?

Re: 1991 Les Paul Studio

lagu wings

keluarkan lagu wings kat sini

lagu search

bodoh kalau u tak bagi keluarkan saya hina gitar

request chord lagu

Lagunya peter pen bintang di surga

Fender F240a

has anyone got one of these they would like to sell, I've had one for 18 years, just got broken badly, I want to replace it




I recently picked up a lotus too. Only $80. I've been told that they are beginner guitars. I don't think the company is still around


I have had a lotus l555 les paul copy. I got mine for like 125 dallors and i also had a les paul. they played close enough to the same that I sold the gibson for a jackson

Mesa Maverick Advice Needed Badly!

I'm looking at a used Mesa Boogie Maverick (1X12)at a local dealer. Manufactured in 1994 (early Serial Number). It's a great color (wine tolex, brown grill), but it has a few dings in the tolex, but sounds really sweet. I've got the price fixed at $875. Is this reasonable? The option is perhaps a new F-30 for right at $899.
Really appreaciate your advice.

mansfield pro bass guitar

Hi everybody,
I bought Mansfield Pro bass guitar at a pawnshop a few weeks ago. It's a Fender Precision knock-off made in japan. I can't find anything on it on the web. Anybody out there have an idea where I could find some info on the manufacturer would be mucho appreciated.
Thanks and Happy New Year!

what marshall should i get

I am thinking of getting a marshall head used. I play a gibson les paul standard so i want something that sounds really good. I was thinking jcm 800. jubilee 2555. and if anyone knows what the difference between the jcm 800 and 900 thanks.

Re: what marshall should i get

i think the JCM900 has effects loop and twin gain switchable channels, i think they also have reverb, its a more modern beast, it still has the classic marshall sound, and the 800 has fewer features, less knobs more crunch, most of the players i know go for the JCM800, check out these amps on the website, they discribe each amp on there.

If your looking for the best in archtops......



I have a sea foam green spectrum shaped model serial no 334064 fitted with a full sized humbucker at the bridge and a single coil sized stacked humbucker at the neck. any info would be appreciated. thanks.


how do i get oxidation off of the bridge of my hollow body - i just bought it and it hasnt been played in a while and there is some oxidation that is now taking off the gold plating on the floating bridge - what to do???

Re: oxidation

oxidation happens when sweat gets on to metal plated parts and isnt wiped off, chemical reaction occurs and it ends up getting pitted and powdery, this is all part of the ageing process, i would say clean it up best you can with a polish and then let it grow old gracefully, guitars look great when they are a little battle scarred.

lyle guitar model C-620

can anyone tell me about this fine guitar,whats it worth? its in fine shape with a straight neck and body

Yamaki Deluxe model : A 433

I have this Yamaki 12 strings model A 433
someone no our site were I can fine pichure of them

Songs Of Rules pyar Ka Superhit formula

Hey Guys/Girls I badly need songs of Rules pyar Ka Superhit formula.PLs can anyone help how can i download these songs.


i need this song from the movie dilse the song is e ajnabi

AMENA guitars

hey there kids!
I've been looking at random guitars with funny shaped bodies or wierd features and stuff and i came across an Amena Strat copy are Amena's any good or not really?

ada mp1 - no switch on top

ive picked up an ada mp1, this one doesnt have the switch on top like my other had, for line in or amp setting. does anyone no why this is. is this an earlier version and do i have to watch out for what i plug into. anyones response would be greatly appreciated. thanx in advance.

Supro Laptop Steel

Have a Supro Laptop Steel, ser. no. V28930. Does any-
one know when it was made???
Bob Mc

BC Rich Warlock

I was playing on my crate and took a break. when i came back to play the guitar wouldnt send the sound through the cable and to the amp. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix.

Re: BC Rich Warlock

: I was playing on my crate and took a break. when i came back to play the guitar wouldnt send the sound through the cable and to the amp. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix.

It's either

1. the cable is broken
2. the jack disconnected/popped out
3. volume knob has disconnected
4. or something is wrong with the amp

there might be more possibilities, but those are the ones I've experienced so far. good luck finding out.

the best/fastest guitarist had only 2 figners

on his left hand.
look up django reinhardt's old and cheesey but the solos are acrobatic and musical as hell and the guy only ahd two fingers on his left hand

Re: the best/fastest guitarist had only 2 figners

dont know about old and cheesey, some Django fans would take you to book there.

Re: the best/fastest guitarist had only 2 figners....Django is Legandary!

Actually,I think he had 3 fingers.Anyway,anybody who picks up a guitar should know the name of this Guitar Legand! Charlie Christian,Wes Montgomery,Jimi Hendrix,Carlos Montoya,Django Reinhart and Tal Farlow to name a few.

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