marlin guitars?

Posted by michael on Tue, 05/28/02 - 18:27:14.

ive recently bought a marlin guitar and dnt knw any thing bout them, help?!plz

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Re: marlin guitars?

Ive got a marlin sidewinder (strat copy) tis a excellent guitar cost me 50quid 2nd hand ( was my first guitar) and since ive customised it a bit and i love it still

Re: marlin guitars?

Yes b'y. Marlins are the best for playing the Roy Prince theme song. I got mine back in '68.

Re: marlin guitars?

Marlin electic guitars were made in wales, I got the budget strat copy from there about 10 years ago but it has since closed. It still plays well apart from 1 pickup is dodgy.

Re: marlin guitars?

: Marlin electic guitars were made in wales, I got the budget strat copy from there about 10 years ago but it has since closed. It still plays well apart from 1 pickup is dodgy.

Re: marlin guitars?

: : Ive had a Sidewinder for about 6 years, bought it second hand to leave at work for practising with. I never gig it but it plays well, nice neck,lovely frets, bridge pickup takes your head off, sounds very stratty.

Cannot fault it for a cheapo guitar made out of plywood!!

Re: marlin guitars?

U sound likea newf i just got a marlin and i love it

Re: marlin guitars?

I just got a 12 string Marlin. Plays great, sounds great.

12 string marlin

i was given a marlin 12 string. do you have any info on these guitars,where they were made etc?????

Re: marlin guitars?

:I have had a Marlin acoustic for over 20 years, dont know the source, but it was made in Japan, and has given good service for years. If anyone can advise the name of the original makers, please do so.

Re: marlin guitars?

I too have a Marlin model 515 acoustic, made in Japan, bought in 1979. I can't find any information about them on the web. It sounds pretty good, looks nice, but the local guitar shop said that if it needs any real work like refretting then I might be better off investing in a new guitar. It took them a while to finally decide that the top is probably laminated so I think this is a higher end cheap guitar. Looks like solid rosewood back and sides though. Is this the late seventies Toyota (including quality and reliability) of the acoustic guitar world?

Lots of people get confused when I say it's a "Marlin", so I think this was a marketing ploy playing off a more famous name. I figure there aren't too many of them out there because nobody even seems to have heard of the brand and I certainly haven't seen any others.

Re: marlin guitars?

No clue on the make but I just got a new marlin from a freind of my pops. I can't find anything but this damn thread on the guitars... anyway it sounds good and hey the price was right. I'd like to know more as well like model, pricing ect.

Re: marlin guitars?

: ive recently bought a marlin guitar and dnt knw any thing bout them, help?!plz

why did u buy a marlin then?

: : ive recently bought a marlin guitar and dnt knw any thing bout them, help?!plz

why did u buy a marlin then?

you've just recently bought a marlin guitar ehy u buy a f**** guitar then???

Re: marlin guitars?

Hi i recently bought a marlin guitar from a second hand music shop and i havnt found and official websites about them. im 16 and i think its a great guitar

Re: marlin guitars same continued from below

My marlin is a flying V if there are anyone else with this sort plz email me

Re: marlin guitars?

Ive had a marlin bass for around a year now and i still cant find anything out about it, if you visit my band site theres a pic of it.
Hope someone can help me out

Marlin guitars

I have had a Marlin 'P' copy for a number of years... the pickups are a bit naff, but the neck is superb. I have a Fender 'P' as well but the neck on the Marlin is far superior! I doubt that the body on the Marlin is using any sort of exotic wood as good as the Fender, however I intend to upgrade the Marlins low budget electrics/pickups and I will have a very playable bass guitar :)

Marlin are very underrated guitars... some of them were very well made and worth a bit of TLC/upgrade

Re: marlin guitars?

got mine in 1982 .its a sidewinder and been in the loft for 20's better than i remember.a bit wibbly wobbly in the neck department and the p/u's and pots a bit shot.p wonder if it's worth getting sorted properly.

Re: marlin guitars?

Bought a Marlin Sdewinder new about 1987. At that time in the UK they we sold a lot through mail order catalogues. Mine is metalic PInk with a tapped humbucker bridge Pick up. Cost then £125GBP and is an excellent guitar that i cannot fault. It received excellent reviews at the time and was one of the best selling solid electric guitars. It was distributed from Wales but made in the far East.

Re: marlin guitars?

ive got a marlin sidewinder (strat copy) it was my dads old guitar he gave it to his mate, and its been hanging on a wall for a couple of years then my dad gave it to me and its a great guitar it has double pick up at the bottom p.s sorry i dont know proper tech terms and 2 single pick ups if some on else has the same guitar tell me because i want to know more ppl who have marlin

Re: marlin guitars?

dont know if this will help any one but there is a site i found

Re: marlin guitars?

go to this link

Re: marlin guitars?

I also have a marlin it's an electric black with red edgeing it has two humbuckers a locking nut and micro tuners on the tremolo it has red fretboard dots with a shark inlay on the twelth fret i brought this guitar second hand for £60. about 10 years ago and would be interested to find out more about it no one i speak to has heard of them. my guitar does not have great action but has a lovely tone like a gibson and i can honestly say i would not swap my guitar for any other

Me too!


I bought a Marlin guitar the other day and your description is the closest to sounding like mine that I have found. It is basically the same as yours but white with red edging.

Did you ever find out what model it is?


Hey up! That guitar sounds like a Marlin Loaner - I have just bought a left handed version in!!

RE: Me Too!

I just bought a Marlin off eBay. It's listed as "Marlin Rock-Metal 24 fret Guitar". I've searched and the only other guitars made by Marlin that look the same are listed as the same. It's a mockingbird shape with a bridge pickup that looks like an EMG and a neck pickup that is an uncovered humbucker. Anyone who can give me more info? I think it was made in 2003 (the serial number begins with 97 and I read somewhere that if you take the first two numbers away from a hundred it will give you the yaer it was made).

Re: marlin guitars?

I also bought a marlin guitar it is a sidewinder my dad had it for twenty years and it was a white one and it standed in the sun so now it is a little bit yellow.
I also dont know nothing about them. my friend says it is a mark of fender but i think not. email me!

Re: marlin guitars?

Hi i have a marlin i got it from my dad it use to be his and its just like angus youngs.

Re: marlin guitars?

marlins are a great guitar and have great sound to follow i have an explorer and the sound rules i reckomend u play it with marshall amps

Re: marlin guitars?

I've got a Slammer and that's lovely. That was made a while ago, when they still had the marlin on the 12th fret. Since then, Hohner have bought them out and done away with the marlin. They are still marked with the marlin brand however, Some says Marlin by Hohner, still with the fish on the head, but others, more recent ones, just say Marlin in a different font than beore. I have never played one marked with Hohner but I know my Slammer rules and that as well as buying electrics, they make classicals.

Re: marlin guitars?

marlin are british made somewhere in cardif there are said to be very good quality for the money they are so cheap because they are made from plywood not solid wood like the more expensive guitars

Re: marlin guitars?

i bought a marlin guitar too and wud like someone to email some details of them please thanks Cat

Re: marlin guitars?

: ive recently bought a marlin guitar and dnt knw any thing bout them, help?!plz its red it has a cross strat and telecaster shaped body and an ibanez shaped neck.

Re: marlin guitars?

I've got two.
A second hand red Marlin Hohner SL500G which i bought for £80 but that had a dodgey switch n nut.
And i the other week bought a black Marlin Explorer for £150.
They sound nice, but the older one doesnt pick up too well on heavier strings.

marlin acoustic guitar

I bought my Marlin acoustic new in
Dublin circa 1975/6. It cost £180 Irish Pounds
which was a lot of money back then. It was the
most expensive guitar in the McCullough Piggotts shop.
Martin, Gibson, Guild etc. could not be found in Dublin at the time
so this was the nearest I could find to repalce the lumps of
firewood I was trying to learn on.
The Marlin is an exact copy of the Martin D42 model.
It has all the same neck inlays and bindings. It has a nice
three piece back. Looks like a couple of pieces of Brazilain
Rosewood with a slice of Indian Rosewood in the middle.
Nothing looks laminated from what I can tell.
The inner label says 'Made in Japan'.
After 40/42 years of playing the guitar still sounds, plays, feels
and looks good. Of course the frets and the fingerboard
have had some normal repair work, but it's still a nice guitar to have around the house.

marlin acoustic

How cool to hear someone else besides me owns one. I think I have the exact model you have from what you describe. Bought mine back in 77 at a pawn shop located outside of the navy base in Chicago as I was stationed there for a short while. Mine has a bit of sentimental history in that I took it everywhere and it's been to every continent/ocean that we ported and that was a lot of places! It's still with me and still plays great despite a few imperfections as the top has a slight bow in it raising the action slightly and a few small dings from age. I certainly didn't baby it and can attest to it's hardiness. Mine says model number KM 6000 and the serial is 70367. Looks awesome when polished as it has that old patina! If you find out anymore info on where or who made these, please let me know. It can only add to the "sentiment"......thanks and enjoy your guitar!

Marlin acoustic

I have a Marlin model 422 I bought it back in the 60's second hand for $75. a really good guitar my first one would never part with it.

Marlin Electric

I have just purchased a Marlin electric guitar that looks like a 70's Gibson ES 335 and wanted to know if anyone has seen one like that and maybe could give me some information or point me in the right direction. I am restoring it and would like information. Thanks for your help

Origin Of Marlin

Hi i'm 16 so I have no past beyond '96 but i bought a second-hand, acoustic 12 string Marlin of ebay for £45 a couple of years ago, and was very pleased with the sound i got and have grown very fond of it , now the action is soso that sadly it is unplayable. I cannot for the life in me find anything about them but all I know is that there is 1 other selling on ebay that looks so alike but is only a 6 string,
With mine there is a model number, MF2-4-12 and underneath says, 'assembled in korea'. and of course the Swordfish logo on the head and on the 12th fret. Can ANYONE lend a hand into what time-period/quality/quantity/ anything really that these things were churned out as? Many thanks Davie

marlin guitars.

Hi guys, I bought a marlin slammer ( strat copy) in the mid 80's. it cost £99 from a mail order cat. I also got a marlin bass guitar and amp same price.
I still have some of the paperwork that came with the gear. Marlin offered a range of cheap amps i.e. O.K. for practice. these were made in Korea. The guitars came with instructions which are Headed MUSIMA. this is an eastern european manufacturer supplying east europe and russia. these were cosidered top end in these coutries. I still enjoy playing my marlin slammer which I have upgraded with Good pickups and a Squier neck. I own fender strats but prefer the marlins sound. It may seem rediculous but it has a good strat sound and the action is spot on. Hope this helps in your worthwhile quest in trying to find out more about these excellent budget guitars.

Marlin Sidewinder

Got my charcoal sidewinder brand new in 1988 in York. I had been speaking to a guy at work who had been playing his Strat since the mid-sixties. I told him that I was going to get a Squier Strat, and he offered to come and help me choose. He tried a few different guitars, including a US Strat. His advice was that, unless I was seriously gonna shell out a lot of dosh for a US Strat just for the prestige, I should choose tha Marlin (with twin blade humbucker) instead of the Squier. This I duly did, handed over £150 and I'm still playing the guitar today. Have kept it in original nick apart from a new pickup selector switch last year due to crackle. I've just read that it was the UK's best selling Strat copy for 2 years in the mid-eighties. I'm not sure what the more recent Marlins are like, but I'm looking at building up a collection of 80's Marlins.

Marlin loner

I was stationed at york in the 80s bought a marlin loner ...thkught it was fab but really played awfull snaooed top e strings constantly. However today saw a marlin sidewider ....had to have it : / new heads new bridge and dressed frets amazing piece of kit

Marlin loner

I was stationed at york in the 80s bought a marlin loner .£189...thought it was fab but really played awfull snapped top e strings constantly. However today saw a marlin sidewider ....had to have it : / new heads new bridge and dressed frets amazing piece of kit pickups are packed wax so no feed back from them when crqked up .also heavy duty switch. Its dark blue like the loner I had all those years ago.


I have a Hohner marlin in metallic red which has the fish inlaid in the 12th fret with black nuts model MF2-1 assembled in Korea I find the neck narrow and the sound is quite mellow compared to my Fender probably due to the thickness of the wood used I paid £65 for it in a second hand shop in Southampton around 1990 so I suppose it was made mid 80's

I bought my sidewinder for

I bought my sidewinder for 99 pounds in cardiff in 1985.Still got the receite! Plays great,is in top condition and my kids now learn guitar on it.

Marlin Sidewinder Bass

I bought my Sidewinder Bass from a charity shop in Scotland for £40.00. in 2001 and I had never heard of this brand before. Obviously I had a good look at it in the shop, before deciding to buy it, even though I couldn't try it out. Happily there were no major problems, and the action, intonation and sound are incredible. One of the tuners rattled and I noted insulation tape had been used to stifle the problem, and I needed to replace the pick up selector switch as it was broken off, but all in all its fine, I should mention the colour, which is a metallic silver/grey, and is in good order for a guitar built in the 70s, I doubt that the guitar was ever gigged, because the frets and other wear areas are OK.
I have noticed a lot more information is available on this brand now, because I could find nothing when I first got the guitar, although there is still more could be dug up regarding the history of its Welsh roots.

Marlin Stingray (HS STrat copy)

Bought mine for £69.
Nice well looked after 1988 model in Candy Red.

Plays quite well.

This is what it sounds like when I play it.

Still got the blues ... On a Marlin Stingray

Marlin guitar

I have a Marlin guitar shaped like a telecaster with two humbuckers and it also has built in effects with 6 buttons phase normal effects delay vibrato wah chorus and distortion has any one else seen or had a guitar like this and what sort of value would it be its condition is a bit road worn but it must be a rare guitar its sound is not fantastic but it depends in which mode it is played can any one advise me on it
Tony Day

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