Posted by David Knights on Thu, 03/29/01 - 10:54:02.

Hi im wondering if anybody could help me, im trying to emulate slashs guitar sound and need some help with what effects he use and what settings he uses.

I currently run a Fender custom shop Ritchie Sambora Strat (I know what your gonna say to this for slash guitar playing, Les Paul Standard with seymores on way when finance alow) through a Marshall SL25555 Slash head and cab. then I use a GE-7 EQ, a crybaby 535 wah and DD-5 Digital delay. does anyone have any good settings for this equipment? and does anyone know what other effects he uses?

I dont feel the Overdrive is enough, it lacks the real GRRRRRRR! if you not what i mean, long sustaining notes and chords etc, they seem to fade to quickly. But I dont want to stick a metalzone pedal on and have tones of feedback and buzz. does anyone know if he uses any over distortion apart from standard amp?

Cheers ,

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A relatively cheap way to get slash sound if you dont own a Marshall JCM800 or 2555SL Jubilee Head is to buy a distortion pedal with bass, treble, and, most importantly, mid controls. Though Slash uses various sounds, for the most part turn the mid down to achieve a scooping sound, the bass nearly all the way up and the treble not quite as high as the bass. Also turn the volume down on the preamp in the pedal because Slash usually set a low preamp and a high master. For a good amount of distortion use a Marshall Guv'nor 2 Pedal with the distortion all the way up, don't buy any metalzone or grunge or crap like that. The pedal will run about $90. For the real sustain that Slash gets use a Les Paul and a compressor or an equalizer for the solos and remember that any maple topped neck through body guitar (others include PRS, rare Peaveys and Musicman) will nearly match the sustain of a Les Paul. A regular crybaby wah is what Slash used up until the snakepit, despite many sources disputing this. Even the rackmount he uses closely resembles the crybaby, dont screw around with a Jimi Hendrix or Dimebag Darrel model they're shit for emulating either of them. That's about all you can do short of buying Slash's gear and spending thousands. If you're cheap do what I did until two years ago and stick some hot rails in a strat. Although Slash's pickups were Seymour Duncan Alnico II low outputs. Basically Slash's grr comes from the fact that he turned the master way way up with very little preamp. There you go.


Slash is amazing and is the 4th best guitarist ever.

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