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Posted by Miuro on Thu, 05/23/02 - 18:44:07.

Hi, I use an Ibanez "S" series, which is the best size and what kind of strings I have to use to better my speed performances?Thanx!

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Re: guitar strings size

I find heavier guage strings (12's) easier to 'shred' on and control... they hold up better to agressive attack, 9's and 10's I always end up breaking, but plenty of people play them great... it all depends on your 'stlye', so just experiment with different gauges and mix and match em too... if your breaking G, B, and E's then beef em up.

: Hi, I use an Ibanez "S" series, which is the best size and what kind of strings I have to use to better my speed performances?Thanx!

Re: guitar strings size

there are a lot of things to consider when deciding what is the best thing for you. The firt thing you really need to cosider is your tuning. if you are tuned standard eadgbe then anything bigger than 11's is probably very excessive. If you tune down a step or two like some people then you might consider something a little heavier. I like 13's when i'm tuned around c-c#. but I like 10's for being tuned from Eb-F. Mainly don't buy crap. Cheap strings sound cheap, play cheap, and break. I had this problem with Ernie Ball (as much as I would Love to support them there factory is about 30 miles from my house) . Their strings just sound like muddy floppy shit. They don't hold tune well, and they break way too much. So I switched brands and then tried out a few gauges and found something I liked.
You will just have to experiment and find what works for you.

Re: guitar strings size

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Re: guitar strings size

I have used different strings, but at the moment I am back to light gauge(9), beacuse they are good for playing stuff where I use bending quite much. But what ever you do, DON`T buy Ernie Ball strings! I broke high E, B and G strings with a month after puting a set of Ernie Balls on to my guitar.

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