Posted by Firstrun on Sat, 09/01/01 - 18:37:57.

I want to buy a guitar; I like very much the ESP LTD F-200 (2001 model), and I'd like to know some specs. In particular I'd like to know what is the "EMG afterburner". I think that is the 2nd knob, but isn't clear to me its function. Sorry for my BAD English. Thanks!

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Re: ESP LTD F-200

well if you look on the esp website the specs are there and you can e-mail them if yoiu need nethin else

Re: ESP LTD F-200

Hi there Firstrun...
basically here are the specs for LTD F-200 which kicks ASS!!! Body is made of basswood,24Rosewood frets with Darts inlay.2 EMG Hz Pickups, toggle switch(like les Paul model), 2 knobs, one with AFterBurner.
The After burner basically tweeks up ur axe 20db up after the max level, thus it is way, way coool...
I recommend that u go and get ur hands on this axe, especially if ur playing metal influence...

Hailz... Dimmu borgir, Dark Funeral, Deicide, Mayhem

Re: ESP LTD F-200

Im buying a F-200 ive gotten it on lay-away at Sam Ash for only 400(regular price there is 450 but they knocked off 50 cause it took them an hour to change the E string) its pretty badass and sounds pretty good i put it through its steps playing Pantera,Vadar,and Megadeth along with Metallica and Beck and it seems to do well with all styles i really like the EMG Afterburner but the tonal controll is kinda iffy but other than that its a really good guitar and you should do your best to try to score one if you can.

ESP F-200

If you're into heavy metal, this is it. The controls are simple n straightforward. there are two volume controls. The one closest to the neck is a master volume. The volume control is at the rear for the afterburner volume, which is activated by pulling this knob out. With this knob turned down all the way, there is no change in the volume. When the afterburner is on, and this knob cranked up, it gives you a whopping 20 db boost. This guitar plays really hot in the afterburner mode. The EMG's are well balanced and have tons of bottom end with crispy clear highs. Once the Floyd Rose Lic. Tremolo is set up properly, it works as good as any Floyd Rose. I'm not a big Floyd Rose fan, they are what they are. Just not my style of music. For shredding this guitar is great. Has a very thin neck, and the action on mine is great. The two octave neck is also a big plus. The jumbo frets are smooth and have a nice finish. Rates high on the "WOW" factor, looks totally Heavy Metal. Not an expensive guitar, middle range, but is a lot of bang for the buck. As far as sound, playability and quality I'd put it up there with some of the higher end Ibanez. What puts this guitar up there is probably the EMG's with the afterburner and that wickedly sick appearance.

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