"The Mason" - Lap Steel Guitar

Posted by Phil Gibson on Thu, 10/11/01 - 01:15:55.

Calling all brain cells!

Does anyone know anything about a lap steel guitar that was simply called "The Mason"?

I picked up this old lap steel at a yard sale and the owner didn't know a thing about it, or even how he got it. He hadn't even played it! To me, the build of the guitar looks like the 1940's. It has the old phenolic resin knobs for tone and volume, and funky pastel colors serve for the fretboard markers. The fretboard itself is a 3/16" thick slab of clear plastic that is screwed to the base wood of the guitar.

It needed a bit of cleaning, but it still works great. Sounds a lot like an old National, but a little warmer in the midrange. I'd just like a clue as to the history of what I'm playing. No one so far has any idea.

Any information on this guitar would be greatly appreciated.

Phil Gibson.

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Re: "The Mason" - Lap Steel Guitar

Hi! I have what sounds like exactly the same lap steel called "The Mason", and picked mine up much the same way. It's a great instrument!
Unfortunately, I can find no information on it either.
Just thought you'd like to know you're not the only one!

Re: "The Mason" - Lap Steel Guitar

I have an amp called "The Mason Model 5." The faceplate says Galt Musical Instruments Limited, Galt, Ontario. It s stamped April 25, 1956, on the tube chart. It has a 12" Marsland speaker, is powered by 2 6V6GT output tubes, has a 5879 and a 6SL7 in the preamp, volume and tone controls, and probably puts out 7-10 watts. It is covered with black and white speckled fabric and has a dark blue fabric with a palm tree motif over the speaker. It has decent volume, despite the fact that it needs a going over, and excellent tone. I have also seen a Mason Model 6 which is shaped funny. It's like a rectanglular shape but with one bottom corner pulled out several inches from square. Any info? Anyone?

Re: "The Mason" - Lap Steel Guitar

hello. i too have 2 mason lap steels, and 2 mason amps, and they were made in Galt, Ontario, an old mill and factory town near Kitchner/Waterloo, Ont. thats all i know about the company. the guitars are both mother of toilet seat, one amp is a model 5,grey and white speckled shell with a blue grill cloth with a white palm screened onto it. the other amp is a tweed/ brown cloth model 4. i picked these all up in a guitar shop here in southern ont.

"The Mason" lap steel guitar

I have a six string "Mason". I took Hawaiian guitar lessons back about 1947 in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada. We started on an acoustic, then after a couple of years "graduated" to an electric. That is when I got the "Mason" through the music school The Ontario Conservatory of Music. Mine is similar to the pic but not quite so "Jetsoned" . I still have it but I never play it. 12 Years ago I started to play the pedal steel which I play today.

Re: "The Mason" - Lap Steel Guitar and Amp

How is it that a company that made some pretty spiffy guitars and amps has left so little trace? Has anyone tracked down any info? Mike [[email protected]] had a Mason Lap Steel guitar and amp set listed on Ebay and claimed it was a Canadian company.

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