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Posted by Ignacio Gonzalez on Thu, 12/27/01 - 00:11:11.

I was given a lotus electric guitar, and i dont know anything about it. Theres no info on the net. Someone please help me!!!

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Is my lotus guitar rare?

I got this from my uncle. It was obviously manufactured in the 80s, so it has to be somewhat rare, but I am unable to find it online.
The model is L-505WA

Lotus acoustic Model L80 Value

I bought this guitar in the early 80's and never used it. It has been in it's case all these years. A girl at work would like to buy it, but i don't know the value. I think I paid $125.00. It is obviously in excellent condition. Any idea how much it is worth. Don;t want to give it away,


my lotus tele

got mine in 1992 and it still plays great.no worse than a fender tele.i have one of them too. most who trash this guitar or any for that matter lack when it comes to being able to really play.

I have a lotus model l-80,

I have a lotus model l-80, the strings are old and frail so they broke. Does anyone know what type of string I need?

Lotus guitar L-20 model made in Korea

My dad just recently passed away and I inherited his guitar. I am not musically inclined at all could someone please advise me how I can look up the value..serial number? I am at a dead stand still online trying to find information on this guitar. Thanks in advance for you all your help!

I have a lotus35 4 string electric guitar. Very beautiful.

I don't know the value. Can someone please help me? U can check the pics out on my Facebook. Michelle berry Brockway. Please and thank u...... Also would like to sell it if interested.

Lotus Guitar Info/Help

I have a Lotus electric guitar, of which I know nothing about. It's a "butter yellow" color, a white pick guard, white knobs (volume, tone and tone) and it also has a "butter yellow" color on the headstock. The name "Lotus" with a flower (in black) is on the headstock. A white access plate on the back. There is no serial or model number. I'm a beginner at guitar, and bought this one for $50 from a friend. The guitar needs to be thoroughly cleaned and the electronics need attention. Anyone have any info.?


Lotus xxx electric guitar

I bought a Lotus for $20 from a friend in High school in '86. I sold it when I turned 18 to help buy a car in '87. (64 Oldsmobile Cutlass F85, "The Phantom") I still have the car but I started to miss my old guitar. Low and behold, I was searching the net and found it for sale for $150. I ended up buying the guitar back today and it's in the process of being shipped to me now. I can't believe I found my old ax! It's a triple x model that looks just like a Washburn G-10 with the old wonderbar and pointy head stalk. I remember the day I bought it, sold it,(smart decision because I still have my '64) & bought it again. Now it's going to be cleaned, set up, and jammed on thoroughly just like a good woman.: )

lotus L680B

This lotus is a L680B. It has black body white pick guard 1 volume knob 2 tone knobs 5 way toggle switch 3 single coil pickups and floating bridge with whammy bar. The necks is one sold piece of gold wood with black pearl inlay. On the head stalk is 2 screws that hold the 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th strings. It also has the lotus name. Underneath the lotus name is a flower. I paid $35 for it. Its in great shape. Its not how much you pay for a guitar but how little. Nomatter what brand guitar you plan on buying new or used you should always check a few things. First thing you want to check is the neck. Is the neck sraight. Do the fretbars sit flush to the neck or are they popping up. Are the fretbars worn flat or grooved from the strings. If the neck is straight the fretbars sit flush and dont have flatspots or grooves in them you have a good guitar. If you get hooked on the look or cosmetics of a guitar you might pass up a good guitar or buy a bad guitar. keep it simple. If you dont like the sound of your guitar go to the library check out a couple of books on how to repair guitars. These book will tell you how to adjust your guitar properly to obtain the desired sound you are looking for. I hope this helps all. Sincerly JRC.

Value of Lotus L 100 made in Korea

Recently started to play after about 20 year hiatus. Got my grandson interested. Does anyone know the value
of this guitar? Bought it in local music store, now out of business.


Lotus Strat

I have a lotus strat copy # j1608. Does anyone know about what year this guitar might be?

lotus guitars

I can't believe some of the commentary on here.My thoughts, which don't really matter to guitar snobs(The scourge of a guitarists world)who berate the lesser known brands like Lotus. To you I say you know nothing much about guitars. You snobs need a name brand axe that was set up by someone other than yourselves so you can leave it in a closet for years when you break a string because you cant figure out how to restring a guitar much less play it.I own at this writing 54 Stratocaster copies not one which has fender on the headstock.Amongst them are three Lotus strat copies.Like all guitars the Lotus need a good setup,better tuning pegs and some models need better pickups if your desiring a tele twang ,texas blues ect.sound.
All my Lotuses I have modded myself and they have wonderful necks and are no heavier than a usa fender strat.When you buy a budget priced guitar new,you wont get the very best of hardware but it can be a great platform for modding.gradually or over time as funds allow.
I sunk over $300 into one of my Lotus's and it sounds and plays every bit as good as My Carvin DC200K which cost me $787.00 in 1988.They are over double that now.Lotus guitars can be great in the right hands.Guitar snobs need not apply.

Lotus Guitar

I have a Lotus Guitar that I bought new in the 70's. It's a solid body electric but I don't know what model, can't find anything on it to say what model but it has four pickups 1 switch and 2 dials. It's a heavy guitar but it still plays very well. I don't play much anymore and would be willing to sell it for the right price. How much, you ask. Make me a good price and I just might sell it to ya!

Lotus Guitar

I have a Lotus Strat style guitar I picked up used back in the early 90's. Any way to know when it was made and where? (Japan vs. India?) And how can I put a value to it?

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