boss gt3 - help!

Posted by John on Sat, 04/07/01 - 15:46:53.

I recently got a boss gt3 unit and I am unhappy with the sounds it comes with. They are a jumbled mess all at different volumes and none sound very good through my set-up. I use a Les Paul Custom and a Marshall 50 watt head into a Sunn 4x12 cabinet. I get a good vintage tone that is full and well rounded. When I use the GT3 all of a sudden I sound terrible. Also it seems that there are a lot of distortions etc, I was really hoping to get away from a bunch of pedals and just have 1 unit, I use a Ibanez tube screamer and the gt3 doesnt have anything close to it. I also used a zoom 505 pedal it had a great delay on patch A2 I have tried to reproduce this sound and have had no luck at all. I am convinced that in order to use this unit you basically have to create your own patches that sound good-yet all my efforts still sound bad, most of the patches I have seen on the net sound good if you listen through your headphones but not through your amp. If anyone out there knows how to get some good sounds ex. a nice clean tome, a tube screamer distortion, a good dunlop crybaby, a good dod chorus sound, etc.. please o please let me know. Many thanks!

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Re: boss gt3 - help!

You probably need to change your global eqpt connection setting. You will probably want "Gt.Amp (stack)" or "power Amp (stack)" depending on how you are cabled to the GT-3.

There are other methods of connection (4 and 5 cable methods using effects sends/returns) described in the faq at:

You will also find some useful documents on avoiding clipping, building patches and normalizing volumes. Check out "setup" by barryspearce in the files area.
I think it is important to normalize the volumes of your patches. Like you said, the GT-3 factory presets are at all kinds of levels.

I can get a decent wah from the GT-3 but I don't think it can sound like a Crybaby. A few GT-3 users place a Crybaby in front of the GT-3.

The GT-3 is a good-sounding effects unit. A lot of players are happy with it and quite a few recordings have been made with it. If you can't get a good sound either you are too picky or your just need to change your setup and/or a couple of settings.

Good luck!

Re: boss gt3 - help!

~I would like to know if is there any site where i can find the way to get effects with boss gt3 similar to the ones used by many bands.i want effects different of the ones that came along with the processor.
thank you

Re: boss gt3 - help!

sounds like a dumb question but have you set it up properly? You know that the output can optimised for type of amp, recording (hi-fi) and headphones? It may be that you're using the wrong setting. I know i fell foul to this as I had it set up to combo and when I tried to DI into my 8-track it sounded shit. Once I'd set it ip it came ALIVE! As with all these things you have to give them some time - there is a program on the net (unfortunately the site i got it from is dead) that allows you to edit using a pc, this has helped me no end as the interface has a little to be desired.

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