How do I repair a bent neck?

Posted by Georgios on Sat, 09/01/01 - 11:37:04.

I've got an old acoustic steel-stringed Levin guitar. But the neck has become bent, so the strings now lay too high at the high frets. I think the only possibility is to remove the neck and attatch it again with a new angle. How do I do this, and is this advisable?
(I find it too expensive to let a guitar-workshop do the job, I don't think the guitar is valuable enough so it wouldn't be worth it)

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Re: How do I repair a bent neck?

Hmm.Warped necks are tricky.If the axe isn't worth it,
then I'd say...toss it! Do it yourself neck repairs often wind up a disaster anyway.
Good Luck

Re: How do I repair a bent neck?

I would try loosening the truss rod. That is a steel rod that runs the length of the neck. Look into the sound hole toward the neck and you will see a receptacle for a hex wrench. If you don't see anything there, look for a removable plate on the head of the guitar (where the tuning pegs are)and under it you will see a nut on a rod. Loosen it and the neck should straighten out.

Re: How do I repair a bent neck?

Assuming the guitar neck has an adjsutable truss rod, this is the first place to start. If not, changing the strings to a lighter gauge should help a bit. If that's not good enough, you'll have to consult a luthier for professional assistance. Check out my web site, I've started adding tips for these types of problems

Good Luck!

Re: How do I repair a bent neck?

I've got a bent neck and i just can't get straighten it. I think its because i am a loser but i cant decide.

Re: Reversing the bend or tension

:Can I lower the action on my " Ibanez Ergodyne 5 string Bass guitar"?... If so, why does the truss rod only allow the neck of the guitar to bend (tension) forward (towards the front of the instrument). If the truss rod could reverse the postion to bend the neck I could sucessfully maintenance the guitar. Any comments?

Re: How do I repair a bent neck?

i have a ibanez electric guitar and i would like to know how to fix the bent neck on it

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