Brad Paisley country guitar sound ?

Posted by Garry on Thu, 03/28/02 - 23:06:52.

How do I get this sound ? what effects is he using to obtain it reverb settings compressor settings overdrive etc...???
Im using a TELE and a fender stage 112 combo that sits above a 4x12 fender cab.

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Re: Brad Paisley country guitar sound ?

Guitar Player mag, Oct '99, had a 2 page article on Brad Paisley. Other than the guitars his equipment is simple and straightforward. Main Amp: vintage Vox AC30 top-boost model. powered by a Variac voltage regulator to insure consistent sound every night;
His lone effect is a WAY HUGE AQUA PUSS ANALOG DELAY, and he uses a Samson wireless for live gigs. He uses various telecasters with G-Benders, that bend the G string, and he bends strings behind the nut, combined with open strings. The article says he uses Ernie Ball and D-Addario strings, guages .010 to .040, the Ernie Ball strings being a bit more elastic sounding. The D-Addario's are so bright at first that they are great for backgrounds.
The article doesn't mention any amp settings or anything, though it does touch on pickups.
I saw him on TV recently, playing live in my hometown and I was surprised that he does all of his own guitar work. He's very good and very sure of himself in his playing.

Sorry I don't have any more, hope this helps some.

Re: Brad Paisley country guitar sound ?

Howdy folks!
Currently Brad is using a pair of BD-2 pedals and Baked Ts9 pedals from us. Zac Childs also has a compressor of ours (Keeley Electronics). He said he was using it live and gonna give a report soon. You can find more in the November 03 issue of Vintae Guitar Magazine.

Re: Brad Paisley country guitar sound ?

I myself am learning to play, and would love be as good as Brad. I'm more interested in the Acoustic part of his playing. I saw him in at a state fair playing. I too was shocked by his constant playing. He can really Wail! Most country singers play for a short time or strum once and awhile. You never hear their sound come in and come out. Brad's the star of the show, he plays & sings perfectly!

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