Help!!! Controlling my Rocktron Piranha via MIDI

Posted by jeerroomme on Sun, 11/04/01 - 22:56:17.

how can I control my Piranha (eg toggling from Classic Tube Mode to Modern tube Mode) with my Roland FC-200 footswitch? How can I assign a CC number in the Piranha? Thanks a lot. Jeerroomme

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Re: Help!!! Controlling my Rocktron Piranha via MIDI

Here I am 3 years later to say, nope, you cannot. The piranha is an incredible preamp, it's midi is dogshit! The best way to do what you want to is to come up with multiple patches on your piranha, then use your midi controller to switch to the other patch with your desired settings....

: Hi,
: how can I control my Piranha (eg toggling from Classic Tube Mode to Modern tube Mode) with my Roland FC-200 footswitch? How can I assign a CC number in the Piranha? Thanks a lot. Jeerroomme

Re: Help!!! Controlling my Rocktron Piranha via MIDI

well, thats it, but its nor soo bad, isn't it ?

Nevertheless, I have a different problem. The Piranha only sometimes changes the program after a change on my GT-3 Midi-Footcontroller/effect. Do you have any idea why that happens and did you also experience such problems ?

Re: Help!!! Controlling my Rocktron Piranha via MIDI

Jerome, Troy... I'm definetely 10+ years later, but I didn't get my 2nd hand piranha until this very year, nor my Roland FC-300 until this last weekend.
I hope the reply is useful to any viewer

Actually, if the FC-200 works anything like the FC-300, you can toggle from classic to modern, you can toggle from clean to distort, fx in/out, global in/out and even setting the continuous control mode for your knobs.

After skimming without any luck through Rocktron's midi raider and all access floorboards manuals (to see if I could come up with any ideas or specs on how those functions where implemented using that gear), I went back to the piranha manual and looked carefully in the G section (p. 14).
It seemed that to get it working with Rocktron's own gear, you have to de-assign the "Program Changing" messages off the 5 uppermost switches (11 to 15), which could only mean that you're getting those ready for sending "Control Changing" (CC) messages.

So I started trying different CC messages (dumbly I might add), because the actual #CC was not listed on the Rocktron's floorboards manuals.
Simply enough, when I reached CC #11 my quest ended.

They are mapped exactly to the switch number of any of the listed floorboard made by Rocktron!

Hence, (I'll assume the FC-200 is quite similar to the 300) configure the control pedals you want to assign to any of these specific functions to send these Control Change Messages (in standard mode) or any of the pedals to send them (in control change mode - don't know how to use patch mode yet)

CC #11 -----> Toggle Clean/Classic Tube mode
CC #12 -----> Toggle Classic Tube/Modern Tube modes
CC #13 -----> Switch in/out the fx loop
CC #14 -----> Switch in/out the GLOBAL mode

And a bonus (even though I can't figure out a scenario where this feature would be useful)

CC #50 -----> Toggle on/off "Continuous Controller Mode" (This last one taken straight from the Piranha's Manual)

Troy, I agree with you, The Piranha's midi implementation IS shit, really don't know if this is a standard feature in other midi controlled preamps, but It would be really nice if you could assign any of the front panel knobs to an expression pedal (or at least gain and/or level) - Hadn't had any luck with the trial/error method in doing so.

This thread is old, but for

This thread is old, but for the sake of other Piranha users whom are googling around to find a solution to control a Piranha via midi using a Boss or other Roland midi device, Ill post this anyway:

Boss/Roland uses their own midi protocol on channel 1. There is a lot of other data going on than just CC messages, so the Piranha will not respond correctly. To solve the issue, move to any channel but 1. Than only CC messages will be transferred from (in my case) GT6 to the Piranha.


Any Specifics

Hey Marv L.
You are dead on, about the solution being in switching channels, the unreliable behavior in Program Change messages disappear.

But do you have any specifics about the lot of other data you mention?
I wonder, because I have a Roland FC-300 and it does not mention any of it in the midi implementation section.

And oddly enough the piranha seems to respond well to CC messages on channel one, but not to respond at all, on any other channel (tried them all).

The CCs are useful in getting to work the same features the all access provide (switching channels CCs #11 and #12, toggling in/out fx loop, global mode and cont. controller mode: CCs,#13, #14 and #50, etc).

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

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