Conqueror (not Bruno) Guitar

Posted by Rick on Wed, 12/05/01 - 16:39:58.

I have an old "Conqueror" guitar. Was wondering if anyone knows anything about it. It is an acoustic six string (steel strings). Has emblem on head that says Conqueror, nothing else. Any ideas?

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Re: Conqueror (not Bruno) Guitar

I have two conqueror guitars one acoustic and one hollow body arch top electric and i cannot find anything out either

Re: Conqueror (not Bruno) Guitar

I have a Conqueror solid body bass guitar. Don't know anything about it either, and all my research has come up dry. Anybody????

Re: Conqueror (not Bruno) Guitar

"Like Brunos and Kingstons, Conquerors were made in Japan in the Nagoya Music Factory. The Conqueror trade name dates to late 1966. The solidbody instrument on the left resembles the Kingston EM1, with which it shares the neck style, general body shape, and most of the appointments. The Kingston has symmetrical body horns whereas the Conqueror has a larger horn on the bass bout. The crucial difference, however, is in the pickup. The early Kingston has a chrome pickup with a piece of gold foil on the face with four screws. The magnets actually have a wire bobbin wound around them. The pickup on the Conqueror had a bobbin that was first wrapped around a plastic sleeve before being slipped over the magnetic pole pieces.
The hollowbody instrument on the left is yet another example of a Japanese "KayKraft" copy. It's a dead ringer for a Granada, which of course is a copy of a Kay. Again, similar instruments were sold under dozens of brand names or thereabouts.
"Conqueror instruments were made by the old Kay Company, also known as Stromberg-Voisonet, for C.F. Bruno, who were distributors (wholesale-to-the-trade) and never manufacturers." These may not help but I found a six string in my closet and decided to look up some info. this is all I found after an hour. Sorry if I couldn't help. -Travis

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