Starfield acoustic

Posted by E. Berky on Sat, 02/02/02 - 10:55:17.

Looking for information about Starfield acoustic guitars,I have a M# 0-698M, I bought this guitar new about 22yrs ago.I've been told its a Gibson copy,looks just like the Gibson 1950's style J body-jumbo,even the pickguard mimics the flower and vine pattern.Is this old girl worth anything??? Who the hell made these??? Looks,sounds and plays great.

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Re: Starfield acoustic

I have a starfield acoustic that was given to me by my father, its approx. a early 70's model. It has abolony up and down the neck, and around the sound hold in the body? I think there made by Ibanez but not sure, if you get any info on this guitar, let me know?

Re: Starfield acoustic

I also have a Starfield 0698M, jumbo concert style, in fantastic shape. Yes, it is a Gibson clone, made by Ibanez. My guitar is about a 1975, I think. Blonde, and in almost mint condition. The only thing that it needs is new tuners, since these are 30 years old! The guitar was given to me by a friend who bought it way back new, and was rarely played. I've had it 4 years and have just gotten back to acoustic and am enjoying the Starfield! It's a find. worth about $400 - $500, from what I can find out. There weren't very many of these guitars made. If you've got one, hang on to it.

Re: Starfield acoustic

I have a Starfield 671 that I bought in 1978. I got it through a friend who worked at a guitar wholesaler. If memory serves, I think I paid about $280 for it back then. Mine is also a blond maple.

I have a Starfield guitar too

I have a starfield guitar, it do not say it series brand or anything on it all all that can tell me what its worth. when i was 17 my friends gave it to me on my birthday.. so like 5 years ago. They found it in the trash. it was a lil dirty and the elctonics werent working. I took it to a guitar place to have it fixed. It only cost me 60$ to fix and while it was there someone offeed me $350 and i said no. So i could only imagine its worth more. if u know anymore about the starfield let me kno.. mine is a hollow body acoustic

starfield 699

Hey, I have a Starfield model 699. My email is [email protected] if anyone knows anything about them. Price, years that model was out, anything really!

starfield 670 guitar

just picked up a starfield 670 acoustic. blonde maple. if anyone has any info on these it would be appreciated.

Starfield acoustic

I have 6 string Starfield acoustic, Model 696. Still has paper label inside that says it is made in Japan. I bought new in probably 1978. I was taking lessons and my teacher picked it out for me because of the superior sound at a reasonable price. I never mastered the instrument as I have no natural ability but I have loaned it to my brother with talent that offered to buy it from me. He loved the sound. I hung on to it and my son is now taking lessons with it.

starfield acoustic guitar # 696

I am trying to find out how much my guitar is worth.

Starfield value

What is the value of Starfield 762j guitar? Thanks

762j star field acoustic guitar

I have a 762j acoustic guitar can't find much info on it is it sellable

Starfield 6 String Acoustic Model # 368

I have a Starfield Acoustic made in Japan model 368 and it in great shape and still sounds beautiful. I play the hell out of it and it holds tune. My research lead me to believe this guitar was made by a Japanese Violin Maker before Ibanez came to U.S. Anyone know what it is worth?

I have a Starfield model 762j

Trying to find out about this one I have and after reading up on it definitely going to keep this one very nicely made just hope the crack is finish and not the wood

starfield 762J

Hi erbody;
I have a starfield 762J. It was bought for me as a gift in early to mid 70's by my now lovely wife.
I've played bluegrass,country,folk and even some Frank Sinatra. If you can find one of these gems
grab it. The playability and sound is unsurpassed !!
Enjoy :)

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