Hohner L90 Gold top '56 Les Paul replica

Posted by Jeff on Sat, 01/26/02 - 14:35:48.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for info or does anyone know any history of this Hohner guitar model? When they made them and how much they retailed for? Jeff at [email protected]

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Re: Hohner L90 Gold top '56 Les Paul replica

The Hohner L90 was made around 93/94, either in their Asian factories or the Welsh (yes Welsh) Custom Shop- adding Bigsby Tremolo etc. They retailed for around £490 (Custom)- I don't know if the other's were slightly cheaper. It was reviewed in one of 1994's 'Guitarist' magazines, who said it was a stunner to play, with a great sound. I'm actually trying to find one at the moment, as I have a few of Hohner's Pro range and consider them absolute bargains.

Re: Hohner L90 Gold top '56 Les Paul replica

Have one of these in like new condition on Ebay at the moment:
This on is nice.

Hohner Early 90s. L 59 and L90 Les Paul's

Hi . I know many years have passed since this thread was written but I am a collecter of vintage guitars and have 70 or so Gibsons,Fenders Rickenbackers etc. I came across an old Hohner L59 Ina junk shop a few years ago and brought it back to life and it knocked me out for quality and sound.I have since been buying up L90s and L 59 s with Factory bigsbys fitted. I just can't get enough of them and to me they feel incredible and the stock Kent Armstrongs are very close to my real 69 Gibson Goldtop. I would really like to know how you found out about the Welsh Custom connection. I would definitely say the examples I have with bigsbys and no serial nos on the control cavity cover feel superior to the ones with nos ! They are a bit heavier too. They. Are starting to attract good prices and I just paid 420 for an absolute mint Goldtop with Bigsby with no markings . It should arrive on Sat so I'm waiting like a catonahottinroof for it .I hope you found a nice example ?
All the best. Chris

Hohner L90

Hi there, I've got a Hohner L90 Gold Top in mint condition that I'm looking to sell. Any chance you would be interested?

L90 Hohner

Do u still have the guitar? I am interested. Thanks, Robert.

Hohner L60

Ihave a hohner L60

Re: Hohner L90 Gold top '56 Les Paul replica

: Can anyone point me in the right direction for info or does anyone know any history of this Hohner guitar model? When they made them and how much they retailed for? Jeff at [email protected]

Hi there i work for what used to be Hohner uk, the L90 gold top started production in the early '80s and cost around £300 new,i think the back & neck of the guitar are stained maple, they have two quite powerful P90 p/ups and are really nice guitars better than quite a few Brands a dare not mention. (Korea) is the place of origin same as most of the epiphone les pauls, we have just bought in the last off the production line of these guitars and we have sold all of them to dealers throughout the country. They are now becoming quite collectable .
If you want to get hold of one try the Music Box (s,wales) 01443 477442 ask for Mike
hope this is of some help to you (Paul) bye!

Re: Hohner L90 Gold top '56 Les Paul replica

: Can anyone point me in the right direction for info or does anyone know any history of this Hohner guitar model? When they made them and how much they retailed for? Jeff at [email protected]

Re: Hohner L90 Gold top '56 Les Paul replica

I noticed your posts on the L90 Goldtop, I own one in mint condition and love it. I also would like to get another, so if you find any please
e-mail me.

One thing I was interested to find out is my L90 has no serial number, not even in the body cavities. The guitar was never refinished, I am certain of that.

Jeff, does your L90 have a serial number and if so where? Also my neck is a two piece mahogany neck.

Here is what I have been able to find out about the L90s:

A rep from Hohner E-mailed me stating that they were production models made in the early 90's starting in Japan and then moved to a Korean plant in 92 to increase availability. List was around 395 to 425 US dollars. But he didn't know if why were numbered

A reliable front office source from Gibson told me that they, (Gibson) filed a decease production order against the Hohner Company in saying the L90 was too much like the real 59 models and Hohner stopped making them shortly after that.

Lastly, a Philadelphia collector told me that he heard that the L90s without serial numbers were made either in the UK or Japan in 1974 through a deal with Ned Steinberger (Claim Guitars Steinberger?) in Germany and a Wilkenson Hardware group to satisfy the UK demand for a Les Paul made to the true fifties styling. And Gibson did file a case to stop them from being released.

Gibson in fact did announce the restart of production of the Goldtop with P90s in 1968. For some reason the Kalamazoo plant became run by the Norlin company in 69 and the Les Paul bodies started to be made in a lament style mahogany cross-banding. I personally remember the guitars coming out of Kalamazoo were really heavy and of poor sound quality. Adding to this Gibson changed the volute degree of the head stock with a three piece neck design making them thick and clumsy.

So maybe the later story might have some truth to it. I don't really know. I would value your response.

Re: Hohner L90 Gold top '56 Les Paul replica

hmm... Im looking for stuff on hohner guitars aswell... I own an l60, which looks old as it is...
i havent found any serials or anything ether. all it has is the "HOHNER Professional L60" on the head.
if you guys know anything about it i would be happy to know. Thanx a million.


Do to job loss I have a L-90 for sale on the Minneapolis Craigslist . I am selling it for 500.00 , because I replaced the bridge pick-up, Volume pot, Tuners, and put on strap locks. I love how it plays and sounds.

Just got myself an L90.

Just got myself an L90. Going to do a few modifications today to suit me. Cant see myself getting of of this beauty.

For those interested, mine has a serial number on the cover plated for volume and tone controls.

Not sure if its an original serial or what

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