gibson sonex

Posted by john on Fri, 04/12/02 - 21:53:54.

i have a 1981 gibson sonex is in pretty good shape although it does have some gigging wear on it.i'm not sure that i would ever sell it i am done with bands and such but i use it to record it is one of my favorite guitars i have a bunch of them,not all are nice guitars,but i have noticed that the sonex is pretty rare nowadays. my sonex is black and grey sunburst with a black/white two sided was the first real guitar i ever got.if you have any questions about it feel free to e-mail me.i don't get much of a chance to talk to other guitar players.

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Re: gibson sonex

i just picked up an '82 and it is in great condition.... except for the massive crack in the neck near the nut!! I was wondering if you could give any advise on repairs and or mods that you have done to yours over the years???

Re: gibson sonex

: HI ive had my sonex for about a year now. just wanted to say hi and get in touch with other sonex owners, i know ther aint gonna be much in the way of support from gibson! when i got it it cost £400 but i went into the same shop today and saw a black one (mines C.A.Red) for £500. not worried cos i played it and mines in much better condition, technically and cosmetically, just wondered whether or not they are coming back into fashion at the moment. Has anyone else heard of a similar thing?

Re: gibson sonex

Hi ,
I have a C.A. red sonex too :o)I got mine about
20 years ago at a small local music store for $125.
I havent played in a long time , but my oldest son
has picked up the guitar in the last year or so
and has me wanting to play again.
I hav always liked my sonex ,it sounds great and plays great too ( if someone is playing it that can
play ) LOL!!!! I have seen guitar repairs in the neck
where you take feeler gauges and gently push them into the crack to spread it a little then put glue into it and clamp it tight (removing the gauges ofcourse). Search the net , lots of repair sites out there.

Re: gibson sonex

the gibson sonex is a great guitar for that"personal tone" they were a mass produced guitar back in the day. The body is made from a composite material called Lucite, liek a plexi glass or resin, which is why the guitar is so heavy. These guitars now adays are worth no more than 400 to $500, in great condition. the one great thing about these guitars is that they are Gibson, not epiphone and they were made in the USA, in gibson's original factory. So if you got one of these, i suggest hanging on to it, cause for the 400 or 500 bucks, its not worth selling it, its to nice, or better yet, too unique of a guitar to sell for that kind of a price-tag.

Re: gibson sonex

dude i got a gibson sonex also mine is white left handed and completely bad assed acoording to the gibson site mine was made circa 1985 and it is a great guitar

Re: gibson sonex

hey im 12 years old i got a gibson sonex 18o deluxe, its is grey with a black pick gaurd it kicks ass! i play alot of AC/DC and alot of LEDZEPPLIN because they kick ass,,,,, email me back

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