Mesa Rect-O-Verb Vs. Nomad

Posted by Kevin on Sun, 04/08/01 - 19:26:36.

Hi, I am looking to purchase one of these two amps in the near future. One is a Recto-Verb 50 1x12 Combo amp with 2 6l6's and 5-6? 12AX7's. The other is a Nomad 100 2x12 Combo with 4 6l6's, and 5 12Ax7's. My guitar sales guy let me take both amps home and compare them for a week. But I like them both quite a lot. I tried a Nomad 45 and it just plain SUCKED in my opinion, but this 100 is a lot better, plus 6l6's rather than EL84's. The Rect. has this booming distortion sound with great lows and lots of headroom because it's in a bigger box than a normal 1x12, although the clean sound is not the good to me. On the Nomad, the distortion is comparable, but not nearly as nice as this amp, but the clean and crunch is definetly better. The Nomad footswitch has Channels 1-3, a solo, reverb, and EQ. The other has Channels 1-2, Reverb, and solo. Guys, help me, I can't decide. Which of these amps do you like better? And are there any combo amps that you like which are comparable and under $2000? Thanks for your help!

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Re: Mesa Rect-O-Verb Vs. Nomad

I tried both and I liked the Rect-O-Veb better since the distortion just blew me away! and it sounds huge with it's closed back cover can get much heavier tones with it.

I guess the Nomad is more versatile, but I wanted the heaviest sound possible, and I do like the clean sound, it can be as crisp or as warm as you want.

I would probably get a Class-A, stereo-capable (with a cab extension) Mark IV instead of a Nomad.

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